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Used by strangers

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5 min
It was a long day and I was sitting at the bar taking shots. This bar is usually so dull. Five guys walk in. Hot guys, and I find myself unbuttoning one more button in the front of my shirt and pulling my skirt up just a little. They all walk over and start with the pick up lines. As I take another shot I look around. "I'm gonna make this real easy for you guys! In a minute I'm gonna go freshen up, and when I come back I want to see all your cocks ready for me!" As I get off my stool and head to the bathroom I feel a sting as my ass gets slapped. Mmmmm this is gonna be fun. I splash cool water in my face and I'm ready to go. I'm so hungry for hard cock. I can taste it. My pussy throbbing. I head to the pool table where they are all standing, naked, stroking their big hard cocks. I slowly unbutton my shirt and take it off, bare breasts, hard nipples. I get on my knees and swallow the first cock whole. As he grabs my hair and holds me against his belly I gag, choking on his cock feeling it hit the back of my throat, drool dripping around it, my hand reaches out and I start jerking another and as I do I feel someone squirming beneath me laying on his back, pulling my panties to the side and sucking on my clit. I start grinding against his face, soaking him in my juices. I feel like such a cum whore. As I try to breathe around this fat cock someone grabs my hair to pull me off of it, and move closer. Mmmmm two cocks are in my face smacking me. I open my mouth as wide as I can and they squeeze in together. Fuck! As they fuck my face hard I can barely breathe, drool and spit everywhere my makeup running from my eyes watering. He latches on to my clit and I cum, my whole body trembling as the two cocks are lodged in my throat. I get up and am placed on the pool table. Panties pulled off, legs spread wide, my head leaning upside down off the side of the table. As I feel one guy inching his way inside of me I feel another fucking my open mouth. "You like that? You like being treated like a whore??" My pussy is being pounded hard and deep and fast, my breasts bouncing my throat being crammed I cum again, and as my tight pussy spasms around his cock I can feel him squirt inside of me filling me with cum. The next guy parts my pussy lips and sees the cum dripping out of me. He buries his face in my sloppy cunt and licks me clean. He smacks my pussy with his hard cock as he hears my muffled gags. My hand reaches out for more meat! I can't get enough. As he inches his way inside my used pussy the cock in my mouth spasms and I'm fed the delicious creamy cum I was craving! Fuck! I choked on his cum and he slaps my face calling me a good girl. I try to swallow what I can before the next one comes, too late. My mouth is filled with another hard cock, cum leaking out the sides of my mouth and down my Cheeks. My knees are pressed back against my chest. Cum still dripping out of my hot used pussy. He's so much bigger than the first guy and I feel my dirty cunt stretching around it, I feel so full, it hurts as he pounds into me so hard and deep, I can't talk as he empties himself in my mouth and the next guy moves in. I'm so full of hot cum it's everywhere covering my mouth and face dripping down my forehead as I'm still leaned over the table. With one Last deep hard pounding he cums filling me up, I can feel his fat cock spasm. He slowly lets go of my legs so he can watch his cum seep out of my gaping pussy. My pussy spasms open and closed, he's watching my filled hole shoot out all the cum. The next guy moves in and as he watches my pussy gape, he covers his cock in the cum and slowly starts to push into my ass. I can feel myself stretching easily for him. My ass is so hungry for meat. He's filling me balls deep and starts to pull out gently and slam back in hard. My whole body goes hot as I choke on more cock like a dirty whore. As he fucks my ass hard and deep my pussy splashes out strangers cum all over us, he stuffs my pussy with his fingers and plays with the gooey mess rolling his thumb on my clit. I moan around his cock and I can't stop, I squirt all over him as he fucks my ass, pussy juice and cum soaking him and me and cocks smacking my face. He fucks my stretched ass harder and faster and I cum again, draining his cock at the same time. My pussy my ass and my mouth all used by these guys I'm covered in cum as the last guy shoots all over my face. I lift my head and look around. Naked on the pool table. Face covered in cum, my ass and pussy still gaping and spasming as it empties cum and the owner gives me a look. "Ok guys bar is closed, time to go." As they get dressed to leave and I try to get up. He says "not so fast, you stay right where you are." I laid back down and started playing with all the cum. He called me a dirty whore, He fucked my used pussy and ass hard and deep and came all over me. Mmmmm I can't wait to go back.

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