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Unexpected Wedding Surprise Pt 1 - The Spark

"Started as a game turned into a bi mmf for a lucky bride"
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Published 2 weeks ago

It all started as a random dating app match where a bachelorette party wanted random guys to send erotic pictures to spice up their night. Seeing no harm a picture was sent of quite an engorged and throbbing cock which sparked up a conversation. After a few friendly exchanges of banter they asked to see me and I felt compelled to comply :)

The next day I was surprised to see new messages congratulating me on winning the “finest member” and I was shocked to discover I was actually talking to the bride; here I thought I was dealing with a horny bridesmaid. Not wanting to upset the groom (of course) I wished them the best and thought that’s the end of that……except that wasn’t the case. Mr. was actually aware of the frisky escapades and encouraged it; even wanting to see more himself. 

I had never chatted sexually with another man but after a few quick exchanges he was sending me pictures of his soon to be bride, showcasing her perfectly sized and perky breasts and toned athletic body. He must have instinctively known I was hard by that point because he asked if I could send pictures of my now fully erect cock. Once again what harm could it do so I did. This was new uncharted territory but felt nervous and exhilarating nonetheless. Shortly after I received a picture in return and there it was….my first duck dock sent to me. It was not as big as mine but still great looking (I couldn’t believe I was having these thoughts about a cock) and somehow felt more at ease with the whole affair. 

This isn’t the end of the juicy tail so I hope I have captured your interest…..



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