Written by jst4fun

Aug. 26, 2013

“WHAT? NO WAY...” was all I could say to Todd when he told me that he had made arrangements for another man to come over and join us that night. It was going to be all about pleasuring me. I was more shocked than anything else and most of me didn’t believe him. We had talked and talked about it for months, but never in my wildest dreams did I think he would actually set it up.

We were shopping at the mall when broke the news to me. He explained that it was suppose to be a surprise, but that since I was in the process of making plans for us that night, he had to halt my horses. I walked the mall in silence for a bit absorbing the fact that Todd wasn’t in fact kidding. I kept thinking to myself...is this really going to happen? . I also wondered “he is ok with sharing me with another man?” He seemed quite ok with the idea...almost gitty. Do I want it to really happen? As images ran through my head...I was leaning towards “hell yes” I want it to happen. Once the initial shock wore off...the idea started to make my heart race and my pussy get wet. It has always been a fantasy of mine and now in a few short hours, thanks to Todd, I was going to experience it... All I could do for the rest of the afternoon was beam from ear to ear and try to control my mix of excitement and nervousness.

We arrived home and Todd was certainly turned on by the events that would unfold shortly. His cock was hard, he kept touching my breasts as he would pass me...ask me if I was excited about tonight and if I was getting wet thinking about having the two of them. With an hour left to go before Dean (a mutual acquaintance of ours) arrived, Todd had my head spinning and my pussy so wet, I thought I would cum before the fun even began.

I spend the next hour pampering myself for the night’s fun. I took a hot shower, groomed in all the right places, applied my favourite perfume, applied my make-up and decided to leave my hair down so that it was long and flowing. I stood in front of the mirror naked looking at myself...wondering what they would see when they looked at me too. My breasts are a full C cup with large perky nipples. At this point they were a bit flushed and tight. They are very sensitive to the touch and as I traced my fingers over my nipples, I imagined what it would feel like to have both their hands and mouths on me.

Snapping myself out of my fantasy, I proceeded to get dressed – somewhat. I wore a matching red bra and panty/thong set that I had just purchased. It was sexy as hell and my large erect nipples had a hard time staying put behind the lace. I slipped on a tight, but comfortable tank top dress and went downstairs to wait for Dean.

When I got downstairs Todd just gawked at me. “You look so hot”, he announced. “I have to take a photo of you ... before and then after”. I felt kind of silly, but turned on by his reaction as well. When the camera was ready, I gave him a few of my best “cum fuck me” looks and now they are saved in our archives of sexy photos.

Todd poured me a drink and whispered in my ear... “He will be here soon...I just got a text from him. I can hard wait to share you...”. Again my heart was racing and pussy and nipples aching at the anticipation. I downed my glass of wine to try and settle my nerves.

Then the door bell rang. HE was here. Todd went and got the door and I stayed in the kitchen...not sure what I should do or how this would start.

Dean walked in with Todd right behind him sporting this evil, sexy grin. I had to smile. Damn he was hot.

We all took a seat on the couch with me in the middle and basically talked about life...which was nice since I needed to gather my nerves. All I kept thinking was, holy shit, I am going to fuck both of them... I get to have both cocks...anyway I want. After a bit of chit chat...I was ready to go...I was actually getting impatient for the night to start... Then it happened...both men, as if on cue started to caress my skin. Having all their attention focused on me at the same time, with their hungry looks was almost too much to bear. I looked at them and asked...”well shall we all go up stairs?”

When we got to the bedroom, they undressed themselves in 10 seconds flat setting their hard erections free...I almost couldn’t breathe. Then they both came to me and slid my dress off. One started to kiss my shoulders and neck and the other ran their hands down my waist and hips...touching me everywhere...but there.

Then I felt my bra being removed and my panties being slid down. I am not one to hide my body, but I felt very exposed and it was exciting. They guided me to the bed and as I walked I could feel my wetness between my legs. My pussy felt like it was burning up. I held my breath for a second or two and look at Todd. He smiled at me and told me to enjoy myself – then whispered how much he loved me. That was all I needed to hear. I let my guard down and welcomed the evening’s fun.

