Apr. 23, 2019

Since beginning my adventures I have chatted with so many amazing people.

Some that I may never meet.

Some that I have met and though we may never play, their advice and humour made me feel welcome in this tiny Tbay community.

I have chatted with some odd fellows.

But overall I feel very lucky.

I have my out of town friends. Planning a play visit soon. ?

I have found my in town sexy playmate. (Which I may have screwed up.?)

And recently I started chatting with a couple, they perv Fet but contacted me from another site.

They expressed that they loved my stories. They mentioned that they would love to meet. This sounded great. We chatted about their wants and needs, she only plays with him in the room. He may take part he may just watch. I explained that either is fine with me. We discussed work schedules and the logistics of meeting. The time and place.

As Tbay is small and secluded they mentioned their need for discretion. I concurred that I was with them 100% on discretion.

We exchanged face pictures and discussed a small point that I had.

I am 20+ years older than them. 20 for him, 21 for her. They told me that was part of the allure. She likes older men. ?


Late Easter Sunday, just after Game of Thrones I checked my email, a message.

“We both have Monday off, would you like to meet for a coffee?”

I explained that I had to work, but I could meet after 4pm. They said great. Monday morning they told me which Tim Horton's they would be at.

Monday dragged...omg...Monday was the longest week. Not a super hard day but I am always nervous meeting new people in this situation.

Will they like me in person?

Will I offend?

Will they freak me out?


I entered the the Tim's and looked around.

Semi busy but they were not there.

Ok I'll wait.

I grabbed a coffee and headed toward a table.

The husband entered and waved me over.

“It's too busy in here, we'll talk in the truck.”

We walked to his truck he motioned to get in the drivers side back. I climbed in and his wife was in the passenger back seat. She was in jeans and a hoodie. Her face buried in her coffee.

She has dark, almost black hair, short. As she dropped the cup away from her face a nervous smile was seen. She was very red. I was probably red too.

We exchanged pleasantries as her husband climbed into the front passenger seat and turned to face me.

We formally introduced ourselves and we thanked each other for meeting each other.

Laughter brought a calmness to all of us.

The husband had some questions about me.

I answered them. Truthfully.

The main question seemed to once again be “Are your stories true?”

I explained to them that, yes, they are true...ish.

I told them that I erotically edited them.


The ouches, please move.

The giggles and water breaks.

The fumbles and adjustments.

They seemed to understand and that seemed to calm her more.

I voiced a concern that I have with any perspective playmate. Though older and I do not cum as much as when I was younger and being a proponent of “Her body, her rules” I do not want to be a father again. She laughed and said that condoms would be used for any vaginal sex, there would be no anal and she has no problem with me cumming in her mouth.

We all laughed at how many stares we would have gotten if we were talking in Timmies.

I asked if they had any more questions and they asked the same of me. I said that I hoped that they liked me and that I hoped that we could play sometime.

“How about now?” she asked.

I looked at my phone...445pm.

I did some quick calculations and said that I'd have to leave by 730.

They looked at each other and said that would be fine.

I got out and followed them to their home.


It was a nice little house with the look of a young professional couple.

They had told me that she was a nurse and a basket of folded laundry was topped with a small stack of scrubs. He never said what he did but I had some guesses.

They offered me a drink. I said that water was fine.

They lead me through their home to a very neat, and obviously tidied up bedroom. My guess is that they hoped I could play tonight.

The bedroom had a nice queen sized bed and a small chair in the corner. I would hazard a guess that it was not normally in the room.

The bedroom had an ensuite and I asked if I could use their shower first to get rid of the smells of work. They said sure and he left to get some extra towels.

I looked at her and asked, “Would you like to wash my body.”


A red flush came across her face.

“Yes.” she whispered back.

I started to disrobe and suggested she do the same. I had not seen any body pictures of her in our chats. As she started stripping I was given small pleasant surprises. She is about 5’4” and maybe 140lbs, she has muscular arms, with tattoos covering her upper left arm and shoulder. Her breasts are smallish with nice nipples and she has a cute little belly. As I stood there in my underwear obviously aroused, she slid off her jeans and socks. Standing in her panties her husband walked in.

