Written by EagerCouples

Feb 25, 2018

Well I am dying to tell someone about our amazing weekend :)

We love watching amature porn together especially the Craigslist ones. So naughty.

My husband decided to treat me so he posted an ad asking for local men to stop by and be recorded while playing with me on the couch. I laid out a few lacy nighties and panties. While waiting for each man to arrive I went on cam with other men to flirt and get worked up even more. I was so wet and excited by the time the first man arrived. I met this complete stranger at the door wearing nothing but a purple lace teddy. My husband recorded while I led him to the couch and undid his pants. as I started taking out his cock he asked me to lean back first. I was so excited! This man whose name I didn't know began licking gently at my moist lips running his tongue along my clit and gently nudging into my pussy. I looked over at my husband who mouthed I love you. The stranger started getting more and more eager sucking and nibbling at me. he bought his finger up to stroke along my lips and asked may I? as he hovered with it at the opening. Oh yes please I moaned as he slid his finger in to rub my g spot so expertly, combined with his amazing tongue work it took just moments before I was squirting into his hand. after I started to climb down from the orgasm he looked up and asked if it was his turn. I love to show off giving head. he stood before me naked from the waist down and I wasted no time trying to see just how deep I could fit him in my throat. He was so long and thick I kept trying to take him to his balls. I could feel him tensing and moaning with pleasure a I slowly worked back to his tip and deep again in slow steady strokes with my mouth and hand while sucking more with each stroke. he asked me to wait as he didn't want to finish just yet. I pulled back and while licking at his head I made eye contact with my husband again to make sure he was still enjoying the show. M husband asked me if I wanted to get fucked before our guest left. Wow it excited me so much that he was encouraging me to continue! The stranger needed no further encouragement than a nod of my head. He slipped a condom on and was inside me in a moment. I was turned around kneeling on the couch holding the back while he eased into me slowly at first then harder and faster, I tightened hard against him as I started riding to another orgasm. He left me breathless and so wet! My husband quickly took over as soon as the stranger pulled out. Feeling his familiar cock inside me made me squirt with pleasure. I didn't even notice our guest leave hehe. We had 2 other visitors that night and another in the morning before our fantasy was fully played out. Now we watch our own Craig's list videos ans get even more excited hehe.