Written by dannette

Dec 11, 2017

Dan POV Chapter 3

I watch as Sherrie turns over with that sly smile that I know so well. She seems a bit shy but when she looks up and sees us both watching her every move I see that shyness dissipate and replaced with a look of pure sexiness and lust.

I watch as Our guest’s cock twitches in anticipation of touching her. I know he wants her and now needs to have her. I am amazed at how well he is restraining his lust and provide more oil so that he can continue his slow methodical exploration of my wife. He rubs oil on her breasts causing her already erect nipples to pop to attention. This allows him to pinch and tease them the way she loves. He pays attention to her shoulders and arms allowing her tension to dissipate and she relaxes to enjoy the moment.

I watch as his hands travel further downward on her body. I know how this feels. Her soft warm skin her receptive body welcoming each touch and reacting in a so positive way. Her sexual awareness awakening with every soft and well placed kiss lick and touch. She is responding now giving in to her desires and allowing both of us to experience this along with her.

She is so alluring and is captivating both of us as if in a spell or trance. We can no longer resist her. Our bodies and minds needing her. Needing to satisfy her lust while satisfying our own desires alongside of hers.

I watch as Our guest touches her soft pussy lips which I know are soaking wet by now. Her legs are open and her hips are rotating. Her loins are filled with desire and will only be satisfied when both of us have taken her.

His finger gently penetrates her and I hear a moan escape her lips. She wants it and needs it now. There is no turning back. We have crossed the point of no return and we must enjoy both the sensation and experience together.

Chapter 3 Sherrie’s POV

I roll over and look at these two men watching me and must admit I am a bit embarrassed at the extent of my actions. This isn’t like me at all. I can’t believe I am letting go like this. I feel like a stranger in my own body.

I see Our guest looking at me intently with a look of lust in his eyes. His cock is rock hard and seems to be pulsing. It renews my wanton lust again. Will I ever be satiated? Our guest looks over at Dan and I suspect that they have already collaborated on the things that will happen. Dan looks at him with knowing eyes and gives Our guest more oil which he then rubs over my soft but hard erect nipples.

Our guest explores my breasts like a man on a mission careful not to miss an inch of my mounds. He takes more oil and rubs my arms and shoulders relaxing me and giving me a demonstration of what a tender lover he is.

Our guest reaches to Dan for more oil and pours it on my chest again. He seems a bit more intense this time. Pinching my nipples the way I know Dan must have told him I like. He is very good at this and I feel my lust for him building. I am anxious to taste his manhood.

I spread my legs and welcome his touch. Dan reaches over and pours the warm oil over my pubic area making me hotter than I have ever been. Our guest reaches for me again and runs his hands over my pubic mound and then his hand travels to my stomach and traces the outline of my tattoo. He slowly and teasingly returns back to my wet, throbbing pussy and starts an amazing massage that leaves me panting with excitement.

He tenderly inserts a finger into my wet pussy and teases me. I see them looking at each other and see them smile. I moan loudly feeling another orgasm building. But I pull away and decide to do some teasing of my own…..

Dan’s POV Chapter 4

Sherrie suddenly pulls away from our guest. She turns to me and whispers thank you for this amazing gift I have provided. She approaches me and kisses me her tongue and mouth open and receptive to mine. She is so hot I know that we are all in store for a spectacular time. She then turns towards our guest and kisses him with passion and willingness that I have never seen from her before. I see this as a sign that she has given in to her deepest desires and is willing to explore this very erotic side of herself.

A deep sigh escapes his lips as she finally pulls away from their deep embrace. She allows her hands to begin to explore his body. His shoulders chest and moving downwards to his hard erect member awaiting her touch.

She rolls over on the bed allowing her head to slip over the edge. Both of us move forward presenting our hard throbbing cocks to her. Her hands reach out taking us both firmly within her tender grasp. She turns to our guest and places a tender lick to the head of his cock causing him to moan and twitch. She continues to explore while stroking me licking up and down his shaft paying attention to his balls as well. She opens her mouth slowly taking in the tip then one inch at a time slowly engulfing his member. Our guests thrust forward which she gladly allows and pushes forward until he has completely disappeared deep down her throat and mouth. His moans are now more pronounced his breathing deeper and heavier. His hands on the back of her head guiding her deeper and deeper.