He had the extra towels in hand and when he saw us he gave a little laugh and put the towels on the bed.

“I guess I better catch up.”

He stands a little taller than me but much slighter. (A refresher: I'm 5’8”, 188lbs, 6”)

I'd say he was 5’10” 150lbs.

Soon he was down to his undies.

She gave a giggle and said “Shall we?”

She walked over and, kneeling down, tugged my underwear off. My cock sprung up and bobbed in front of her face. She leaned in and gave it a quick kiss. Then standing up she turned and bent over while rolling her panties off. She has an excellent bum. Stepping out of her underwear she turned, her face bright red and stood there. Her pussy completely shaven with a small pink bow tattoo above her slit. Just the hint of her inner lips poked out and she smiled and said, “Let's get you washed up.”


The shower was really just that...a shower. She grabbed a cloth and soap, lathered me up and went to work on me first and then herself. She was quick and efficient. She kept her hair dry and kept my hands away from her with her washing actions.

She explained that cleaning people is part of her job and showers and washing has lost all sexiness to her.

I put nurse and cleaning together and understood.

As soon as possible she jumped out and began toweling herself off, she then grabbed another towel and in seconds I was dry.

We reentered the bedroom.

Three bottles of water had been put on the dresser and 4 condoms lay beside the bed.

Her husband stood by the chair naked. A smile on his face. I looked and saw a very large penis hanging flaccid between his legs. Shaved like me he must be at least 5” soft.

I gave him a nod and he sat down with smile.

I returned my gaze to her standing beside the bed, her arms crossed under her breasts.

“I think that I would like to kiss you.” I stated as I walked over to her.

“Make me,” she replied.

I looked at her, then to her husband, who shrugged his shoulders, then back to her.

“Pardon?” I queried.

“I said, make me.”

With a quick stride a was in front of her, looking down at her I asked again, “Pardon.”

She smiled and she began to quickly raise her arm.

My right hand rose to her chest and I firmly pushed her back against the wall, my left hand caught her right and pinned it above her head.

I leaned in and planted my lips upon hers.

I felt a change in her body immediately. Her arm lost its strength and I felt her lean into the kiss. Tongues played and my hand freed from hers and entwined in her hair. Passion rose in me and was met by passion in her.

Her arms flew around me and we kissed for minutes, my hands exploring her breasts and caressing her bum. I swung her around and put her bum on the bed.

I ventured a glance at her husband and saw him sitting smiling, penis...flaccid...just lying there.

No matter, my attention was on this woman.

I pushed her back to the bed and lowered my face between her legs. My tongue found sweet wetness and I began to lick and probe. Her hands pulled at her nipples as small gasps and moans escaped her mouth. I pushed two fingers gently inside her rolling them up and pulling and pushing them while licking fast and slow. I locked my lips around her clit and began sucking hard. Her hips jerked violently and she moaned, “He's making me cummmm.”

As she vibrated I climbed up and kissed her, juices coating our lips. I grasped her hair and gently coaxed her off the bed and to her knees. I presented my cock to her and, looking up at me, she took it into her mouth. She licked and bobbed, sucked and caressed. The warm wetness coating my cock. Withdrawing I picked her up and lay her back on the bed. I grabbed a condom and began to place it on myself.

She looked up and, grabbing a pillow, raised her head so she could watch. I placed the tip at her warm, wet entrance.

“He’s going to fuck me. He's going to fuck me hard.” she said looking at her husband. I pushed into her and felt her give a vibrating moan.

I set into a sustainable rhythm. Slow, quick, slow, quick. I bent over and licked and bit her nipples. Her moans increased in intensity. I began to rub a thumb over her clit in slow circles. Her body began to buck and she wrapped her legs around me. I felt her pussy clasp around me and she exclaimed, “He’s making me cum again.”

Feeling myself getting close I pulled out and flipped her to her knees. I knelt down and put two fingers back inside her and began licking her pussy.

“OMG, this is how a real man fucks me. He's so much better than you.”, she said around moans.

I looked over at her husband, he had his cock in his hand, stroking. It was getting hard, and big. I'd say maybe seven, seven and a half inches.

“Please put your cock back in me”, she said in a pleading voice, “I need to cum again.”

