Written by Anonymous

First Time
Apr 11, 2019

I was moving to Canada from the states and i was having a goodbye party friends were giving me. i went to sleep on the couch later that night after partying at my best friends house! I was sleeping on the couch and felt something in my sleep and when i woke up my best friend girl was sucking my cock!! I was shocked and i almost screamed ,and i stopped her and i was saying,what are you doing? and she said she wanted to give me a goodbye present. I was stuck between scared and pleasure at the same time. she was still holding my cock in her hands,and looking at me i could see her in the moonlight that was coming through the living room window. She had on a see through nightie and no panties or bra. She then began to push me back with one hand while starting to suck again,she whispered lay back. Oh man i thought while she was sucking me!! i just stared at the ceiling and couple times glancing down to see her head going up and down and her breast and nipples. I was so aroused i was getting off on the fact that i was getting the pleasure from my friend girl thinking this is what he is getting often with her . She climbed on top and started riding me right away and i felt her wet pussy throbbing on my cock. I came she came as well and she cleaned me off with her mouth and i seen the light come on upstairs and she ran into the kitchen. My friend was upstairs going to bathroom and she pretended to get water turned the light off and went upstairs. The next morning we all ate breakfast and i was so nervous i didn't know what to do! I was so happy to leave that morning. I didnt want to break up their family by telling on her and i must admit the feeling was the most exotic taboo thing i ever had in my life.....please leave your thoughts what would you do?