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Rim, finger, peg, and fist that ass!

"An anal session I will never forget."
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She was wearing a strap-on when I walked into the bedroom.  About 1 1/2" thick, the big black dildo's head was noticeable for its 2+ inches in width.
"Get on all fours", she told me, pointing at the bed.
Assuming the position I expected to feel her toy any second.  Instead, her lips and tongue came in contact with my asshole. Licking around and straight on, she sucked and tongue-fucked my anus.  The rimming went on for many minutes; I was so horny!

Now all lubed up of spit her fingers circled my butt hole for a bit before inserting one in, and then two of them. Turning and twisting inside me... she finger fucked me for a while before saying:
"Get on the sling. It's time to peg you".

Heading for the sling at the end of the room, I lay in it. She helps me putting my feet in the stirrups. Legs up and wide in the air... my ass is totally exposed.
Adjusting her strap-on she reached for the lube... a generous amount is put on the dildo. Smiling, she gradually inserts her toy into me. It was shoved as deep as I was able to take.
Then the stroking started. Long, short, fast, slow...  God, that pegging feels good! Every now and then she'd grab my cock to jerk it. I was edging and she knew it.  She pounded my ass for long minutes. As I was just about to cum she stopped. The look in her eyes, the grin in her face...  I can tell she's got something on her mind.

She turns around, fetching something. Not able to see I have no clue what she's doing. Then she turns back to me.  She wears a medical glove and it's dripping of lube.  Staring at me she shoves a finger in my butt hole, and another one, and more.  In turns and twists she gradually dilates my anus, allowing in the process additional fingers. What a thrill when I felt her knuckles invading my rectum! 
Now here she is going in and out continuously, turning her fist when she's inside my ass.  Sucking my cock at the same time brought the excitement up a few notches. It didn't take long; I exploded in her mouth.

It felt like my cock and my asshole were vibrating. She kept sucking, right to the last drop of cum, while keeping her fist inside me.  Took me a few minutes to recompose. Then, when she retracted she walked towards my face, bent down to kiss me, and... fed me my own juice!

It was her first time fisting someone. I feel honored and privileged she did it with me.
She was very happy. Her fantasy came true!

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