May 12, 2015


It's early Sunday morning, the sun isn't up and neither is anyone else in the house. I wake up, hard as usual, and briefly consider waking up my wife but she looks peaceful and she could use the sleep. Instead, I slide out of bed as quietly as possible and grab my running toggs on my out the door. I get dressed in the living room: black tights, a light shirt, a thermal top and a light toque. Its about -5 C outside, but as soon as the sun comes up it will rise above 0.

I take a quick glance in the mirror to make sure I'm not wearing anything inside out. I have been spending a lot of time on the bike lately, so I'm looking pretty lean. The toque is necessary since I've been shaving my head lately. Blue eyes stare back at from deep in their sockets, I haven't been sleeping enough lately either. I lace up my runners and slip out the door.

The streets are quiet, the sky is starting to glow pink in the east. I run a couple of blocks over poorly shovelled sidewalks at an easy pace before I hit the paths. Once I'm on the path way, I pick up the pace a bit. The path slopes gently down to the river and I can feel the air getting cooler as get closer to the water. The paths are deserted this early, the run clubs and fatbikers aren't out this early. I am hoping to be home before things get busy anyway. I see steam coming off the water and soon I'm at the river, I hit a junction in the path and head east. I haven't seen a single human since I left the house, just rabbits and birds while I rock of the kms in the snow.

Suddenly, I come around a corner and startle a coyote. He gives me a brief look and trots off into the woods beside the path. Coyotes are very common in these parts so I don't think much of it. A few minutes later, I see someone up ahead, running the same direction but a little slower than me. As the path winds she comes in and out of view. As I draw closer I recognise the curvy figure of Linda, the mother of my daughters friends. Watching her generously proportioned bum bounce as she jogs down the past cause a stirring in my tights, I have had fantasies about Linda before as she is quite attractive and I have a thing for broad hips and large, firm assess. Nothing serious has ever passed between us though as we are both married and she has never expressed any interest.

I push these thoughts aside as I draw beside her and say hello. She almost stumbles as I have surprised her, she is wearing headphones and didn't hear me coming.

"You nearly have me a heart attack" She says as she pulls out her ear bud.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sneek up on you I just figure I should say hello. I feel like a creep running behind women"

"Fair enough, I probably should have been paying more attention anyway. I just tuned out since I haven't seen anyone all morning."

"I just saw a coyote, but other than that your the first person I've come across too” I replied.

Linda's eyebrows shot up "Coyotes, eh? Mind running with me for a while? Coyotes make me nervous."

"No problem" I answered

I had actually been looking forward to having the trails to myself, but Linda was good company and I stated before I find her quite attractive. She has a tanned complexion with sharp angular features and mischievous green eyes behind a pair of metal rimmed glasses. The running tights and jacket she is wearing present her broad hips and healthy bust to excellent effect. I am doing my best to keep my eyes on the path, but I can't resist taking the occasional peek while we chat. The pathways we are running on run through some deciduous wood with lots of brush. Its very pretty and at this point utterly silent.

After a few more minutes running, Linda announces she needs to go pee quite badly.

"I was actually looking for a spot when you caught up to me" she says

"Well, there are some bushes up ahead that should give you some cover" I reply

"Sounds good. Do you mind staying close? I'm scared of dogs and the idea of coyotes prowling around has me spooked"

"No worries"

So Linda runs into the bushes to do her business while I stand guard with my back to the bushes. After a second or two I here the familiar sound of a steady stream of hot liquid hitting the light snow, which quickly fades to a trickle. I wait for what I think is long enough for her to finish and pull up her pants before I risk a glance backwards. To my surprise she is still squatting and can't help but catch a quick glance of her perfectly manicured triangle of dark pubic hair and protruding pink lips framed by her thick, tanned thighs. She sees me looking and gives me a friendly smile before I have time to turn away and mutter. "Sorry, I thought you were finished..."

"No problem, I am just drip-drying. I don't usually bring toilet paper on my runs" she replies.

I am bright red now with embarrassment, but the image of Linda squatting down with her tights around her ankles and knees slightly spread refuses to leave my mind. After what feels like an eternity of trying very hard not to remember what colour her pantries are, I suddenly feel a hand on bum.

"See anything you like?" She breaths into my ear suddenly. She is so close I can feel her hair on my shoulder, I was so distracted I didn't notice her sneaking up on me. "Maybe you would like a closer look?" Her mouth is so close I can practically feel her tongue in my ear. Her other touches my hip and starts to creep around to the front of my tights.

