Written by Alan_Rhodes

May 8, 2013

I'm not a professional writer or anything so please forgive any typos etc. This story took place last summer (2012) at the nude beach at Port Burwell, Ontario.

For those who are not aware . .there is a nuce beach at the wertern end of the regular beach in Port Burwell. Its a bit of a walk . . perhaps a 1/2 mile, but well worth it.

My wife and I have been there a few times and found it very erotic. This time, it turned out a bit different than other times. Perhaps it was because my wife Diane was horny on our 1 hour drive there.

We had taken a blanket and other 'beach supplies' . and made the trek to the nude beach section. A number of people around enjoying the warn sun on their naked bodies. Also a number of en walking the beach enjoying the beauty nature has provided, that is to say . .naked women.

Diane had been working on her all over tan when she started looking the guys who were passing by . . some looking at her . . others not. Then she turned her back to the beach and got on her knees andrested on her elbows . . so that her ass was up in the air for passersby to see . .

She looked around a few times and then said to ask that old guy who was down the beach and walking our way over. She said to get him to rub some lotion on her back and . whereever else needs some.

With that . .as the man of about 65 or 70 was passing, I struck up a conversation with him. He came near as Diane had anticipated and was getting a really good view of my naked wife. He kept glancing at her and so I ask him if he'd mind rubbing some lotion on her back. He jumped at the opportunity.

I then said I think her legs need some too . . I took some of the lotion and put it on the back of her legs and rubbed from her knee upward. The old guy followed suit. I then took some and put it on her ass cheek. The old guy looked at me and I smiled. He took some and rubbed her ass cheek as well . .Slowly I let my fingers move closer to the crack of her ass.

Diane parted her knees a bit and her pussy was in view to both of us not more than a foot or so away. The old man moved near her ass as well . . Then I moved to her open twat and inserted a finger. It didn't take much persuasion to get the old guy to join me her my wife's hairy cunt. Soon Diane was bucking and moving her ass . . and a numbert people had slowed or stopped to watch the action.

Once she was finished with her orgasm . . she relaxed and moved off a bit to end the session. She turned to the opld man and thanked him for the nice lotion rub and off he went.