Written by Mister

Apr. 6, 2017

Play fair? Ditto!

Nervously he was walking up and down the length of the room. It's hard to keep the excitement in check. Then finally a shy knock at the door.

It's happening she is here.

He opens the door and looks her up and down . He likes what he see.

Her name is j. She is long brown hair, 5'4" 120 lbs and amazing cups Breasts. Her and I started talking a few days before. I liked here, she was direct with honest dirty intentions.

The nervousness sided as we shared some wine and and got to know each other. The conversation was flowing with an underlining sexual tension. J asked me if she could read my palm. I said yes. When j asked me:"you are sure this is what you want? "

I leaned in and kissed her. Our hands exploring each other bodies.

I pick her up and brought her to the bedroom. After I ripped her pants off I saw the sexy black one piece she was wearing.

OMG the side of j in the bed was almost to much to handle.

We explored each other bodies for hours to follow. Both caught in the moment of lust, pleasure and sexuality.

To be continued...