Before we got to the bed, I stopped them and dropped to my knees and began to suck them both off. Something I had always wanted to do. As I write this, I can still recall the sensation of their cocks in my mouth. Both of their masculine bodies towering above me looking down at my mouth watching them disappear at the same time.

I could have kept going, but Todd led me to the bed pushed me back, spread my legs, all while Dean watched intently. He then began to lap at my now hot, wet pussy. The feel of his tongue gliding over my hard clit... the feel of his lips against mine as he sucked and flicked...it was almost too much. I could feel my orgasm building. He knows my body so well and just what to do to get me to that erotic animalistic place in my mind. Then he stopped and instructed Dean to get on the bed and feed me his hard cock while he continued to feast on my pussy. I looked up and eagerly opened my mouth to take in Dean’s full length into my mouth. He moaned at the feel of my lips wrapped around his sensitive shaft... I began to suckle his erection, milking the pre-cum down my throat. His hips began to move back and forth and I matched my sucking to his rhythm.

Todd rubbed the tip of his cock against my wet slit and slowly pushed his shaft into me. I gasped at the sensation of him filling my pussy. All I could think at that moment was “oh my god... this is really happening...I have two men filling me...and fuck it feels sooo good!” It was hard to continue pleasuring Dean as I had so many moans and gasps of my own pleasure.

As I love being entered from behind, I pulled off of Dean’s cock and told Todd to get on the bed on his back. I said, “I want you to watch another man fuck me while I suck you off.” Todd couldn’t have moved fast enough. For him this was a sight he had fantasized about. I got on all fours and raised my ass up offering my pussy to Dean and began to suck on Todd. I could taste my wet pussy juice all over him and it got me even more excited.

Before Dean entered me, he bent over and began to lick me to get my taste and smell running through his senses. Having someone new, a different tongue and approach from what I was use to was thrilling. I could feel my pussy swelling, getting wetter, and then Dean ran his head around my opening. I remember thinking, “YES, now, do it!!” He slid his cock in slowly getting use to how I felt. The excitement of it all drove me to suck on Todd even harder. I had to refrain from bucking hard onto Dean’s cock as I wanted to savour this moment. Dean picked up his rhythm and began to fuck me. He held onto my hips and got a nice motion going so that his balls slapped my pussy. I looked up at Todd to see him fixated on Dean sliding in and out of me. The look of pleasure on his face drove me wild.

We played for more than two hours. It was an evening full of pleasure. Mouths on my tits, on my clit. Cocks filling my holes... Cumming all over a new hard cock. Dean, of course didn’t cum inside me. He said he liked his balls licked as his cock was pumped...so I slid under him and licked and played with his balls as he pumped his cock. Todd pushed his hard cock in my waiting pussy watching me help bring Dean to orgasm. He came hard all over my chest and tits. His warm cum hitting my skin sent shivers down my spine. I wanted more. I wanted to suck off Todd till he came for me too. I needed to taste him. I got in front of him and hungrily sucked and licked his cock. As I was doing that, Dean had grabbed my dildo and put it inside of me and began to fuck my pussy with it. I was going crazy and I was getting close to cumming again. Todd was close and I continued to suck him and play with his balls the way he loves. Dean was fucking my pussy harder and faster. I could smell sex all over the room. It was intoxicating. At last...Todd tensed and shot his load to the back of my throat. I drank it down fast and sucked for more. I felt drunk as my own orgasm began to build again, Dean continued and Todd began to play with my nipples and that sent me over the edge. I came for the third time – hard. I could feel my pussy juices running down my leg, my lips pulsing and wanting more. I collapsed on the bed with both men on either side of me. I was spent, but had a wonderful hummm running through my body.

It was a wonderful night. After Dean thanked us and left, Todd and I cleaned up and lay in bed together with me tucked tight in his arms. As I was drifting off, I heard Todd whisper how much he loved me and that he was looking forward to the next time. I smiled, kissed him passionately and thanked him for a wonderful night and snuggled in closer.