First Time
Jun. 20, 2020

I have been with Jay for 10 years and sex has always been good but temptation has made each of us wanting more. Unsure about what I would like or how I would react I decide to just say fuck it and made us a profile on swinging heaven. Little does jay know I start chatting with several couples and women. One girl named Tina who is older than me says she is interested in my bf. That she would show him how a milf devours a cock. I am jealous but still continue to chat. Meanwhile a guy starts chatting with me and sends me a pic of his throbbing cock. My jaw drops and starts to water. I ask Tina to come over and meet Jay. They instantly start hitting it off and Tina grabs him and tells me I'll return him to you when I'm done. Jay looks at me wide eyed but his cock is pushing through his jeans ..he follows her and says I'm sorry baby I need this. I start to hear slurping and gagging and Jay is moaning like I've never heard before. I spy through the door and see his cum leaking non stop over an over. I'm so horny but angry too ..this MILF is serious she is hungry for him and I hear him say ur mouth is so much better as he keeps cumming. Tina doesn't let a drop fall and turns him around and starts to eat up his ass. That's it I can't believe how fast this all happened. I call the guy I was chatting with and tell him to come over. I bring him down to my basement and he looks at me so horny and hot his cock is massive, ive never had one so big. He tells me to sit down because he'll need to get me ready for his size. I start to grind my hips just as he rips my underwear off and sucks me up goooood. I'm leaking and begging for him. Finally I can't take it I drool all I have and ram his cock in and out of my mouth. He asks if he can go in me but then flips me over and thrusts it deep. I cry out so loud as I'm getting filled. I stop a sec and go see upstairs how jay is doing. His cock is balls deep in her pussy so I run back down and continue to get the best sex I've ever had I start to squirt and the guy tells me to let it go on his face. I completely soak him and he is loving everything. I tell him he has to go and as he just leaves I hear Tina's pussy juice and Jay swearing as he cums all he has. Tina drained him. She comes out of the room wiping her mouth and says thanks to me! Wtf...Jay looks so guilty as he is laying in the bed that is soaked he tells me he's sorry but not sorry because that milf was insane. I tell him I love him and I'm happy for him without ever saying what I did right in the same house at the same time. Now that milf comes by weekly to empty what I don't manage to. I watch them and finger myself but Tina sees me and calls me over. She starts to lick me through my panties holy fuck she is unbelievable! She is actually nice and teaches me how to drain a cock empty. So glad I met her and got over my jealousy.