Aug 13, 2016

“Honey, I’m, home!”

She heard John’s voice just seconds before he found her in the kitchen and in no time he was behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her back against his chest. She whimpered softly as she rested her head back to accept the kisses he trailed along her neck, and caught her breath as his hands slid over her to find her breasts.

“I’ve missed you,” he murmured against her ear as he pulled her sundress up and over her head.

“I’ve missed you too,” she whimpered as he kneaded her breasts through the thin fabric of her bra.

“Oh what I want to do to you!” he groaned, as he unhooked the bra and let it slide off, continuing to knead her breasts and toy with her nipples.

“Mmmmmm” was all she could muster as he hooked his thumbs beneath the elastic of her panties and pushed them to the floor, one hand cupping her and stroking between her thighs, a finger teasing her opening.

“Close your eyes, Babe,” he said, as he turned her in his arms and lifted her by the hips to set her on the edge of the small kitchen table, spreading her thighs wide. “I have a surprise for you.” He began to trail kisses down her body, over her breasts and onwards as she leaned back to lie across the table. He brushed his fingers over her lower lips, then replaced them with his own lips and tongue. She moaned deep in her throat, her body arching up off the table.

“Keep your legs open,” he told her when he abruptly stopped. Soon he reappeared by her head, kneading her breasts again, taking the nipples in his fingers and pinching and tugging on them. She was putty in his hands, and he knew it. “You want to be fucked, don’t you?” he asked her.

“yeessssss” she whimpered her reply.

“You want a cock in that hole so bad, don’t you?” he teased her again, still twisting and tugging her aching nipples.

Once again she whimpered, her breath caught in her throat, her body arching under his touch.

“Yeah, you’re gonna get fucked!” he groaned, and almost immediately she felt his cock pressing against her wet, eager pussy, and she let out a needy moan. Then suddenly realization hit her with a sharp gasp of surprise. He was beside her head! He couldn’t possibly be fucking her too!

“Yeah, Babe,” he groaned again, “it’s not mine … but you want it, don’t you?”

She let out a long low groan, ending with an almost undecipherable yeahhhhh!! and he chuckled. Just as the cock began to ease itself in and out of her, filling her deep, he produced his own and slid it past her lips, over her tongue, deep into her mouth.

She was laid out between the two men on the kitchen table and they began to fuck her from both ends, the stranger in her pussy driving deep and hard; John with hands gripping her head, fucking her mouth. She groaned and gurgled around his cock as he used her mouth to fuck himself, and her body ached with intense need as he once again began to knead her breasts and nipples, harder this time than before.

“Mmmpphh!!” she sputtered as he kept up the pace fucking her mouth, his hands gripping her head, the other man’s hands pressing her thighs open wide to allow him the deepest plunges possible. That’s right … hands on her head, thighs, and breasts!! Three sets of hands! There were not one but two strangers!

“Oh fuck, yeah!” John groaned, as the cock fucking her pulled out and she felt hands moving her legs and a cock pushing back into her, but she knew without seeing that it wasn’t the same one this time. John slid out of her mouth and was immediately replaced by another, tasting of her own juices and she moaned as she sucked it in hungrily before it too began to fuck her mouth while her breasts and nipples continued to be constantly worked.

Around and around the table they moved, each taking a turn fucking pussy and mouth, how many times she lost track of, until at last they paused and let her up to finally let her look. Two black men with raging hard cocks stood there obviously delighted to be fucking her and John casually identified them as Trevor and Mike. Wasting no time, they turned her over and bent her over the table face down and started again, another couple of times each, until one of them slowly began to explore an as-yet un-fucked hole.

“You want that ass tapped?” Mike asked as he probed it with his thumb.

“Yeah!” John eagerly replied, and all she could do was whimper. From somewhere lube was produced and slathered over her, her ass worked by thumb, and fingers, loosening her until at last the head of a cock … a hard black cock… was slowly, slowly, pressed against it.

“Oooooo!” Mike groaned as he worked the head of his cock into her ass. She gasped sharply, fingers gripping the edge of the table as he moved his cock back and forth slightly, working in deeper.

“Oh!” she let out a little cry as she was stretched more, the hard cock pressing in deeper, but Trevor claimed her mouth again and stifled her.

“You’ve got a l’il slut here, man!” Trevor said as he held her chin up, head pushed back, and pressed the head of his cock against the back of her throat just as Mike plunged deep in her ass … all the way in, body pressed against her. Her gasp rippled around the cock in her mouth and was followed by a moan as Mike began to fuck.

“Fuck Yeah!” he exclaimed as he drove into her. “A real fucking slut! That ass taking this cock real good!” And he drove into her hard, deep and fast!

Mary could do nothing but gurgle as she was driven from both ends, body jerking between the two of them, her hands gripping the edge of the table as the ache intensified within her.

“Oh fuck! Nice!!” she heard from somewhere behind Mike, and she realized someone new had joined them.

“Bring her over here so we can all have a go at her,” she heard yet another voice saying from the sitting room off the kitchen and her head began to spin. She had no idea how many were actually there now!

Trevor pulled out of her mouth and Mike, with a groan, did the same from her ass, and the helped her to stand and turned her towards the other room. Shocked, she saw not two, but six new men standing there, All black, all naked, and all hard! She glanced at John and found him grinning from ear to ear.

