Written by The Stranger

Sep 15, 2017

***Author's Note: This is a prequel to the "Stranger in Paradise" series. ***

To relax and work off the stress of the grad school I went for a run every night on the road that circled the campus. On the back part of the campus the road would go past a pond and park that was often visited by couples looking to get a little privacy from their dorms. Most of the time they were just talking, but on occasions they could be seen making out and in partial stages of undress. Tonight was one of those times.

I slowed my pace as I reached the back end of the campus as it was a really warm night. It was near midnight, and while there was some moonlight illuminating the way, the full moon was now hidden behind some clouds. I came up to a secluded area by the Stong Pond and stopped to catch my breath.

It was very quiet but I could hear a couple of voices. I looked around and further up the path there was a girl on her knees sucking her boyfriend’s cock. He was leaning against a tree and he had his hand on her head pushing his cock further down her throat.

I was fascinated watching them and getting very hard. Whether it was the stress, or the by-product of a recently failed relationship, without thinking I slipped my hand down my running shorts and began to stroke myself. My cock was getting wet and pre-cum was covering the head. The girl giving head quicken her mouth strokes and her friend groaned that he came. He held his cock in her mouth slowly running his hands out towards the tip wringing out every drop of cum into her eagerly waiting mouth.

I was still stroking my cock, when they changed positions. The guy was now on his knees eating her pussy as she leaned back against the tree. In the stillness of the night I could almost hear his tongue icking her. By all account it was obvious that he was enjoying himsel. His tongue seem to be going deeper and deeper with each lick, while his finger probed her ass. The scene was very intense and she I could hear her whisper to him that she wasn't going to last long. She was almost, but not quite, begging him to stop . But it was obvious to me that it was the last thing she wanted, and she quickly dispelled that notion by telling him very loudly to lick her harder and finger fuck her faster. If only she had a sister I thought.

She was leaning against the tree and moaning loudly as she enjoyed the waves of her orgasm crash through her.

By now I was really turned on watching them. The stress I had been under all seemed to fade into the background as I was reminded that I was now more than a casual observer or passive participant with each stroke of my cock.

By now my running shorts were around my ankles and I could feel the cool breeze of the evening against my shaved balls.

My cock was throbbing, my balls were tight and as I glanced up the girl leaning against the tree was looking directly back at me with a smile on her face. I saw her wave for me to come over. I was hesitant, but I thought… “What the heck, you only live once”! I pulled up my shorts and covered the short distance to be next to the.

Whether her boyfriend noticed me or not, or even cared, I could not determine. I know I didn'tcare, as I slid up next to her. She looked familiar, but I could not place her. There were hands all over my running shorts pushing them to the ground again after I hastily had pulled them up to walk the short distance.

My shirt was not so lucky, the girl quickly cut it from my back with a knife she must have been holding should something have gone wrong.

I felt a wet mouth on my cock, as she pressed my lips to her nipples. My hand slid into her wetness just vacated by her boyfriend and I continued the stimulation that he had so expertly started.

I could feel the three of us reaching that point where we were all about to explode. She slipped to her knees as her boyfriend stood. Taking us both in her mouth. I could hold back no longer, and neither could her boyfriend. Her mouth quickly filled with cum as she looked up at both of us. The moon had provided just enough light that I could see the look of utter pleasure on her face, as driblets of cum escaped her mouth.

I don’t know who suggested it, but the three of us were soon back at Grad Residence, stripped naked and in the shower, cleaning and playing with every part of each other’s body. Being bi I gladly took his cock in my mouth while she found a way in that tight shower to take mine in hers.

Our escapades lasted until the sun came through the windows in the top floor apartment. The king sized bed took up the entire room, but it provided a wonderful area to play on. Another quick, but soapy and sensuous shower was taken while black freshly ground coffee brewed.

Coffee was taken on the “balcony” which was the roof of the tower on Assiniboine, accessed from one of the windows by the kitchen. A couple of lawn chairs tied to cinder blocks, and a make shift table which had obviously serviced many occupants of the penthouse apartment provide a civilized way to greet the day.

The three of us fell into an easy living relationship as we all struggled to get through the term. Rob was at Osgoode, and Ruth and I, as it turned out, were both at Schulich in the MBA program. Rob and I became Ruth’s protectors and she in turn the focus of all of our sexual desires.

Our sexual arrangement must have worked exeedingly well in motivating us and reducing stress. We all graduated near the top of our respective classes, and quickly found jobs at respectable firms and companies.

After a couple of years on Wall Street, I was off to London to do my PhD at the LSE, where my adventure was to continue.