Aug. 11, 2015

A Special Friend

The door was open. He knew we were waiting for him. He stepped inside the house, closed the door behind and called "hello, I'm home, honeys!" My wife and I rushed to meet him with a wide smile in our faces. He embraced both of us and placed a kiss in our lips. We went to the kitchen and while I prepared some drinks we did the usual small talks about our families, work, daily life for the past week. Summertime it was and we went to our patio with the drinks in our hands. My wife was wearing a tight black dress with no underwear. I was covered only by a bathrobe. He stripped naked as soon as we came to the patio and sat on the chair with his drink and a cigar. My wife and I admired the view and smiled wider when his dick started to twitch and soon was up pointing to the sunny sky.

The conversation sitting around the patio table didn't last long since he wanted to jump in the hottub with us and his toy was desperately claiming our attention. I opened the lid of the jacuzzi and took of my robe. He and I, stark naked under the sunny evening, approached my wife and together helped her out of her dress. Then he embraced us again harder with his strong arms and guided us to enter the hottub.

Once in the warm water he placed himself in the middle, his arms over our shoulders and our legs pressed against each other. Through the transparent liquid I enjoyed the contrast of colors of our skins together, a descending gradient starting from my darker tone passing through his lightly tanned one to the pale white of my wife. His arms squeezed our heads toward his and we all kissed together. My wife was the first to take care of his throbbing toy which danced freely like a submerged pole in between us. She grabbed his dick with her tiny hand. He placed one hand in between her legs and the other hand encircled my dick and balls together in a tight grip. I started to feel his chest with my left hand stopping briefly to play with his nipples. The three of us were moaning softly, each of us being pleasured by a hand or two, our feet and legs entangled together under the water, our faces against each other, kissing and rubbing,

Next he made us sit on his laps, each of us on one of his legs. His hands were now making me and my wife moan even louder. I continued rubbing his chest with one hand and the other went down to help my wife with caressing his dick and balls. My wife and I kissed passionately while he watched us increasing the speed of his strokes. My wife and I did the same with him. The moans became even louder barely muffled by the background chill out music playing from the outdoor speakers.

He then sat on the border of the tub to refresh a little. My wife and I graded each of us one of his legs and placed our faces to rest on his thighs looking mesmerized at the straight up pointing pole in the middle between her eyes and mine. We both smiled and start to kiss it at the same time while his feet were rubbing against hers and mine centers of pleasure and his hands were caressing our heads guiding them slowly and gently up and down his shaft and balls. I stretched out one had to grab his foot rubbing my wife and guided his big toe to stroke in between her legs. My wife grabbed my dick and started rubbing it against his other foot under the water.

We both looked up at him. His eyes were closed focusing on the amazing pleasure of two mouths and tongues fighting hungrily for his hard cock and the caressing of his feet by our hands and genitals.

Feeling he was about to explode, he made us stop and jumped back inside the tub. He grabbed me and pushed my back against his chest making me sit on his laps, his dick went between my legs and under my balls to get out just below mine. He took my wife by the arms and make her embrace both of us, her pussy rubbing against the two dicks and her pointy breast pressed firmly against my chest. He was rubbing my chest and her breast at the same time. He kissed my neck while I kissed my wife. Next it was my wife who got sandwiched in between us sitting on his laps. I took her previous position, my dick touching his and both rubbing together while pleasuring my wife at the same time. My knees started to hurt a little. I sat back and he grabbed my dick in between his feet. I watched how he caressed my wife breast and they kissed, his dick throbbing wildly under my wife's pussy. His feet were stroking faster my dick while I caressed his toes with my hands. My wife was moaning again louder and I couldn't resist the temptation to grab his hard toy and start playing with it teasing my wife, rubbing it agains her clit. And this proceedings soon made her to climax into her first orgasm.

Enough of hottub, she said, and we decided it was time to take the play to our bedroom. We went up the stairs forming a train chain, my wife first with me grabbing her tits and pushing my dick against her back, he followed behind me grabbing both of us at the same time and I could feel his hard pointy toy pinching my ass. Once in the bedroom he jumped in the middle of the king size bed and opened his arms calling us to each of his sides. We crawled on the bed to cuddle with him under his arms, our face resting on his chest, our legs all entangled together. We started kissing his chest, tongues plying with his nipples, knees rubbing against his cock. He encouraged us by caressing our heads and shoulders.