I stood and pushed into her sopping wet pussy. I pounded hard and fast. I felt her hand furiously rubbing circles on her clit and within a minute I heard a moan and grunt from the corner. I looked over to see him, his hand covered in cum. He began to lick it off his fingers.

I felt her pussy spasm again and heard her growling moan, “Three times, you haven't made me cum three times in the last 3 months you limp dicked pussy!”

I couldn't last much longer. I growled “I'm gonna cum soon.”

“I want to see your face when you cum.” she said.

I pulled out and she flipped onto her back. I thrust back into her and began pounding hard. Her legs wrapping around me again.

I gave one final thrust, as her pussy spasmed again.

I growled “Cumming”

She whispered “Four”

My cum pulsed into the condom inside her. I rested on my arms and she pulled me down on her into a hug. I kissed her neck and eventually pulled out and lay closing my eyes beside her. Panting slightly. I felt her hand take the condom off and I watched as she spread the contents over her belly.

Second later her husband was licking my cum off of her. She turned and smiling at me pulled my face to hers and started kissing me. I felt the passion rising again and my hands drifted to her hair and throat.

That's when I felt a warm mouth envelop my cock.

I began to pull away to voice a concern.

“He wants this.” she whispered.

And she rose up, straddled me and settled her pussy over my mouth.

This, is the second time that I've been surprised by a man going down on me. But, fuck it, it felt great and I had this pussy on my tongue. I began to lick in ernest and I brought my fingers into play.

Minutes later I was fully hard and she pushed him out of the way. I felt a condom being slipped on me and as her face sank to mine kissing, I felt her pussy slide down onto my cock.

Tucking a pillow under my head I watched as she bounced and ground our groins together. I pulled and pinched at her nipples. She came forward and placed her breasts near my mouth. I eagerly sucked and bit at them.

I then felt a tongue lick up my balls, across my exposed shaft and onto her ass.

“Yes”, she moaned above me.

It repeated several times. A new feeling for me.

A very intense feeling. She pushed herself back up and began to rub her clit violently. I felt her spasm and heard her moan “Cumming”

About 30 second later I said I was getting close.

She climbed off and pulled me to my feet. She tugged the condom off and then, clamping her lips on my cock, she began to ram her face down on me.

I'm not large, but as I said before, I love this feeling.

“I'm close” I growled.

Suddenly she withdrew her head and literally thrust her husbands mouth over my cock.

“Take it,” she growled.

The sensations were too much and I exploded.

My hot cum shooting out into this guys mouth.

He coughed once, then swallowed and sucked me clean. I fell back onto the bed.

He retreated to his chair and she lay beside me. One leg over mine. Playing with my chest hair and gently cupping my cock and balls.

“Did you like that?” she said.

Both myself and her husband responded, “Yes”

We laughed a bit and drank some water.

She got up and sat on her husband's lap.

I heard whispers..I love you, love you more, so much fun, same here giggles and kissing.

I finally pushed up to my elbows and looked at them.

“Was not expecting that,” I said.

They giggled and apologized about ambushing me that way.

They were glad I wasn't too freaked out.

They talked about my stories and hoped I would be ok with it.

I said I was

She told me that he likes being belittled and he actually can make her cum. But they were looking for this type of scenario.

He excused himself saying he had some things to do.

She smiled and asked if there was anything else I'd like to do.

So we kissed...passion arose in both of us. I ate her some more and mounted her. Thrusting and playing until we both came again. Her with my cock in her. Me in her mouth as she showed me her skills.

She said that if we play again, and I produce a clean bill of health, we may do a creampie for her husband. I said I would love to do that. She said she's on the pill but would only play with condoms. Unless full trust is found.

She showered me again and when we came out her husband said he was called in for a few hours tonight.

He was in uniform and had his pistol on his hip.

(That is all I'm allowed to say about him.)

I shook hands and she kissed me...he escorted me to my car and told me that they had a great time. He told me that he thinks that they would like to play again but it could be once in a blue moon. Schedules and babysitting he said as I saw her heading to the truck with a baby seat and a wave. He left with a handshake.

I went home with a smile.


I'd like to thank the couple for their kind permission to post this story.

No names and the changes keep the spirit of the encounter intact. ?