“You like my surprise?” he teased her. “You said you wanted to be fucked didn’t you?” He leaned in and kissed her as she was ushered past him and she groaned into his kiss. “I’m gonna love this!” he murmured against her lips and she could only muster Mmmmmhmmm in reply.

“Jerome wants her ass,” someone announced, and she turned her attention back to the group.

“Right here, baby,” Jerome was saying from where he had ottoman against the armchair and was stretched out on his back. “Turn her around and put that ass right down on this pole.”

They helped her straddle his legs, her back to him, and he pressed his hard cock against her ass while Mike and one of the new guys helped her ease down over it. Jerome groaned as he disappeared inside her ass and then he started pumping upwards into her. Soon he gripped her hips and started lifting her up and down, using her body to fuck himself with, faster and faster, her breasts bouncing up and down.

“Look at those tits!” said a man named Clyde, and he moved in to take them in his large black hands and grip them hard, mauling them then taking the nipples tight in his fingers and letting them jerk against his grip as she was bounced up and down. She tossed her head back and gasped.

“Somebody fuck her,” Jerome said, as he eased his pace. “Lenny, stuff that pussy, she’ll take it!”

The one named Lenny moved into place above her as Jerome lowered her back towards himself, and soon Lenny’s hard black cock was all the way inside her and he was into full rhythm.

She felt so hot, both holes filled with cock, her body on fire as they both used her while Clyde continued to manhandle her breasts and nipples, moans and groans escaping her on every breath. And then … a cock appeared at each side of her head, both eager for her mouth.

“LeRoy and Ted want that mouth!” someone said, and she began turning her head back and forth to suck one then the other, over and over until they became inpatient and both stuffed their cocks in her mouth at the same time while the others laughed.

“Does she ever get enough cock?” asked the only one left standing to the side.

“I doubt it,” John chuckled.

“Give her a go, Terry,” said Lenny as he slid his cock out of her and Terry wasted no time taking his place. And for the next little while seven black cocks took turns fucking her, moving from pussy to mouth while Jerome remained in her ass.

“OK boys, time for me to really give it to this ass!” Jerome grunted at last, and they moved aside, helping him turn her over onto the chair so he could mount her ass from behind. If she thought Mike had fucked her hard, Jerome was even harder! He gripped her hips and drove into her deep and hard, grunting and hissing and growling until at last he slammed in deep and exploded his cum inside her ass and she responded by clenching around him, milking his cum from him. “Fuck YEAH!” He yelled as he drained into her and then fucked her slowly a few minutes more before slowly pulling out.

“Gimme some o’ that!” LeRoy announced, and moved in to push his cock in where Jerome had just vacated. He took his turn and drove her ass just as hard before adding his cum with a loud guttural roar. When he pulled out, Terry pushed in hardly missing a beat, filled her ass more, then pulled out to let Ted take a turn.

“That ass is getting pretty full,” chuckled Mike. “I’m gonna take me some pussy.” And he flipped her onto her back on the ottoman and pushed her legs up high towards her head, drove his cock into her and fucked hard. Soon he too was roaring as he let loose a load of cum in her pussy, then pulled out and held her legs wide apart for all to see both of her well fucked holes.

“I told you this was one fucking hot slut, man,” Mike announced. “Who’s got more cum to give her?”

Trevor wasted no time pushing his cock into her open pussy while Ted and Jerome held her legs up and wide open. LeRoy reached in and started pinching and tugging her nipples again and she gasped and moaned loudly. Mike thrust his juicy cock into her mouth and she moaned around it, sucking it clean. Trevor unloaded deep inside her and Clyde was right there to replace him, driving into her sopping wet pussy and Mike moved out of the way so Trevor could get his cock cleaned by her eager mouth. When Clyde emptied his balls into her he took his turn in her mouth while Lenny took the last turn fucking her. By the time he too shot every last drop of his cum into her and followed by getting the slime sucked from his shaft she was panting hard but still sucking eagerly.

“Fuck!” one of the crowd exclaimed, “she drained eight of us and she don’t look like she’s ready to stop yet!

“She needs to be fed,” John said, with a grin, and helped her up off the chair to kneel on the floor, pushing his cock in her mouth with his hands on her head. She moaned and sucked hungrily for a while, then he gripped her head tight and started slamming his cock into her mouth, face fucking her. “Take it, Baby! I’m gonna feed you now, take it all!” he grunted, and his cock began to pulse in her mouth. She milked his cock dry, swallowing every drop while the men stood around watching, whistling, and making comments, then at last John pulled out and she panted, reluctant to let him go but not a drop of his cum left in her mouth. He bent down and kissed her hard, then murmured against her face, “Have you been fucked enough yet?”

“Are there any left?” she asked breathlessly.

He laughed. “No, but we could find some more,” he teased her and she grinned.

“Anybody for round two???” one of the men hollered from somewhere and the room burst into cheers or “yeah man!”, “me, me!”, “I’ll tap that again!” and more. John looked at her with a raised brow, an unspoken question to which she simply nodded and grinned.

“Alright then,” he said, straightening up and backing away. “Round two, guys. Have at’er!”

And so it all began again….