Written by Freedom999

Oct. 21, 2015

It started as a quiet night, and I get a text, "meet me." I'm ill prepared for the text, but slyly smile knowing that you're thinking about me. I respond back with a simple "where?", knowing that you are into this as much as I am. I want to tease you with a response, but jump up and get ready. As I enter the shower, you send me another text, "be ready!". My mind spins for a minute, and I bite my lip. I have no idea where you are going with this, but anticipate it is going to be hot. While I'm in the shower, I find myself getting lost, and spending more time enjoying myself than actually getting ready. I slow down, breathe, and focus. I get out of the shower, throw on some cologne, toss on my jeans, and a v neck. I send you another text, again asking "where?". You respond rather quick not with an address, but a photo of your skirt slightly pulled up, showing off your thigh highs. I grab my keys and run out the door. I toss on some tunes, throw on my sunglasses and start driving in anticipation.

As I am driving into town, you are sitting at the bar, quietly, watching your surroundings. You smile at where you are, knowing that you are in my mind. As you sip a martini, your mind starts to wander a little. You catch yourself fantasizing about me pinning you down later and thrusting your thighs apart with my knee. You start to play with your hair, imagining it is me snaking my fingers through your hair playing with you.

As I drive down the highway, the music begins to turn, and my mind catches flashbacks of previous encounters. I remain focused at the wheel, but increasingly grow more hot. I feel a sensation come over me, and know when I see you, I want to grab your face, pull your head back, knowing that you want to feel my teeth on your shoulder. I shake my head, and pull over. I need a breather, and realize you still haven't answered me. I text you again, "it's time". Without missing a beat, you answer "I know, I've been waiting. See you at Gate 103. Meet me at the bar." I start the car again and race off.

You go back to people watching, and the female bartender asks if you would like another. You respond "Soon, I'll be adding an order as well", which makes the bartender perk up. She wants to ask who, as she sees your eyes change, and you get a little flushed. The bartenders mind wanders for a minute and wonders how hot are you under that dress. You flash a smile, and open up only briefly to her, and you say "when he comes in, you'll know". She nods.

I get to our destination and park. I take a minute to regain my composure. I am so turned on, yet haven't even seen you yet. My mind is full of things to say, and things to do. I walk up to the bar, and talk to the bouncer. He flashes me a grin, as he senses the confidence, and knows that tonight is going to be good for me. I walk into the bar. Time stops for a brief moment, as I walk in, there you are. I see you from behind, and you don't know I am there yet. You slowly turn your head to the right, as the hair on your neck just got tingles. I see your beauty and smile. You catch my face, and time immediately starts up again. I join you at the bar, and the bartender joking says "I've heard so much about you". I order us a drink, and we start to chat. We keep catching each other's eyes, and flirt. We realize that people are now looking at us, instead of the other way around. We both find it hot, and I pay for the bill. As we leave the bar, you whisper to me, "own me tonight". I take a gulp, and kiss you.

We walk around town for a bit, teasing and touching. Whispering, and playing. We know we are equally building towards ecstasy, and can't wait any longer. We both grab each other and kiss. We know it's time, and head to our room.

In the elevator, I have a feeling wave over me again, and with a coy smile know that tonight is about you fully indulging in your femininity, while still espousing the merits of feminism. I take you to the bedroom and quickly get down to business. I kiss you which draws moans and sighs from you. I rub my hands all over you, which gets your body moving. I lay you on the bed and pull your clothing off which expertly arouses your body. You feel my body moving, and feel my breath against you. My enjoyment tells you that I find you very attractive, and my erection lets you know that you have control -- a potent combination that drives you over the edge. You grab my back and pull me down. You were not expecting it, and your body instantly reacts. You cum before you can even catch your breath. Your hands grab me harder and you moan in pure delight...