Jul. 16, 2018

This happened an a business trip about a year ago. I found a married couple on swing heaven that seemed very interesting. He was an amateur photographer with every piece of equipment you can imagine. She was an incredibly sexy woman who loved to show off in front of the camera.we chatted on Skype Prior to meeting to make sure we were all comfortable with each other. The plan was for a night of erotic photos.. no Kissing, oral or penetration by me. I would have loved all those things but it still sounded like a very fun night ahead. I was happy to play within their rules.

They arrived at my hotel with a duffle bag of gear and several changes of wardrobe for her. He got set up while we all had some wine, getting loosened up. As we felt better he broke the ice by kissing her and sliding her dress up. He asked me to do the same and slide her dress up while he snapped. Then he asked me to slide down her lace panties. No need to ask me twice! Then he asked me to rub her breast, tweek her nipples.. gladly. Then she left and put on another sexy outfit. Tight skirt with a tight top. He set up his camera on remote, and joined me beside her. She lid to her knees and he pulled his hard cock out and slid it into her mouth. Then he pulled out and said I should as well. Again no need to ask twice. As she sucked me and he clicked away with the camera he slid his cock into her mouth as well joining mine. Damn hot! We had a bit of fun but there was no desire to finish.. we had a whole night ahead! More outfit changes.. again I was tasked with undressing her. Revealing her beautiful big breasts, sliding down her underwear.. all fun. Next she was posed on her stomach while I was able to slide my cock between her cheeks. This was so hot as I could feel the dampness and heat from her pussy, but was unable to taste it or fully enjoy it by plunging my cock inside her. She took my in her mouth again as he set up the remote.. he slid his big cock into that very wet pussy. After an evening of buildup we weren’t going to last long now. He began to cum , so pulled out and splashed all over her tits.. I was next and pulled my cock from her mouth and covered her tits with another big load. She took me back into her mouth and sucked me clean as he ate her to her orgasm. Was an amazing night.

The next day they sent me some of the pics from that night. So hot reliving the memory and hot fun:)