Jul. 15, 2017

My girl does her best to ignore the fact that she’s sucking on some strangers cock while half a dozen other guys stand around watching her, but I keep noticing her furtive glances at the other cockheads... all within an arms reach.... all swollen, angry looking and being stroked by their owners hands. Funny, how her mouth gets a death grip on the shaft filling her mouth whenever she looks over.

She's a greedy little thing.

It's one of the nastier cocks. It's fat, not humongous, but wide and vieny. Clearly she liked it most (must have been the veins) cause she slurped it into her mouth instantly. The guy opened his fly, lifted his shirt and waddled forth with his dick bouncing in front of her. Offering the shiny tip to her outstretched tongue. Later she would tell me it was a soaked with pre-cum and she could feel it oozing in her mouth when she sucked.

He didn't last long.

"Oh fuck"! He says.... "I'm gonna cum". (They always say that). She doesn't miss a beat, she's determined. A fury burns in her eyes and she never takes them off the guy. He can't see her, his head is thrown back, he's rocking on his feet and shaking.... "AWWWWW FUCK"!!! He cries and all at once her mouth stops sucking and just holds the ejaculating meat, letting a thick flood of warm nut gush down her throat. I can see it in her eyes, the sheer power of her lust to swallow burning into him.

She slowly drools the quickly softening cock from of her mouth and smacks her lips to clean up the film of sperm left behind. A quick glance over to me and a devilish smile... she flicks her eyebrows up playfully.


That her mouth was coated with another mans semen doesn't bother the next guy at all. He just angles his twitching cock towards her mouth and slides it in as she opens wide. I have to admit, seeing her wet lips part to devour another cock hit me like a truck. My knees went a little weak and my heart started racing. Fuck I love watching her do this!!!.

Were her mouth not quite so busy, she'd tell me how fucking ravenous she is right now, and how badly she wants this cock to unload in it, but she just sucks harder. Baring down on the length of his dick to gorge herself as much as possible. Little bubbles of spit dribble from the corners of her mouth. She's not even swallowing her own spit. Fucking slut!!! LOL. She's savoring this. It’s skinnier at the tip than at the base. The base is where she’s sucking, though, cause she has the rest of it stuffed as deep as possible. It's throbbing inside her mouth. It actually looks like she's french kissing the cock. Like it was a tongue in her mouth and she's making out with it through a mouth full of semen flavored spit. Her jaw is working hard. You can see the muscles in her neck stretched to accommodate and every once in awhile, her cheek bulges from the motion of her tongue... or is that his cockhead?

Some guy in the back just blew his load, he couldn't handle watching anymore. HA. You Could hear the splat on the floor. Wasted cum. she looks annoyed. Like seriously.... I can tell what she's thinking "Fucking asshole, that was supposed to be my cum".


She keeps sucking. Looking right up at the guy now. She's working it, the cockhead in the back of her throat. His cock was just long enough that it would be pressed against the roof of her mouth and squeezed against the back of her tongue. She's working it with her throat. Gorging herself. I know she can still taste the residue of cum from the last guy while she is sucking this next one.

She wiggled her tongue out at him before he put it in her mouth. Fucking girl is in her element now LOL.

I love her like this. She's happy to be feeding. But it's all set in motion , she'll be sucking anything put in front of her. My girl is lost in her own insatiable hunger.She has lost herself in the rhythm of her sucking, letting her surroundings fade to black, focusing all her attention on the suck - suck - sucking of her mouth on a juicy dick. The guy reached down with his hand, stroked her hair and face. Strangely, instead of repelling him, she felt drawn to him. She rubbed her cheek up against his palm like a cat. I think it was because he was older, usually she doesn't get so intimate... just mires herself in a self-righteous and almost indignant pursuit of satisfying her thirst.

She nursed on the head of this cock while he affectionately ran his fingers through her hair, letting her know he liked what she was doing. He was getting closer. The juicy back washes of precum were coming more frequently now. She was close to getting another big, yummy swallow.

Two guys on her left were jacking off furiously to her little display. When the older guy was ready, he held her head with one hand, trying to ease her sucking. The head of his cock swelled in her mouth and it was obvious how much she loved that. Piss hole flaring open to release it's sticky treats. He came, squirting over and over into her mouth. This time she released the cock and tilted her head back so all could watch the spurts of pearlescent seed coat her tongue. The load brimmed behind her teeth in a great buttery wad... and as he wiped the last dribble across her lip she rolled the cum over her tongue and swallowed it. While she swallowed, her cunt must have responded. The illicit filth she was experiencing was making her gush. I could see how uncomfortable she was. An aching cunt greasing itself up for attention. That little pussy was sopping wet. I kind of giggled to myself at her torture. I know how frustrated she gets when she can't fuck.

The two men on her left couldn't take any more. As they had inched themselves closer hoping to be serviced next, A fucking massive bolt of sperm jetted from one cock and hit her square across the left cheek, followed by 3 more messy squirts. Instinctively she turned towards the shooter and opened her mouth to catch the jets from his cock. What she got was a a facefull of spunk from the 2nd cock. Sperm rained down in hot streams across the bridge of her nose and forehead. It clung to her skin and dangled off her cheek in a long rope of white filth. She reveled in it.... Men ejaculating all over her features. The men could not handle seeing such a pretty face slathered in sperm. With her mouth open wide one of them stuck his cockhead between her lips just as the last drops oozed from the tip. I caught a glimpse of her tongue snaring it with a deft swirl while a string of cum dangled from her chin like holiday tassle. Some of the sperm had missed and slopped onto her bare thigh. Her hand had slid down into it and she was smearing the cum all over the inside of her leg.

She deftly cleaned each cock with her mouth. Making sure to get every last leaking drop from both members. One guy was left standing. He was stroking and moved forward. Setting her eyes on this last meal she crawled across the dirty floor to get it. This time she sat back on her hands with her legs spread as he towered over her. Everyone watched, for the next 2-3 mins while cock #5 was masturbated furiously into my lovers open mouth.

He didn't aim, he held his cock up while she scooched underneath with her mouth open wide and tongue lolling out. Everyone could hear her gasping and heavy breath, her chest heaving up and down as she waited, almost begging him to cum for her. She was lost to this... utterly focused on these other men and their cocks, their cum. I actually thought to myself "She doesn't know I'm here, she's actually forgotten I am in the same room... and she doesn't care". That made my heart soar. Fuck I love this woman.

The cum that oozed from his cock was like a thick white filling. 8 long inches of glistening sperm trailed down and lilted on her tongue. This was a meal. She slurped the cum into her mouth and ate it up like a starving animal. More cum oozed from his dick. She sat transfixed, mesmerized at the sight of this slow deluge of seed being milked from his balls. The heavy cream splattered on her tongue and lips and she made a wet schlurp as she sucked it into her mouth. She looked up affectionately at his cock and squeezed the mouthfull of sperm out onto her lips. He squatted down slightly and she kissed his cockhead. Smooshing the spit and cum all over the swollen tip. It was an intimate scene... a satisfied girl contently nuzzling her cock while he wiggled the head between her spermy lips. The two stayed like that for awhile. Little cumkisses on his cockhead. That's the image that stayed with me the longest. It's the one I use to remind myself that this is who she is and what she craves.

My role is to provide.

Hers is to feed.