Written by hottub3

Apr. 20, 2018

how to break into the first swing i hear of this from a friend that suggested it as a way to give the first time hard part over with play a game of strip poker deal all the cards out keeping a joker in the deck if it s a mmf or ffm with straigth males and girls and if the joker turns up she or he gets a blow job ( every one must state at start if there a rec or giver at start of deal if he or she turns up a joker ) if a four some and every one is bi two jokers are in the deck the two that turns up the joker are the ones that start the action as the two others watch the game can be over at this point or keep playing till every one is naked if play right even a person that never try bi maybe interested in the game with out showing interest in trying a bi action with out there partner knowing a bit is a bit up must pay up in the end rules can change if it four some that no one is bi the two with the jokers start the action