Written by hamiltongolfers

Mar 4, 2013

The year after I graduated from highschool, they were having a Tudor evening to raise funds for the school band. I went dressed up as the executioner, black hood, axe and all. During the feast, a lovely young "serving wench" kept coming over to my table to talk to me.

When the night was finished, I found myself upstairs in the history room, waiting for a friend of mine to finish with the cleanup and in walked my mystery wench. Let's call her Nicole.

Nicole was chatting about the event and how they had just had a sugar fight in the kitchen and her back was all sticky. I asked if I could touch her back, and when I did, she turned around real fast so my hand was in front of her breasts and she took one step forward so I got a handful. Then she leaned into me and gave me a passionate kiss.

Our tongues were duelling and our hands were everywhere.

I turned her around, away from me, and started to slowly lift up her long dress, waiting to hear any objections. Once I got to her hips, I grabbed her panties and slid them down and off of her. Then I lifted up her dress as she bent over a desk and I unzipped my pants and slid into her soaking wet pussy.

I started off slowly, then quickened my pace. she let out an "Oh God, fuck me, oh please fuck me !! Then she screamed, I'm cumming !! She then told me she was on the pill and I could cum inside her. She reached underneath and cupped my balls and that was it, I shot load after load into her tight, 19yr old pussy.

After we got ourselved together, she gave me a long, deep, passionate kiss and said, "Thank you, that was great." And with that she left and I never saw her again.