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It’s never too late….

"…to make up for lost experiences."
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D grew up in a very conservative family, the oldest of two girls. Dating in high school was unthinkable, and it was only in the freedom of a university campus, in a grad school away from home did she finally take those first steps, a decade delayed. D fell for the first guy that paid her any attention, and shortly after starting careers they married and D was soon pregnant. Trouble started soon after the birth, with D’s husband taking a job hours away and only coming back the occasional weekend. D soon found out the issue….when her husband came out as gay. Divorce soon followed and D was once again single. I met D at a coworkers bbq and figured I was being set up…but being in the middle of a dry spell thought why not? D was very unsure of herself, but looked stunning in a short skirt and halter top, long shoulder length hair and tasteful makeup…but it was her ocean blue eyes that captivated me. Now, being in our early thirties I was used to getting down to business quick, but for D, she was of little experience and still gunshy. Finally on date number five we moved upstairs to her bedroom, and as my hands slowly moved up her dress, she told me that even though she had a kid, she really was quite inexperienced….I replied don’t worry, just enjoy. Sex that night was decent, I led the action and D enjoyed being touched…perhaps for the first time by someone actually aroused by her. A few nights later came the real revelation when I started moving down, kissing her breasts, belly and just shy of her labia she stopped me… “I’ve never had that before” she said, breathing heavily, “and I’ve never given it back either”. I was now in virgin territory… “don’t worry, lie back and enjoy, tell me what feels good, and later, if you like, I’ll tell you what I like and how to do it”. For the next while I slowly licked and fingered her, feeling her tense up until finally she let herself orgasm in a wonderful combination of tremors, muffled screams and aftershocks. D then started to cry. Finally she explained that she had never enjoyed anything like that before, and at 33, was angry at herself and her ex for all that had happened. I told her it’s never too late to experiment, to experience and to explore her sexuality and all that life has to offer, and she certainly wasn’t alone as a “late bloomer”. A few nights later we got together again, and we were still at the restaurant when D said…”tonight, when we’re back at my place, you’re going to teach me to suck your cock”, those ocean blue eyes staring at me, “…and I’m a slow learner, so be prepared…it’s going to take a while.” It was a difficult walk out of the restaurant and drive to her place, with the club in my pants and all…. and over the next couple of hours D learned and re learned every inch of my cock, how to pump, tongue and, amazingly, deepthroat me right from her first session. ( ..and yes, I’ve got a very decent thick member, thank you very much!). Finally I needed sweet release and I told D what to do to get me over the edge, and what she could expect too! As I tensed up, D, sensing I was about to cum, looked up at me with those ocean blue eyes and that was it… my hot, salty load began shooting into her mouth, and, although I didn’t tell her to, D, still looking at me, began to swallow, resulting in more squirts….perhaps the longest orgasm I’ve ever enjoyed. In the weeks that followed sometime our sessions were exclusively oral, blissfully long, slow affairs. Then one morning over breakfast I asked D….”so what do you know about anal?”

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