Written by ManInMidland

First Time
Mar. 1, 2019

You come back into the room wearing the strap on. I am standing at the end of bed as you grab me and kiss me hard, your cock pressing against mine. You reach down and feel me harden, precum seeping from my cock. You push me back on the bed, my cock slaps against my abdomen. You grab the lube and squirt your cock. Then in your hands and you rub my ass crack teasing my hole. You lube my cock and squeeze tight as you pump my shaft. I spread my legs wide and high in the air. Your cock is posed at my hole. You grab my legs and pull me down the bed, your cock slowly enters me. I gasp and you see my cock twitch with delight. Precum flowing freely. "Fuck me babe", I say and you do, slow and steady, in and out, easily as I am oiled with lube. I grab my slick cock with my hand and you smile watching me stroke it while you fuck me, my balls are rubbing against your cock as they tighten. My moans and breathing increase. I am close and you know it. I point my hard cock straight up and wrap my legs around you so I can control your thrusts. You tilt your hips and hit the spot. I erupt. Cum sprays out and up coating your belly, the strap on and into my pubes. You keep thrusting and with each inward movement more cum, never-ending, thick and warm. You stop and hold inside me and I wriggle to drain the last drops from me. I drop my legs as I am weak and empty. Breathing heavy. I let go of my soften cock and place my cum cover hand on my belly. You pullout and stand over me, your cock wet with lube. "Catch your breath", you say, "Cause this time I want you bent over the couch when I fuck you."