Feb 20, 2017

Mr. Long came over and made dinner for all three of us. We were planning a post-dinner threesome after I put my infant daughter to bed, and so I wore a revealing, sexy black dress that showed off my breasts (especially without a bra underneath!) and skimpy black panties that gave easy access to my pussy so I could flirt all night with Mr. Long and hubby during dining. I figured that kind of long extended foreplay would end up in some pretty hardcore sex by the time we finally got to it.

But as I put on makeup and drank some sparkling wine waiting for Mr. Long to arrive, I got more and more horny in anticipation of what was going to happen, and I wasn't sure that I'd be able to wait the four or so hours from the time he arrived, made us dinner, ate dinner, and then putting my daughter to bed and finally being able to get down and dirty!

When Mr. Long arrived, I gave him a deep kiss at the door, and as our tongues explored each other's mouths I could already feel that he was as horny as I was. He had a full erection and I was already dripping wet. When we broke our embrace, he took the groceries into the kitchen to start cooking, and at first my husband chatted with him in the kitchen while I played with my daughter in the living room. But then after about fifteen long minutes (I felt distracted while playing with her because of the horny anticipation overwhelming my body), my husband came out to play with my daughter and it was my turn to go into the kitchen with Mr. Long. I was now so wet that my panties were soaking, and as soon as I stepped behind Mr. Long as he was at the stove (I find a man cooking so sexy!), he turned and we immediately kissed and began clawing each other.

He frantically groped my breasts, pinching my nipples and setting my whole body afire and I was rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He wanted to fuck me right there, but since I'm not on the pill and I didn't want to take the time to go get a condom, I said no (it was difficult because I was so horny that I really just wanted him to pull my dress up and bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me!). In any case, I wanted so much to suck his beautiful long cock, so I took it out and got down on my knees and began sloppily licking and sucking, taking the thick 8" shaft as deep as I could. I was so turned on that I just attacked his cock like an animal, thrusting my head up and down on his shaft (he put his hands on the back of my head and started to thrust his hips and pull my head down with each thrust too). I wondered if my husband could hear in the next room because loud wet choking and gagging sounds were involuntarily coming out of my throat and the sound seemed to fill the whole kitchen! But I was too horny to care. I was using both hands to stroke his shaft as I sucked him, and so just had to squeeze my thighs together to get my pussy some attention.

Finally, Mr. Long thrust a few times with extra violence deep down my throat and came in my mouth. There was so much that I was surprised and I gagged and choked. Before I stood up, I tilted my head back, opened my mouth wide, and swirled the sperm around with my tongue, playing with his cum and showing him how he had filled my whole mouth. I swallowed every last drop, gave Mr. Long a naughty smile and a deep kiss so he could taste his sperm that was still in my mouth, then went out to the living room and kissed my husband and told him that I had just given Mr. Long a blowjob in the kitchen. He said he knew because he had heard it (he later said he knew right away that we were having sex because there was no conversation coming from the kitchen!).

i felt so dirty and slutty, doing all of that in the kitchen while my husband and daughter were in the next room, but it was the sexiest nastiest blowjob I had ever given because of that feeling of being naughty and bad!

Unfortunately, we never ended up having the threesome after dinner because while I was putting my daughter to bed, Mr. Long had to leave because an emergency came up. Too bad, because I was so horny I would have done practically anything no matter how nasty. My husband and I ended up having some amazing sex while I told him the exact details of what I had done in the kitchen.

Sigh, too bad, but I did enjoy the blowjob in the kitchen...

Sexting with Mr. Long in the next morning:

Hentai Hotwife

Hope you enjoyed the blowjob last night. ;-) I enjoyed giving it.

Mr. Long

I love the blow job!! Attaching a picture of my super hard cock from thinking about last night!

Hentai Hotwife

Mmm, looks juicy. Loved feeling all of that meat inside my mouth and deep into my throat.

Are you leaking pre-cum?

Mr. Long

When I think of fucking u!! Then thrusting cock down ur throat!

Hentai Hotwife

Mmm, I'm remembering the gagging feeling when you are way down my throat.

Choking and feeling like can't take it any more,

but want to try and get it down deeper and deeper.

Makes me so horny to hear the sounds coming out of my throat. Wet and obscene.

So sexy, no control over the noises your cock is making inside my throat!

Mr. Long

The sound makes me cum!!

Hentai Hotwife

Me too. The sound of your cock inside me, wet sounds in my throat or squishy sounds

when you are fucking my wet pussy, turns me on so much...

Love your beautiful cock and sexy balls! Horny for you! ;-)

Mr. Long

Me too! I can cum over late one night...

Invite myself into bed...

U would get cock in ur face...

Hentai Hotwife

Maybe after next weekend.

Husband is going away on business trip so I'll be here alone. ;-(

Perhaps you can come comfort me by coming over late at night and giving me a good fucking...

Mr. Long

That's what the doctor ordered!! Would love to comfort you!!

Hentai Hotwife

Mmmm, so sexy. Want to put my tongue in your peehole and suck out all your precum.

I want to ride on top of you, with your cock filling my cunt up deep.

Wet your finger with my pussy juice and finger my ass.

I love that feeling right now of being filled in both my pussy and ass,

especially if one or two of your fingers is in deep all the way while I ride your cock.

Maybe after I cum you can try sliding the head of your cock into my ass,

after you've gotten it loose and wet with your fingers.

Mr. Long

That's exactly want I want to do!! I can lick ur asshole wet!!!

U could be cuming with my cock in ur cunt and my finger in ur ass!

Then hard deep throat and cum in your mouth! Cum kissing. Yummy!!!!