Written by buster_brown

Sep. 22, 2013

When Marie and I first met 25 yrs ago..

She was always Horny,but Very Shy,and Nervous about the Life Style..SOOO.lol

After Dinner one night..I took her to a Nice,{Dimly Lit},Private Bar in Tampa.after she was already Half Chit Faced..

We took a Booth in the Darkest corner in the Back,Ordered some Drinks,and watched folks Slow Dancing,and Feeling each other UP....

Soon she suggested WE Dance too..

OH WFT Hon..WHY NOT..OK.."Dear"..lol

BTW..She was wearing a Micro Mini,and changed into a Seaquend,See thru Top..on the way..

The Single Guys could ask Attch. Ladies to Dance...But had to stay at the Bar..'Unless' Invited to a Booth..

Well it didn't take long till we had 3 More "May we Join you" HA..

Horny Gents ..Secretly molesting her under the Table at our Booth..

They all bought her More Guinness,and Shots..Then ..When she had to Piss like a Race Horse;

I told them all to ask her to Dance,{and Hold her Beaudatious Bubble Butt once more}.. then give her their Phone #'s,when she came back,and make some excuse why ya have to go..

I gave them our Room #,and suggested they all join us next door at our Hotel WOMB..

"I'll Flash the Lights" Cum In,Get Naked and Hide..in the Closet..when she's Changing into Something More Compfortable,in the Bathroom..

After bout 10 Mins..She came out in Thigh Highs.. a Tiny Teddy....Dropped to her Knees,and started Sucking my Stiff,by now Swollen Pecker..

I could see them all Peeking from the Closet,and Whacking their Willies..

so I picked her up,put her on her Back on the Bed...,Knelt over her Face,Held both Legs in the Air,and started Throat Fucking her..and waved the Lads over..

I felt her Whole Body Tighten Up,and Gasp for Air..when 6 Unexpected Hands started Massaging,and Sucking her Ass,Pussy and Breasts..

I said.."Still Feel like Dancing Now ..Dear" ?

"Fuck You Smart Ass"..Y'all better Fuck me Blue ..NOW..

Many Firsts for the Princess... after 4 Fucking Hrs...A whole can of Slick-50,4 BJ's,4 DP's,one Triple Penn...and Many Niagra Falls Gushing,Squirting Climaxes..

She still Lives with Me,my Newer BFF,and some other ol GF's that still Visit,..ALL get on just Fuckin Fine..BTW..

Moral being..

"IF you're Cleaver enough to get into a Special Poopsies Panties"

If for what ever reason it doesn't work Out.."

"also be Smart enough to end it Nicely"..se Tout...se la Vie..Dats aw Folks'

Sure beast the Fuck outta a Hemlock Salad...

Eh What ?