Jun. 15, 2019

In our early married years, Jane was serviced on a regular basis by a Turkish doctor (as described) - he exclusively sodomized her, and used her in the most depraved way (ass to mouth was something of a favourite). This was to change.

Owing to our promiscuous lifestyle, Jane was on the pill, as I insisted she perform bareback with strangers - she followed my instructions faithfully, and I always enjoyed the 'sloppy seconds'.

After a few months of using Jane, her 'bull' told her to stop taking the pill - he continued to sodomize her for a couple of weeks before making her take him bareback and unprotected - of course, he made her pregnant.

This was not part of my plan and Jane had an abortion before resuming her 'duties'. Unfortunately the Turk was, by now, beginning to tire of her (after taking everything she could offer), but she really liked that guy, and would phone him and beg to see him.

I made her dress in stockings and suspenders and go to him for sex, as I knew he would debase her as he wished. It was at this point that he began to beat her before having her - she allowed him whatever he wanted , which, I am certain, conditioned her for our future life together.

She has become the wife my stories describe (although, to be frank, the stories are heavily sanitised for SH), - I realise that I was put to considerable inconvenience by Jane's Turkish 'bull' but, nevertheless, have much to thank him for.

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