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Tastes so sweet

"First mmf experience"
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Published 2 weeks ago

I remember our first meet at the cocktail bar, friendly banter, light conversation, stiff drinks.

I remember the proposal and the unanswered confirmation you were willing and already wet with excitement. 

You held both our hands as we made our way back to the hotel, even stoping to say hi to the bellhop flanked by two throbbing eager men; one your husband and the other a new friend.

Once in the room a couple of quick showers to freshen up led to some heavy kissing and foreplay. Running my hands down your supple thighs feeling the wetness and warmness while hubby did the same.

Everything dissolved into a swirl of hands, kissing, cocks, and pussy. You took both hard long cocks in your mouth and despite the engorged members you managed a smile. Next I slowly walked my tongue down your perky breast while you continued sucking and found the sweet nectar I was longing for. 

My thrusting licks seemed to harmonize with your throat thrusts as a gush tricked down my lips and chin. 

Seeing an opportunity I came up to kiss your neck and, surprisingly even to myself, I reached out and grabbed the shining sloppy cock with you. Your look reaffirmed my desires and I felt the hard shaft slide into my mouth. Never would I thought I’d enjoy it bug I was wrong and you quickly slid next to me to join in. All I though was “oh my god” as we kissed, sucked, licked, and swapped.

Wait until you hear what happened next!


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