Dec 12, 2018

I just found this section, with people writing stories.

I thought I would share a fun adventure I had.

I had previous encounters with ‘Ben’ & ‘April’, as he would prefer to sit back mostly, while she was the the center of attention. We had gotten to the point where we were comfortable without a condom.

One day, I was asked to come over to their place at 9:30am. When I arrived, April had just returned home from dropping the kids off at school. Ben had left earlier for work. April welcomed me in, wearing a nice skirt and thin blouse. She then gave me a kiss, smiled and looked into my eyes, as she dropped to her knees. She then started to unbuckle my belt, and undo my jeans. As she slipped them down, she gently rubbed my growing cock. As she pulled it out, she looked back up and smiled, immediately taking into her warm mouth. I can’t believe how hard I got, so fast. April then grabbed her phone, and held my cock next to her face, as she took a selfie. “just one second”, she said, as I heard her send the photo. Before I asked, she had me back in her mouth.

Her phone beeps, with a text message, that she looks at. She looks at me, and says, “all good, very good”. I ask her who she texted. She sent Ben the photo, while he was at work. She wrote with the photo of my cock by her face, “looks like I have a fun day ahead of me”. He wrote back, “Enjoy and keep sharing”.

We had fun all morning, playing around the house, and she kept taking photos of our fun. A few rest breaks here and there.

At lunch break, Ben called. April told him how much fun she was having. Putting him on speaker phone, he asked her if she liked cumming on my cock? With that, as we spooned, I slowly slid into her oh so wet pussy. “Oh yes, fuck me”, she said. Ben wanted to hear us. As April played with her clit, I started to work harder and deeper into her. It didn’t take long, before she was starting to buck and twitch. She was milking my cock, and working her muscles thoroughly. She found religion, as she really was saying “Oh god” a lot. As she started to start to cum, my cock was getting so covered by her juices. Ben, was listening, then piped up, “April do you want him to cum in you”. “YES” she replied. And before she could say much more, I drove deep into her, and unloaded all of the mornings energy that was built up into her. Both collapsed with our energy spent. As I pulled out, April, immediately went down to clean me up, and taste both of us, and squeeze any last bit out of me.

Rest break…..

We had one more full session, before the afternoon was up. All day long, she had taken various selfies, and sent them to Ben. I finished off, one more time inside April. She tidied herself up, (not showering), and went off to get the kids.

Later that evening, I got a message from Ben & April. It was a photo of April dripping, after Ben had unloaded into her. Message saying, “Thank you for the workout with April today”