Written by Dates4four

Oct. 28, 2016

It was all arranged, the invitations sent out and 6 bi couples confirmed their attendance at our first annual Naughty Santa Party. Every couple had to bring a pot luck dish enough for 12 people and their favourite sex toy.

All we needed was to get things ready for the party. Each of the 3 bedrooms was set up for play with condoms, lube, wipes and lots of towels for the squirters. One room was set up for bsdm play with cuffs, rope, floggers, blindfolds, nipple clamps, strap-ons and ball gags. The St Andrews cross and spanking bench were assembled and set up. Another room was arranged for soft romantic play with candles. exotic oils and insence. The third room was set up for group play with 2 queen mattresses joined together with straps under the bedding so they could not be pulled apart by the vigorous fucking that would soon take place.

The bar was set with ice,mix and booze. A buffet table was set up awaiting our guests culinary contributions. The stereo was turned on with a mix of R&B, soul and pop. A memory stick with hot porn was loaded on to the big screen TV. All that was left was to get ourselves ready.

My gorgeous wife Kandi who at 55 still turned younger men's heads and women's hungry looks was getting ready. All that time at the gym had definitely paid off. In the bath she shaved her tight pussy and legs.As she exited the tub,water droplets fell from her still firm and perky 36DD breasts. Her nipples were like hard pencil erasers excited at the thought of the attention they would receive from both the girls and the guys. She towelled her soft pink skin and applied my favourite perfume on her inner thighs, neck and tits. I then hopped into the shower and shaved my cut 7 inch cock, balls and ass smooth. As I soaped up I started to get hard thing about the wild sex we would soon enjoy. Pre-cum was already leaking from my cock. I towelled dry my 6 foot 190 lb trimmed body and headed into the bedroom to get dressed.

Kandi was putting on her black lace Agent Provocateur bra and matching cut out g string along with her garter belt that held up her very sheer nylons. She already had on her 5" Christian Lounoutin fuck me stilettos. For jewelry she wore a beautiful pearl necklace that I had bought her a few years ago as a present for our first swingaversary. She looked ravishing and I was tempted to turn off the outside lights and put a sign on the door cancelling the party so I could have her all to myself. I inquired if she was going to put on a dress to which she replied NO. You don't like my outfit.. basic black and pearls she asked. I kissed her and told her dressed like that our guests won't make it past the front door and would be fucking her in the foyer. Kandi proceeded to take off my towel get down on her knees and suck my cock. I have to make sure you are also ready for our guests she coly said. After a couple of minutes she stopped and proceeded back to the bathroom to do her hair and makeup. She is such a tease. It was my que to get dressed. I put on a pair of black silk boxers,a Robert Graham dress shirt and a pair of tight black jeans. Just as I was slipping on a pair of black dress shoes I heard the doorbell. (To be continued)