My wife stretched up to reach his mouth and kiss him, I joined them for a bit but then I moved down his body until my face reached his dick. My mouth engulfed it at once without hesitation and he let escape a loud moan. He stretched his arm for his hand to grab my dick without stopping kissing my wife. He started stroking gently my dick and balls while I was sucking his and caressing his legs. My wife mounted him like a cowgirl and moved her pussy down to where my face was. I got the chance to lick both together, her clit and his cock. Slowly I guided his tool inside her and she started to ride it like it was not tomorrow. I then began to lick his balls and under them while he stroked faster my dick with his hand. My wife stopped kissing him and stretched up sitting on his laps with his cock inside. I moved again and also saddled on his chest facing my wife. He grabbed my dick again and started rubbing it against my wife's clit. She was leaning back and riding his pole slowly while I was licking her breast and feeling his breath close to my lower back. I pushed back until I could feel his hot tongue pushing to reach my ass. He continued stroking my dick against my wife and started to set the pace of her ride on his toy by bending his knee and pushing it in and out of her pussy.

My wife was now screaming with pleasure and soon she got her second orgasm of the day. Listening to their moans I was about to burst a load when I dismounted our special friend and went in between his legs. My wife rested her body on his without letting him out of her. I lifted his legs over my shoulders exposing his ass to me while my wife started slowly riding him again. I started to explore his ass with my tongue, his balls squeezed against my nose and my hands stroking his hairy legs. My wife had him pinned under her hands by his chest. He started to moan widely and my wife increased her pace riding his cock up and down. My tongue got further inside his ass while with one hand I was gently rubbing his balls, the base of his dick and my wife's pussy all at the same time. He grabbed my wife's breast with both hands and she picked up more speed. His balls were bouncing over my nose and my tongue was trying to follow up and down the movement of his ass. She was moaning very loud and soon she started screaming with pleasure. Her third orgasm almost brought him too to his climax. I could feel his ass contracting around my tongue and his ball tightening over my nose. But my wife was exhausted and wanted to go the bathroom which she did.

He then made me lay down on my back and crawled in between my legs facing my dick. He engulfed my dick with his mouth while caressing my chest with his hands, he also licked my balls and my ass and back again to suck my cock. My wife came back soon from the bathroom and joined him sucking my dick. It was always an extraordinary sensation having two mouth and tongues pleasuring me and I started to moan. Then he made my wife mount me facing me. We kissed while he was directing the scene. He lifted my legs over his shoulders with my wife leaning her body over my chest and on her knees on each side of me so everything was easily accessible for him. I felt very exposed with my legs straight up and my dick and balls just below my wife's lifted pussy. Then he started to gently spank us with his hard cock, sometimes he hit my ass or my balls or her pussy. At some point he got closer and grabbed my dick positioning it together with his and started pushing them against my wife's exposed pussy. Slowly he managed to get them both inside her at least partially. My wife was moaning uncontrollably. Then I felt his hand squeezing softly my balls and soon a finger picking around my ass with the cool sensation of some lube being inserted in it. He increased the pace, his finger massaging my prostate and my cock being rubbed against his inside my wife pussy while she was kissing me, was driving me crazy. He grabbed my right foot and started licking my sole and sucking my toes. My wife pushed back against his cock. Mine escaped out of her pussy leaving him the room to get in deeper. I took my cock and began rubbing it furiously against my wife's clit. The sensation was overwhelming for both her and me and together we soon reached a fantastic climax followed by his savage growl when he leaned his chest over my wife and started pumping faster and deeper. His body started to shake and a muffled scream signaled his intensive orgasm as well. He left his body rest motionless over my wife and me for a few minutes before moving to my left side on his back. My wife did the same to the other side of me. The three of us smiling with pleasure still under the influence of our respective orgasmic instants.

Next he grabbed me by the chest and pushed me to lay on my side and against his body, his still hard cock resting firmly in between my ass, his chest pressed hard against my back. I did the same to my wife, grabbing her by her breast and pushing her gently her back against my body. His arm went over me to caress my wife's body while I could feel his agitated breath on my neck and his cock getting softer but still hot pressed against my ass. The three of us exhausted rested our bodies entangled together and we closed our eyes.