Written by Anonymous

First Time
Aug 18, 2019

The pleasure begins..

As the guys drove off I mustered courage to approach the couple. Uncertain if they might say no. I stepped closer and found them welcoming as she was hot wet and horney, ready for some more deep action.

I grabbed her by her thighs and started licking and Kissing. Pushed her into the picnic table and took of her long skirty dress.

Spreading her legs and started to lick her into an unforgettable bliss. The juices were out this world and she pulled my hair.

I worked up to her small tits and pleasures them. This point her man started pounding her. And asked if I had a condom and gave me one. I quickly took my clothes off and slid my cock in her mouth and she was amazing. For a moment I forget about everything. Then I realized that it was move fun in licking her. So we started taking turns. Somethings I would lick then he then I. In between we would look and gaze at each other as to who would be next to please her more.

She the decided to bend over looking to be pounded. I kissed her back and am waving big ass.

Slid my condom and pounded her to pleasure and we took turns I would pounded her and he would get blowen then I was my turn. Moments later I had cum and the hot and drive off. Ever since leaving me searching for more encounters like these.