She turns to me my cock jumping with anticipation. I feel her tongue on the tip tasting my pre-cum. Her tongue licking the length of me licking my balls. She is showing me what she has just done to our guest. I am reliving his experience. Feeling what he has just felt. My cock disappears down her throat so wet and warm and I moan out loud. Both of us have just experienced a tender moment with my wife.

Our guest is now breathing heavier and Sherrie turns towards him knowing that his excitement is growing. She takes his cock deep in her mouth with an aggressiveness that I have rarely seen from her. His cock disappears and reappears with a frenzy as she sucks him deep and hard. Sherrie has a little trick that she knows by squeezing a man’s cock just at the right angle and pressure which stops the ejaculation but allows the feeling of a wonderful climax to proceed. He tells her that he is about to cum which causes her to increase her pressure and speed. He moans out loud with oh fuck I’m cumin expecting his load to explode in her mouth. To his great surprise Sherrie removes his cock from her mouth and points it at her breasts. As soon as she releases it his cum blasts out covering her beautiful mounds and nipples. Dripping down her breasts. I am ready and have a towel to allow her to clean up.

I know what is next, she will need to be fucked and fucked hard. She looks at me and I tell her that guests should be first. She turns and opens a condom and places it on his still hard erection. She turns and presents herself to him looking directly into my eyes. I smile and she proceeds to back up. I watch as his hands grab her by the waist and he moves forward. He rubs the tip up and down ensuring he spreads her wetness on his tip and begins to spread her open. She moans out loud ad he penetrates her and grabs my cock to begin to suck while being taken from behind.

I hear him gasp with delight as his hard cock buries itself within her softness. I know the feeling of her surrounding my hard cock with tightness and warmth and moisture. It’s a wonderful feeling that I want experience over and over again.

Chapter 4 Sherries POV

I’ve taken all I can take from this beautiful, sexy man. If I don’t touch him I will explode. I turn to Dan and I tell him thank you for this amazing gift and I kiss him deeply and I pull him closer to the bed. I turn back to Our guest and I gently take his hard manhood into my hand. I pull him closer and kiss him deeply and passionately. He seems breathless when I pull away. I touch his broad shoulders and chest, very pleased with what I see and feel. I roll over on my back with my head off the side of the bed and reach for them both and pull them closer.

I take Our guest by the cock and start to explore this new toy being careful to include his balls. I slowly caress him careful not to miss an inch I slowly place a kiss on the tip and slowly lick up and down his hard shaft till I have tasted all of him. I slowly take him in my mouth moving in and out each time going farther down till finally I take all of him deep in my throat. I am pleased by his moans of pleasure.

I turn to Dan and give him the same treatment never letting go of either cock. I love the power I have knowing I am in control of these two amazing men. I make sure to treat each man equally.

I hear Our guest’s heavy breathing and I turn back to him knowing he is about to cum. I take him deeply into my mouth and suck him like a pro. Then I do the trick I know and he cums without any cum escaping. He experiences a full orgasm and I let his cock escape from my mouth I release him and he cums again covering my breasts with his warm cum. He has a shocked look on his face which turns into a giant smile. I think I have given him something new. I smile and turn my attention to my sexy husband.

He knows I need to be fucked. I am pleased to see Our guest is still very hard. Dan tells me company first. I turn to Our guest and place a condom on his hard cock and get on my hands and knees and back my hips towards him. He takes me by the waist and guides his cock to my warm, wet, pussy slowly rubbing it up and down my hips.

Dan comes closer and as I take his hard cock into my mouth, I feel Our guest slowly penetrate me. He gasps in what I hope is pleasure and proceeds gently when he sees how tight I am. His movements are slow and methodical. ......

to be continued