Jan. 20, 2019

It was late summer. The air was warm, but there was a breeze; the sun was still above the horizon, but it was beginning to shine it's golden setting light over the city. A few months earlier I had came in contact with a couple. We had been exchanging emails back and forth and had expressed quite a lot of interest in each other. They were a much older couple - something that I actually found comforting. What caught their attention about me was my desire to watch a couple - this was something that turned the male half on extremely. He loved it when a man's cock stood on attention from the sight of his wife. And from our emails back and forth early on, I could tell you that his wife got my cock's attention real fast.

After a couple months of back and forth, and some rather unfortunate circumstances, the weekend finally came. We had planned it out a bit on a whim. I was feeling hornier than usual - and the thought of sharing myself for the first time, let alone somewhere somewhat public, had me going crazy. The plans happened quite quickly and within a couple of hours I found myself taking a quick shower and getting in my car to meet up. I remember standing in the shower (and I had been thinking about this all day) and I look down to see my penis throbbing on end. It knew what was coming..

Because this was our first encounter, and his wife was still very new to the idea of adding another male into the mix, we decided it would be best that it was just the two of us. Not to mention, it was my VERY FIRST TIME ever sharing myself in public [and to a single man]. We were to meet in a secluded parking lot in the back of an industrial-ish area. We definitely weren't completely out of sight of anyone - but it would get the job done. I had loaded some porn on my laptop to watch while I waited. He told me that he was bringing photos and videos of his wife to show me, which I was excited for. When he got there, I stayed in my car and he walked over to the window. We spent some time chatting and getting to know each other, until he got comfortable and pulled his phone out. We kept making some small talk, and he showed me some photos of his sexy wife. I could feel my cock beginning to grow inside my pants. We began to talk about the three of us, and some of the scenarios we could be put in. I kept scrolling through his phone and couldn't take my eyes off his wife's beautiful, large, natural tits, and her sweet pussy. My cock was now fully hard - it was obvious he could see it, and I think he liked it. I couldn't bare it anymore, so I asked if I could take it out and play with it while we chatted. He obliged right away to my excitement. I reached down and pulled my shorts off - underwear and all - exposing my hard, 8 inch cock. It was throbbing while it laid on my chest. He commented that he loved how hard his wife made me.

We sat and chatted for a while - he showed me photo after photo and we talked about how we would enjoy his wife together sometime soon. As we chatted, I played with myself. Feeling every little inch in my hand while we talked. Stroking my cock in front of another man, in public was completely new to me, but I LOVED IT. I could feel the precum spewing out every minute, soaking my shaft, and my belly in warm, slippery juice. After some time, I couldn't wait anymore. I told him I wanted to cum while I looked at his wife and he watched on. We made a quick joke - as long as i didn't get any on him. We laughed, and then I leaned back, grabbed myself and begin to stroke gentle, but tight, while I laid eyes on his beautiful wife. It didn't take more than a minute before my precum covered cock erupted and I cummed harder than I think I had ever before. I leaned back and moaned loudly, while I continued to stroke. Shots and shots of cum flew from the tip of my hard cock - so much and so powerful that some hit the roof, and my male friend took half a step back. After it was said and done, I was covered in cum after one of the hottest experiences of my life. He was impressed and commented on the fact that he, and his wife absolutely love how much I just came.

We said our goodbyes shortly after, mostly so I could clean up. It was something that I went home and thought about for days on end, and still do. I can't wait for that next experience, and me and my cock are just yearning to show off again. Who knows - you could be next!



*Note this is my first ever story/contribution in this way. I hope it was okay, and I hope you enjoyed. Any constructive feedback is welcome!