Written by EagerCouples

May 16, 2018

We've had a busy spring and fit in fun whenever we can. I had been feeling frisky after a weekend playdate with a couple we've been playing with off and on for a year now. It's aways amazing to watch my husband please another woman while enjoying her husband. But usually I am eager to get all of the attention. I knew just who to ask next. We flirted back and forth for a few days then my husband suggested a spot for some outdoor dogging in the sun. I couldn't wait to get home after work so we could meet up. We pulled into the spot just around the bend from a beach. Secluded enough that we would have time to cover if someone approached. Our friend, I'll call him P pulled up near by, his truck offering just a little more cover from the road. He leaned in the car window caressing my breasts then hiked my dress a bit to discover I was not wearing panties. I knew he would like that. He started running his fingers eagerly over my moist lips. While his other hand squeezed my full DD cup. My husband reached over and started caressing my other breast....mmmm now this is what really gets

Me excited hehe. The two of them expertly teased me until I was squirting on the seat. Once I calmed enough to stand we went around to the front of the car. While facing P I reached into his unbottoned pants to stroke that firm cock of his , my husband was behind me rubbing my ass and teasing my pussy. P freed my nipples from my bra to squeeze and tease them. I was so excited and dripping wet. I asked my husband if I could now have P fuck me. My husband grinned and handed P a condom, telling him to please me. I turned and leaned over the headlight P wasted no time raising my skirt and finding his way inside me. My husband leaning down was kissing me deeply while P rode me in slow steady strokes. I could feel every inch of his hard shaft as he stroked deeper with each push. My husband stood offering me his cock to suck. Oh how I love being fucked and sucking at the same time! I came immediately. Squeezing hard on P while he hightened his pace until he came hard. I could feel his cock shuddering inside me, making me want my husband deeper in my throat as I sucked at his head. P pulled out and removed the condom. I invited him to switch places with my husband. I love the taste of cum. My husband slid into my well fucked pussy quickly bringing me to another orgasm while I sucked and licked P clean. I felt P stiffen in reaction to my long slow sucking my husband riding deep inside me. This is my favorite experience. Feeling myself get lost in orgasm as my husband fills me with cum while having my mouth filled by a hard cock. Gawd I came so hard. Then we all straightened up me in a fit of giggling from all the excitement. Yes we will definitely be cumming here again.