Written by dannette

Dec. 29, 2017

Final chapter Sherrie’s pov

This is crazy after coming back down to earth from another mind blowing orgasm I realize I still want more. This is so not like me but I am loving it. Our Guest’s cock slips from my wet pussy and guides it towards my breasts. I pull off the condom and he shoots his warmth all over my breasts. His cum is so hot and covers my breasts completely. Dan appears with a warm cloth and cleans my breasts. I am in heaven.

I turn to Dan and give him the smile that lets him know it’s now his turn. I crawl over to him and he kisses me deeply and says are you having fun baby. I nod and tell him yes but I need more. He rolls me on my back and pulls my hips to the edge of the bed. I place both legs on his shoulders as he places his hard familiar cock in my sopping wet pussy. Our Guest comes closer to my head and I am pleasantly surprised to find him still semi erect. I take him in my mouth as Dan enters me. We all three gasp in Unisom.

It doesn’t take Dan long to find a rhythm and starts pumping hard. I know he is very excited from watching Our Guest and I. I feel like I can’t get enough. I work on Our Guest and it isn’t long till he is back to his amazing full hardness. I make sure to clean him completely with my mouth being careful not to miss an inch. Our Guest reaches over my stomach and starts to rub my clit while Dan’s cock is working on bringing us to an orgasm. I feel like my body will explode from all the attention it is receiving.

Our Guest is very good with his fingers finding a nice gentle rhythm that is driving me crazy with desire, no I realize more than desire full blown lust is what I have.

I feel Dan getting bigger and I know he is getting ready to cum. So I suck Our Guest harder and faster. I have a plan. I want both of them to cum all over me. I feel my orgasm starting and as soon as I moan both of them start to cum pulling away from my pussy and mouth and cover my body with hot wet cum.

We all collapse onto the bed. We look at each other and start to laugh. Part of me is very sad that it is over. We all take turns showering Our Guest and then Dan and then me. I come out of the shower and find them talking and laughing and think please let them be planning next time.

We say our goodbyes and I kiss Our Guest and thank him for this amazing experience. Already planning in my naughty little mind a surprise for next time.

The end

Final Chapter Dan’s pov

Our Guest is thrusting his hard cock in and out of my beautiful wife. She is so receptive enjoying every intrusion while taking me deep in her throat. I can tell Our Guest is approaching his climax as his moans and breathing have become more pronounced and faster.

Sherrie’s moans are driving me wild. I just love to hear her in pure ecstasy her passion and lust taking complete control of her physical body. Overpowering any resistance she may have had within her. Totally giving in abandoning any back of her mind reluctance caused by closed minded thinking. I know deep down she is like me wanting to experience the pure pleasure our bodies are capable of, if allowed.

Watching her let go is giving me so much pleasure. Our Guest is now thrusting harder and faster and Sherrie moans loud and deep cumin all over his hard cock. She squeezes him with her soft warm pussy which is too much for him to endure and he pulls out removing his condom and once again he shoots his load all over her beautiful full and firm tits. I know how much she enjoys the sensation of his warm cum covering her nipples and breasts. I have a nice warm wash cloth ready and assist in cleaning her off.

She turns to me with that sly grin which I know so well. I approach her now on her back and pull her over to the edge of the bed. Putting her legs on my shoulders I immediately push forward and in one motion I penetrate her. She is so wet and ready. Our Guest kneels over her and she begins to lick and clean every drop of residual cum she can find on him. I am amazed that he is still semi erect and I see an instant reaction as he begins to harden once more. We both match our rhythm penetrating and pulling out in sync. It is a sight I have wanted to see for some time now. Watching her take two hard men at the same time.

I speed up and feel my orgasm growing from deep in my loins, I begin to harden even more then I can imagine possible giving a clear signal to Sherrie that I am about to explode. This allows her to speed up her action on Our Guest’s hard cock taking him deep and fast. We both moan and all of us in unison explode. Me all over her stomach and tattoo and Our Guest all over her breasts and chin. Sherrie also explodes with a loud moan.

We all fall back giggling at ourselves acting like youngsters once again. We all take turns cleaning up in the shower. Our Guest and I wait for Sherrie to finish her sprucing up and plan a next meet. This was such a fun time and we all want it to happen again.

Sherrie comes out and Our Guest announces his departure. I shake his hand and Sherrie gives him a long appreciative kiss and whispers “lets do this Again OK?” with her body pressed tightly against his arms pulling her as close as he can. Our Guest nods and promises to stay in touch.

The end…. Of the beginning I hope