Written by PixieAngel

Jul. 17, 2015

I am sitting in a local café enjoying the sunshine and sipping my hot chocolate when I notice an impeccably dressed male sitting with another male colleague.

I look up every now and then to see the both of you looking in my direction.

I hide my excitement behind the magazine I am reading secretly enjoying the male attention.

I thought I’d give them both something additional to look at so I remove my jacket to reveal my low cut top I am wearing which shows quite a lot of cleavage.

Whilst I am reading the magazine I am running my fingers along my cleavage like it’s a normal thing to do.

After a while one of the males get’s up to pay for his bill and the other leaves to use the rest rooms. He has to walk past me to get to them. He leans in and says to me “the girls are looking good” but then keeps on walking.

I stop breathing for a second or two thinking can it be Laurence, surely not but he does know what I look like but I haven’t a clue what he looks like. Then gain a lot of men refer to ladies boobs as ‘the girls’ so I just think it’s typical male enjoying the view.

I dismiss the thought and prepare to leave myself. As I stand up I feel someone come up behind me. He puts his arm around my waist from behind and pulls me back into him and whispers in my ear “Susan where are you going, I haven’t finished talking to you yet”. I suck in a surprised breath and I don’t dare turn confused at what to do.

Your hand slowly moves up to towards my right breast. You cup my breast with your hand and tell me to wait by you at my car as you will be out there shortly once you have said goodbye to the male you are with.

I do as you say leave and wait by my car. Thinking how does he know where I’ve parked?

I am standing facing my car leaning over the roof enjoying the sunshine warming my body when I hear you walking towards me, I don’t dare turn around. The next thing I feel your body pressed up against me from behind. You place a hand either side of me on the roof of my car and I am encaged / trapped in front you. What a place to be.

I feel you push your cock up against my arse. Fuck your hard as a rock. I push back into you eager to feel you pushed up against me as well. You move my hair to the side and kiss me on the neck. I don’t dare move an inch.

Then I feel you hand running down the side of my body and then your hand skims across my arse as you continue to reach between my legs and rub my pussy through my knickers. I lean back into you weak at the knees at your touch.

I open my legs a little to give you easier access. You start to kiss my neck, nibble on it. Your other hand has made its way under my top and you are caressing my boobs. Fuck I wish I had not bra on.

I tell you “I wish I was my usual naughty girl and had no underwear on as that would have made it easier for you to access my pussy and boobs. You expertly lift my bra above my boobs now your hand is caressing their nakedness. You have slid the crotch of my knickers to the side and your fingers have found their target.

You tell me “I can work around any obstacle if need be”. I start to rock my hips and rub my pussy against your hand. You use your middle finger to rub against my clit. I beg you to put your fingers inside my pussy. You tell me “I need to learn patience but I am not in control here you are.”

I relax and just lean back into you and let you have your way with my body, but I want you to fuck me. Put your rock hard cock into my pussy but I don’t dare say it in case you stop what you are doing.

You must have read my mind. You remove your hand from my boobs. You tell me to step back a little from the car. You pull my arse back towards you and tell me to bend over a little.

I hear you unzip your pants and shuffle your feet to get a better stance. Next thing I feel your cock head pushing at my pussy’s entrance. I brace myself for the first thrust glorious thrust of your cock inside of me but you surprise me and push your cock in slowly inch by glorious inch. You take your time entering my pussy.

My breathing intensifies as each inch of our erect cock pushes inside of me. I just want to reach back grab your arse and thrust you forward hard. Your grab my wrists and place my hands back onto the roof of my car tell me to leave them there or you will pull your cock out and he will not go back in. I whisper oh no no no I want your cock; I need you to fuck me I promise to not move.

The last couple of inches of your cock are inside my pussy. I can feel you pushed up hard against me. You torture me by slowly inching him out again. I let out a moan of pleasure. I feel my pussy is so wet your cock has to be moist from tip to base.

You hold onto my hip as your cock enters me again but this time a little quicker, you pull out slowly again. This is driving me crazy I just want you to pound my pussy, and pound it hard.

Your hand reaches around the front and you start to caress my clit, rubbing my now very engorged clit. I bite my bottom lip to prevent me from crying out and bringing attention to us.

You continue to rub my clit. You instruct me to tell you when I am close to cumming. Within minutes I am so close. I look back at you and tell you now I am very close right now. You continue to rub my clit but then I feel your cock head at my entrance again but this time you penetrate my pussy fast and hard and continue this pace fucking me until cum all over your cock. You tell me “you want to feel my pussy cumming and contracting around your hard cock, you want to feel it all”. I cum hard, you hold onto me tighter and let out a moan of pleasure mixed in the screaming orgasm of the woman entrapped in front of you.

You are now lost in the throws of fucking me you have pushed me up against the car as each thrust slams into my pussy. I beg you to not stop until you cum hard and deep inside my pussy. Your arm wraps around my waist as you hang on so you can increase the pace and your thrusts. All of a sudden you stop and pull out of me. I nearly screamed out “no”.

You tell me turn around and face you. You grab both of my boobs and bury your head in my cleavage lost in their plumpness. You then kiss, lick and bite each nipple going from left to right, right to left on continual repeat.

You stand up look a me directly in the eyes. Tell me “you’re beautiful Susan”. And whilst I am distracted by your words your cock enters my pussy hard. I only just have enough time to grab your shoulders before I go off balance by your thrust. Your hands reach behind me and you grab my arse and lift one of my legs to gain easier, deep access to my pussy.

You hang on to me as you fuck my pussy hard and deep. I wrap my arms around your neck embracing you as you fuck me. I whisper in your ear “fuck me Laurence like you have always wanted to this body is yours to do with what you wish you are in charge”. At hearing my words you moan and quicken the pace.

Your body starts to shake as you are bought closer to orgasm. You pull back and look at me. You retain eye contact and tell me you are about to cum. Your thrusts get faster and hungrier for your release. You grip tightens on my arse as you slam your body into mine. I don’t dare speak a word until you are finished. You start taking deep breaths; you throw your head back as you get closer and closer. You look at me and tell me you’re going to cum. As you cum your whole body shakes at your final release as you’re cum spurts inside my pussy. Your thrusts slow down but remain deep milking every last drop into me.

You kiss me slowly and passionately. Your thrusts come to halt but you remain standing there with your cock still encased inside my pussy. You kiss me again and again and again. Dipping your head down to kiss each boob on occasion.

Eventually you remove your cock but before you can tuck him safely away into your pants I gently push you back crouch down proceed to give lick your cock clean. I stand back up and you put him away. You kiss me again and say “hi I’m Laurence it’ a pleasure to meet you”. I call you a “cheeky bastard”. I am not sure if I am angry at you for not telling me you were here or so thankful that we happened to run into each other at the café.