Written by dannette

Dec. 7, 2017

Our guest proceeds to remove my lovely wife’s negligee slowly and with great attention to detail. He removes one of her shoulder straps looking directly at me. I smile and he smiles back knowing that my permission has been granted. He moves to the other shoulder allowing her sheer lingerie to slowly drop down her body to the floor. His hands caressing her curves her breasts kissing her neck from behind giving me a perfect view of her face and her pleasure. His hands move down to her panties gently rubbing her waist and hips then disappearing behind her to gently but firmly squeeze her beautiful firm ass. His hands reappear one at time encircling her body and searching for her soft moist mound. She moans out loud and spreads her legs once again. Giving him complete access. His right hand enters her panties and is now lightly rubbing her wet awaiting pussy. The other hand begins to pull her panties off and he falls to his knees to completely remove them. Sherrie moves to the bed and looks back seductively.

Sherrie is now naked in front of us. Our guest wastes no time in discarding his clothing but our eyes are taking in her body and our cocks are growing harder by the second.

He approaches her, now on her stomach. He straddles her but is careful not to allow his eager hard cock to penetrate her. We have discussed a massage and she is looking forward to this with great anticipation. I am completely hypnotized and can only watch unable to move my eyes riveted on his hands roaming over my wife’s body. Suddenly I remember that I have prepared the oil by putting the bottle in warm water so that the oil will be warm and pleasant on her skin. I can tell that he is very eager to put his hands on my wife’s soft moist and sensuous skin. I pour the oil delicately on her back and put some in our guest’s awaiting hands. He begins by spreading the oil on her back slowly and delicately. He is naked on top of her and every movement allows his hard member to push a little closer to her moist and awaiting pussy.

I coach him to take his time and allow Sherrie to enjoy this soft and caressing attention that our guest’s hands are providing her. He listens well and rubs her neck behind her ears slowly down to her shoulders. Down her arms caressing her body with tenderness. I can hear her soft moans of enjoyment escaping her lips. He kisses her neck, ear lobes and shoulders as he explores her beautiful receptive body. He continues downwards, I can see him taste her enjoying his journey as much as she is.

I tell him to massage her sides allowing him to feel the sides of her soft mounds pressed up beneath her. I see his hands slow and spend a little more time near her breasts. Sherrie’s arms are now up above her head giving our guest more access to her firm mounds pressing out to her sides. I can tell he is enjoying this very much.

I tell him to proceed to the small of her back knowing that Sherrie loves that area rubbed as it releases tension throughout her body. This allows him to view her beautiful round buttocks just beneath his face.

After a moment I tell him to rub her feet then the other raising her calves allowing him a view between her soft thighs. I instruct him to massage her calves spreading her legs apart just a bit as he does so. I tell him to rub her thighs only on the back and run his hands up her beautiful buttocks. His hands are firm and tender. I spill more oil on her round beautiful ass and I tell him to enjoy her.

He does so with eagerness rubbing her causing her to moan with delight. His hands then move between her thighs finally touching her soft wet pussy. His hands covered with oil slide and rub her pussy lips and clitoris with abonnement. I can tell she is enjoying this as she arches up giving him complete access to her womanhood. I hear her moans increasing in frequency and strength and finally she reaches her first orgasm of the evening…

Sherrie then turns over exposing her hard erect nipples and wet moist pussy lips …..

Sherries POV

Our guest hands are so delicate and caring. They seem to caress my body making it tingle with each touch. I cannot resist him and my body gives in. I watch Dan's eyes as they follow his hands embracing my curves and I allow him to remove my lingerie in a slow and meticulous manner. He is so slow and deliberate I feel mu juices flowing and the wetness growing within my loins. I moan out loud not even realizing that this sound is emanating from my lips. Finally I break away from his embrace and proceed towards the bed in front of me.

I lay down on the bed completely naked now. With my hips slightly raised to offer these two amazing men the best view. I hear clothing hitting the floor and my heart races in anticipation. Not knowing what to expect from him. Wondering if he will live up to my expectations. I find myself short of breath and getting progressively wetter as I feel him crawling onto the bed.

Dan walks over to the bed and begins to let warm oil drip onto my back following a trail down to my hips.

As he moves to straddle me I feel his swollen manhood touch my leg and then my hips. I gasp at the size and hardness I am feeling. I must admit it is all I can do to restrain myself from turning around to look at him.

Dan starts talking to our guest and tells him what he knows I like. He seems very eager to please as he follows Dan’s instructions perfectly. He starts rubbing my neck gently with the precision of a man who knows how to please. With these two men in control I know I am in for the night of my life.

As our guest places gentle kisses on my neck I see Dan’s smiles as he knows this drives me crazy. I feel myself getting wetter at the anticipation of what is to come. I can’t control the moans of ecstasy as his kisses and touch travels down my body. I hear him moan as he gets closer to my hips. I hear an intake of deep breath and I know he can smell the wetness.

Dan comes closer to the bed and starts rubbing my back and shoulders trying to release some of the tension I am experiencing. Our guest gets off the bed and I am immediately overcome with apprehension afraid he has changed his mind. But he moves to my feet and legs and continues this mind numbing massage. Moving back to my hips again he takes his time as if memorizing my firm round buttocks.

Dan proceeds to pour more oil on my hips and I feel the oil move onto my already wet pussy. Our guest’s hands follow the trail of oil between my legs and I feel his gentle hand on the awaiting pussy. He slowly spreads my lips with his fingers and I hear a gasp as he feels how wet I am. He starts slowly his fingers not missing a spot and increases the motion until I am overcome with what I hope is the first of many orgasms to come for this amazing night.

After I catch my breath I roll over on my back exposing all of me. I take in the sight of these two amazing men standing in front of me. I am shocked at the lust I have for them. I want to touch and kiss and lick every part of their bodies. I smile at the boldness of my thoughts. I decide tonight I will let go of all of my inhibitions and give us all three the night of our lives.

Chapter 3 coming next