Jul 19, 2017

My fantasy.... My overwhelming desire... ... is to witness my girl taking the cock of another man into her mouth and servicing it!

I have fantasized about this act probably more than any other sexual scenario. The variations of this fantasy are almost as unlimited as all my other fantasies combined.


... Your lips part... the pink tip of your tongue poking through to moisten them, eyes never leaving the swollen, purplish head of the twitching cock... A soft, desperate moan escapes your lips, breathing shallow and quick in anticipation of what is about to occur. His dick throbs, jumping slightly... a glistening bead of semen oozes from the tiny hole in the head. She looks up at me with a furtive, desperate glance... telling me you are ready.

My girl craves this other man. I stay close to you when the act is committed... feeling you tremble, encouraging you with soft touches and whispers of guidance. A smile signals my approval...


Imagine if you will... where everything is an open adventure for us to indulge in. Two people almost obsessed with lust for each others total sense of mutual happiness and pleasure. Experiences to be shared. Never one sided... always together. Wanting something as much for the other as one does for themselves.


Eyes held shut.

... Your mouth opens with an audible wetness... tongue soft and flat, rolling out slightly to taste this cock.

The moment you feel the flesh on your tongue your mouth closes gently around the sticky cockhead.

Your whole body tenses up and you rest there unmoving... breathing in deep, and I know that at that moment you are tasting him. My beautiful girl is savoring this man's cock. The smooth texture and shape, it's heat and flavor. This moment will never escape me.

The shape and texture of the head of his penis is explored with your tongue, like a delicious candy. Your mouth watering as the pre-cum trickles out and melts across your tongue like butter. It's honey sweetness causing you to moan louder.

... and there you kneel... with a chunk of meat buried in your mouth.

A cock I selected from dozens that required service by your talented mouth. I chose him for you... spoiling my lil one with her favorite treat.

I can only imagine the waves of satisfaction that course through your body while you suck. Muscles tense in your thighs and I become aware of the heat created below. What I think is a shift for comfort is really the pressure of you squeezing them together tightly... almost in desperate discomfort to ease the ache that’s causing your pussy to bubble with excitement...


To know that my girl craves the act of servicing other men’s cocks compels me to provide her with as many opportunities as required to keep her hunger satisfied. I never want that craving completely satiated... I want it to grow and influence her to ask... request... beg that I let her taste other men.

Quantity is as important as quality.

To Service cocks... feed from them... consume what’s inside.


... Suddenly her eyes snap open, as if awakened to reality. She begins to suckle.

Shaft deftly grasped with skilfull fingers to steady it's motion as the plump, swollen head is worked over with tongue inside her mouth. It's like watching an artist at work. Tongue swirling and thrashing about the head. The sounds of saliva filled lips slurping on the flesh. I would be proud to watch her at work. To see the mind numbing pleasure she is giving to this man. Mouth opening and shaft sliding thickly into her mouth. My cock twitches and strains at the sound of her lil gag when the head blocks the throat. But she pushes down harder... trying to swallow all of him... attempting to punch it down her throat with twists and turns to work in more flesh.

My fucking greedy lil cocksucker!!!!


I'd like to take her out and hunt for what she wants. Create a little group of men for her to be accessible too... guys we can arrange to hook up with for her little hobby. My girl... always ready and capable of ravenously sucking on cock. #### Giving out quality head and loving every minute of it. That desire to please and serve overwhelming her to the point she can't control the hunger.

I expect it from her.


... the sticky treats that follow... ejaculated into her mouth or slathered in thick, white ropes across her face are just the perfect exclamation point to a job well done.

Her reward.

Her snack.

Something her mouth-waters for.

Spurting out and splashing down onto an outstretched tongue. Pearl colored seed coating the pink tongue and pooling up inside it like a little cup. Collecting the sperm in her mouth. Swallowing in one big gulp like a good girl should. Or the cum is shot on her beautiful face. Her hands working that cock hard to coax out th thick heavy nut during the final moments. The piss hole flared in anger as the load belches out. Oozing all over her lips and chin... gushing down her fingers in strands. I look down and watch my girl lift fingers up over her open mouth... snaring the dangling tassel of whiteness with her tongue... slurping it into her mouth with a big happy smile on her face.

Eating it.

I bullet of sperm oozes to the tip of his cock.... nestled in the hole. You give a final squeeze to draw it out then quickly ensnare it with a hungry tongue. Lapping it up and smacking those lips.

Then ... turn to me and peering up with innocent eyes... but wanton with lust.

“Please SIR, can I have some more”?

Now how could I forsake that?