Written by confident_treat

Jan 29, 2017

I love thinking these up (or co-thinking). This one is a bit rough, typos etc still.

If anyone wants to co-author one via back and forth messaging, let me know. Will share the credit of course.

My head down, at work on my laptop, I pause to take a sip of java. A young woman comes and orders a drink. As she’s paying, I overhear her saying she dropped her phone when she was getting out of her car, causing the back and battery to pop off. She found the battery, but the cover is still missing. She explains that when she bends down a bit she can’t find it and is worried she might run over it if she moves her car to look for it. Being very wet out, and her being in a nice work dress for a job interview, she can’t get right down and look. Other people in the shop hear her explain her situation and look bewildered. I take another sip of coffee, and get up and offer to go look. We get out to your car, I get down, not seeing the cover at 1st, so I lay right down, and spot it next to a tire. I move over to the right spot and reach behind your tire, retrieving the phone’s battery cover. You thank me and I say ‘no problem’ as we head back inside the coffee shop. As I log back on my laptop, you come over and give me a big chocolate chip cookie, saying you were not sure what to get me to say thanks, but almost everyone likes chocolate chip cookies..lol. I tell you there was no need to buy me anything as I was just being my friendly self. I ask you if you’re in a hurry, and to join me if you wish.

Since I am over an hour early for interview and it is just up the road, I decide to join you. I ask you what you are doing out today. All the while I keep looking at the front of your jeans discreetly, to see what may be there. Every once and awhile I let my hand linger on my chest.

I tell you that I am working a bit, but it is too distracting sometimes, but not to worry as you are not a bad distraction at all. I noticed your hand on your chest and have a bad boy thought, one where I fuck your tits and cum on them. Giving my head a slight shake, I return to sane thoughts and look up at your face and eyes. Up close, I see a spark in those young eyes, and feel a twitch in my underwear. Knowing I have no chance with a young woman, I just stick with light chat about where your heading after your coffee.

I let you know that I am hoping to get the job for the new company that just opened up in town not to long ago. I then tell you that since it will be a long drive back home, I plan to find a hotel for the night before I head on my way. I ask you if you of any good thoughts for one to stay at, one in which a person can relax and not have to worry about others finding them there. I look into your eyes as I bring my tongue out of my mouth to wrap it around my straw and draw it between my lips were I suck my drink. I close my eyes and let out a small moan at the creamy taste in my mouth.

Noticing your teasing gestures, I’m distracted, and I mistake your asking me about a hotel as being you telling me that you had stayed at a hotel the night before. I’m thinking, wow, could of, would of, should of...

Stilling my hand on my chest I lean over and touch your arm and ask if you are doing fine. You seems to be flushed ans your breathing has changed. I want for your answer.

I say that I am very distracted by some thoughts of what I’d like to do to you. I look in your eyes, and see your interest as I meet your lips with mine, a soft, playful kiss, then I sit back in my seat.

I tell you I'd love to hear those thoughts. I slowly slip my hand up my thigh, up my skirt and into my panties where I slide on into the wetness gathering there. Taking my finger back I run it over the lip of your cup and sit back and wait.

My thoughts instantly go wild, flashes of hot, insanely passionate sex as I pick up my cup of coffee, take a smell of the distinctly different aroma, then take a lick of the rim, a hint of your pussy juice…it lingers. I put the coffee down, having not taken a sip. I want to savour your gift. I look into your teasing face, and tell you I’d love to enjoy some time between your legs.