Written by tomtomcan

Sep. 26, 2011

Here is the last part - hope you like it ...

Second instalment:

He smiled has her saw her reaction to the cold ice. He pushed gently on the cube and inserted another into her engorged pussy as she squirmed and moaned.

"You have been a good girl." he said before quickly surprising her further by burying his head between her legs, running his tongue over her clit before scooping the ice cubes from her pussy with his tongue. With the cubes in his mouth he moved back to her clit and sucked it gently - letting the remains of the ice cubes touch it occaisionally.

She moaned loudly and, unable to hold back, she pushed his face deep into her pussy as her hips rose to meet him. Seeing and feeling her arousal he crushed the remaining ice in his mouth and let the cool water run into her pussy before continuing to flick her clit with his tongue and run first one finger, then two, three and more in and out of her dripping pussy. She cried out and begun to come - again and again, as he continued to lick, suck and finger her pussy. He moved harder and faster.

Finally her waves of orgasm subsided a little and he moved his face away from her pussy and said "My turn know - take some ice cubes in your mouth and blow me!" as he lay back on the bed.

She smiled and said "You DEFINITELY deserve a treat after what you have done to me!!" as she jumped off the bed to fetch the ice.

Lying back he closed his eyes until he felt her take his hard cock in her mouth and begin to suck and lick - the ice touching the head of his penis as she slid her head up and down. As she did this she played with his balls gently and looked towards his face so that she could see as well as feel his reaction. He smiled and moaned a little before placing a hand behind her head and gently guiding her head down until his entire cock was in her mouth - she was deep throating him.

She felt the tension building in his body, tension that moved down toward his groin - she wanted him to come!

Before he reached the point of no return he lifted her mouth away from his hard cock and said "Get on your hands and knees!".

She quickly obliged, spreading her knees apart slightly, while he stood at the end of the bed looking at her butt and slippery, wet pussy. Looking back toward him she said "Fuck me, please."

Without a word he slipped a condom on, positioned himself behind her and moved his cock towards her pussy - teasing her by running the head of his cock up and down between her pussy lips. Wanting him inside her she pushed back a little but he withdrew - continuing to tease a little - before quickly entering her. As he did this she cryed in pleasure and pushed back hard so that he entered her full length immediately.

With a hand on each of her hips he slid in and out - faster and harder. Almost immediately she cried out began to come - again and again - as he pounded her doggy-style. Wanting him to come as well she reached back between her legs with one hand and played with his balls. Finally the contractions of her pussy and her hand on his balls became too much and he cried out in pleasure as he came.

Finally they both fell to the bed - their lust satisfied. They lay on the bed chatting about their individual plans for the weekend and how much they had both enjoyed their online chats and, finally, meeting.

After a while, as if by mutual agreement, they both lean forward and kiss - passionately. As their tongues entwined he slid his hand between her legs to find her still moist pussy and clit. He ran his finger round her clit and then into her pussy - gently at first then harder and harder - and while he did this he pinched and kissed her nipples with the other hand. She became more and more aroused as he played with her clit and pussy, licked and pinched her nipples - while kissing her passionately. She bucked against his hand as the tension built - then she came quickly.

Smiling, he lay back on the bed and said "over to you now - we can do WHATEVER you want." She lent forward and kissed him on the lips before working her way down his neck and shoulders, pausing at his nipples, before continuing down to his groin where she took his balls in her mouth before slowly slipping his foreskin back and running her tongue round the head and taking him into her mouth.

She continued to suck his cock - running her tongue round and moving her head up and down. Lying back on the bed he was in heaven as she gave him one of the best blow jobs he had experienced. Feeling the intensity building her moaned and said "if you keep that up I am going to explode!". With a little smile she lifted her head up and simply said "Good" before continuing to suck - taking the full length of his cock.

This continued for a few more minutes and he cried out as the pleasure built. She increased the pace - wanting to taste his cum. Lying back his hips bucked upwards as he came - shooting a stream of cum into her mouth.

Now completely drained he gently drew her up and kissed her - knowing he had just cum in her mouth.

After a short time she said "I really have to go now! I have had GREAT time." before standing up and slipping back into her clothes. He lay on the bed, naked, as she did this. Once she was dressed she lent over, kissed him goodbye, and quickly felt his cock before slipping out the door.