Now, I said before that Linda played an active role in my fantasy life but that was purely imaginary. In the flesh I had always found her somewhat shy and reserved, so for her to be so forward completely threw me.

"What do you have in mind?" I stammered, at this point I am as red as stop sign.

She touches my ear gently with her lips and sticks her thumb into my waistband. "How about a little I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

I hesitate while my mind races, but the bulge in my tights gives me away. spohard answer I just turn around and look her full in the face. The lust in my eyes must be evident, Linda just laughs and give me a deep kiss. Her tongue probes between my lips and stuck the tip of it gently, enjoying the taste of citrus sports drink. She gives my hard cock a run through my tights while her tongue is in my mouth and then leans back and laughs.

"Well, I guess I have my answer. Nice to see I can get this much of a rise out of you" she says with a grin "I thought I caught you looking at my ass a couple of times, but I was never sair" she grabs my hand and pulls me deeper into the woods, far enough off the path that we can't be seen from it. We kiss again, a deep tongue wrestling kiss. I can taste the salt from her sweat on her lips, feel how warm she is from the exercise and excitement.

"Well I showed you mine," she says with a wicked smile "your turn!"

Not waiting for a response she reaches into the front of my tights, taking a firm grip on my cock and stroking it roughly. We kiss again, eyes open looking at one another. She crouches down and pulls my tights down to my ankles, fight with the Lycra. My cock is free in the cold air, but I am so excited it hardly matters. My erection is standing proud in the air when she wraps her hand around and runs her fingers along the shaft.

"Mmmmmmm" she coos and breaths gently on the to tip. She runs her tongue over the head and I can still feel her warm breath on me. Suddenly I feel her warm wet mouth all over my cock. It's a beautiful feeling, she starts to stroke the shaft while popping the head in and out of her sweet little mouth. Her saliva is running out of her lips and making her hand slick as it gross my rod. She takes her mouth off my cock and stops to lick my clean shaven nuts.

"Ughhhhh" I groan

"Mmmm, I like it when they are salty" she says gently and I feel her warm breath on my sack.

Again I feel her thin lips wrap around my engorged head and she starts polishing it with her saliva again. After a minute, I firmly grip her shoulders and pull her face up to mine. I give her a deep kiss, so that I can taste myself in her mouth. She can tell by the look in my eye s that I'm enjoying it.

"Like the way you taste?" She asks.

I just smile and give her another kiss while I search for her nipples under her sports bra. I run one hand down to her crotch and rib her through the fabric of her tights. She moans softly and I gently bite her lip. I turn her around and tug her tights down to her ankles, gently kissing her full, round buttocks through the fabric of her pantries as I do. I can see a dark wet patch through the purple fabric. I hook my thumbs through the waist band around her hips and pull, exposing her labia to the cold air. I breath on her gently and inhale the scent of her cunt. I want to bury my face in it immediately, but I wait. I spread her lovely golden cheeks with my hands and extend my tongue to gently lick the petals of her flower. She tastes salty and slightly musky from the run and they is just a hint of urine, it is delicious and intoxicating. She uses her hands to brace herself against a tree and tilts her hips so have better access. I keep licking, running my tongue all over her lips and probe into her vagina.

"Ooooohhhh" She moans softly.

I flick her clit gently with my tongue, once, twice. I can feel her body tense. I run my tongue up her moist slit and continue to her anus. I continue to spread one of her cheeks with one hand and I slide the other one down to her inner thigh so my thumb can rest on her clitoris. Gently, I start running my tongue around her little pink asshole while I rub her clit. She groans deeply. I start to push my tongue into the sphincter, I can feel it resist the pressure as her body tenses slightly. I dip my thumb into her pay to get some lube and start rubbing her clitoris more firmly as I push my tongue deeper into her anus.

"Oh God, ohhh my god" she cries then bites down on her arm. She keeps moaning softly.

I love the pressure of her sphincter around my tongue, the tightness of it. I could do this for hours but I stop. One last lick up her crack and then I trail my tongue down her cheeks, spreading them with both hands again. I blow gently on her clit and hear her moan, then I bury my face in her. I lap at her clit like a man possessed while my nose pushes into her ass. Now firmly ensconced, I let her cheeks wrap themselves around my face while I reach around her thighs and pull her towards me. I can hear her moaning getting louder, her body tensing. She is close and as I much as I would love to draw this out, it is cold out and someone might hear us. I grind my face into her pussy so I can feel her juices run down my chin, rub my tongue on her clit with more urgency. Her moans get louder. Suddenly she tenses and tries to pull away but grab her thighs firmly and hold on. I feel her whole body shudder and she whimpers gently and pulls herself away.

She turns to face me and we kiss again, long and hard. I am holding her up, she is still spent from her orgasm.

"No one has ever tongued my ass before" she whispers huskily. I just smile and kiss her again.

She steps out of her tights and knickers and leans against a tree, spreading her legs. I have a full view of her perfect triangle of pubes and a full, swollen labia. My penis has lost some of its hardness to the cold but I bend my knees and rub the head against the entrance to her portal and it is hard again in seconds.

I reach around with one hand and cup her ass while she guides me in. It is dripping wet and I slide in easily. It feel like heaven and I look down to see my cock sliding in and out of her, slick with her juices. As good as this feels, the position is not very comfortable for either of us so she pushes me back and turns around, bending over so I can fully appreciate her magnificent ass again. I step towards her, one hand on my cock, and enter her again. I reach around between her legs and rub her clit again. She tries to move my hand away, but I am too strong and I keep rubbing with my fingers. Eventually she relents and grips a tree for balance. I keep thrusting into her and her moans get louder and louder. I rub her hard little clitoris with more urgency, she is incredibly wet now. After a few more thrust she squeezes her powerful thighs together and traps my hand.

"I'm cumming" she screams and her whole body goes rigid. She nearly pushes me out as she squeezes her big, beautiful ass cheeks together. After a few seconds, the orgasm subsides and she relaxes, completely spent.

I grab her hips, take a long look at that perfect backside and tight little asshole and start pounding her soaking cunt for all I'm worth. The sound of her wet pussy squelching, the slap of my hips on her backside, the feel of her juices dripping down my nuts, its all too much for me and I don't last long. After a minute that feels like an hour, I unleash a load that feels like it has been building in my testicles forever. I fire ropes of hot, sticky cum deep into vagina. My penis feels like it is going to explode with every pulse. Finally, I finish. I want to collapse, but we are surround by snow so I reach around her waist and pull her tight to me instead. My cock is still inside her and slowly going flaccid, but she squeezes right and holds the tip in. Im so sensitive after my orgasm that this is almost unbearable but I just groan slightly and hold her tighter.

"I had no idea you were such a dirty boy" she says, in a very husky voice. I feel her fingers trace the base of my softening penis and then run up her slit. She brings them to her mouth and sucks them gently. "Mmmmmmm"

She squeezes tight and the head of my penis pops out of her. She turns to face me and give me another kiss, a teasing, playful kind of kiss. I see her hand slip between her thighs again and I hear a squelching noise. She brings her hand up between us with a big wad of my cum on her fingers. She smiles, opens her mouth and places the cum delicately on her tongue. It slides back into her mouth. She runs the tip of her tongue over her fingers to make sure she has it all. Then she puts her hand around the back of my head and pulls me in for a deep kiss. I can feel the cum with my tongue and pushes it into my mouth. It is salty and it had a slimy texture, but I am lost in the moment and loving this. I haven't noticed that she has again broughtongue more cum.

"Open your mouth" she instructs me.

With a smile I do as she asks, opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out a little hesitantly. She places the gob of cum right in my tongue and I had slightly but hold it. She giggles, and then we are kissing again. She practically scoops the semen out of my mouth with her tongue and realize that I am so turned on by this I can feel a stirring in my loins.

She steps back, puts her hand between her thighs and squats slightly. She pushes as much as she can out of her swollen lips. Its incredible to watch, the cum drips out leaving sticky trails along her labia. She sees the look on my face.

"This ones all mine," she says "sorry." And with that she sticks her fingers in her mouth and and make a show of swallowing it all, even licking her lips. She picks up her panties of the snow and wipes her self clean. Then she wipes me of and presses them against my lips.

"A souvenir" she says, still sporting that smile.

Not knowing what else to say, I mutter "Thanks, that was incredible."

"It was great for me too" She says. "We will have to go for a run together again some time."

"Any time you like. I'll keep an eye out for coyotes"

We finish getting dressed, and with one long last kiss, we return to path and continue jogging a little more wobbly legged than before. The rest rest of the run is pretty uneventful, we chat about kids, work and life in general. When we reach the fork where I turn to go home she looks around to make sure we are alone before giving me a kiss and squeezes my groin gently.

"We should do this again sometime, though maybe somewhere a bit warmer" she says.

"I would really like that," I say and start running up the hill to the house.