Dec. 21, 2018

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later, occasionally, whilst adding to the sloppy mess left by her previous encounter.

We enjoyed a varied and adventurous sex life, and I offer a selection (attempting to avoid the many repetitions), of our little adventures.

Following our marriage (no kids), I began to have her dressed to please (both for me and any other random strangers who might take an interest), this consisted of the usual; stockings and suspenders, no underwear, and no imagination needed to see she was bra-less. She thrived on the attention when we were out, and, before long, I encouraged her to go out with friends, with no restrictions on her activities.

She very quickly became an enthusiastic participant in our free and easy lifestyle.

On an early 'successful' night out, she returned at around midnight, with the words 'I have done what you want – I have been fucked. She then got into bed with me where I slid my fingers over her used pussy, enjoying the sloppy residue of her earlier adventure. I quickly mounted her doggy style, emptying my load in her, as she recounted her experience - which, simply consisted of a pick up at a nightclub, followed by a stop off for sex, in her car.

Next day she asked if she could see her 'friend' again (she had obviously arranged a meeting after dropping him off near the local army base). I said yes, although I told her that I was not interested in her having any long term relationships.

She went to his place the following Wednesday, where she was fucked, sodomized and obliged to do ass to mouth. Jane was prepared to do this, but her soldier friend then insisted on beating her (a leather belt across her arse) – she was unable to talk him out of this, and, sensing him growing angry, and, fearful of worse, she agreed to take the beating. She was soon begging for mercy - which, I guess is what he enjoyed – as she was repeatedly instructed to spread her legs, to allow better, and more painful, access to the flogging. When he eventually stopped, he told her to remain face down on the bed – climbed on board – sodomized her again - then rolled over and fell asleep.

Jane sensed an opportunity, and left, very frightened (he was virtually a complete stranger), without any intention of returning.

She caught up with me, two hours after this encounter, in our local pub. I could see she was flushed so I got her a drink and she gave me the details. This was just the sort of thing I liked, although, of course, I did not want her badly hurt. I realised that he was an opportunist, who had taken full advantage of Jane, as soon as he had gained physical and mental control over her. In hindsight, her beating could have been much worse, so too, his use of her, to gratify his sexual requirements – I repeated my preference for one night stands.

We went home, where I examined her welts, along with her gaping arse, before sliding my rock hard prick up her pussy. She was sore following her beating, but I forced her to take another load to join those from earlier. I was young, and Jane's activities had made me randy - before morning I had fucked her repeatedly – I would have buggered her too, but her screams forced me to stop. She said that she had been sodomized brutally, on the second occasion (she believed he had become over excited from beating her). Jane explained that she was too afraid to protest, and simply submitted to whatever he wished to do.

She promised that she would do anything I liked, with anyone, if I would spare her arse for a few more days.

I have said that I discouraged any repeat meetings, and this was, in the main, adhered to. However, Jane did have a regular – a doctor who had met her at work - he arranged to meet her socially - fucked her - then had her, repeatedly, visit him in the doctor's residence before she finished her night shift. Jane always gave me the details, following these assignations, and I enjoyed fucking her as she confessed.

It was not until some months later (when I had my cock buried in her arse), that she informed me that he always insisted on anal sex, and that he always emptied his load in her arse. I did not mind - although he was the first to exclusively sodomize her – most of the others preferred to vary their pleasures.

The only time that this routine was changed was when the doctors' brother visited from Turkey. He told Jane to meet them in his rooms one Saturday evening. She asked me for my permission, and I agreed, but insisted on stockings and suspenders with no underwear – I wanted there to be no doubt as to her availability. After a couple of drinks the doctor demonstrated his usual technique, before handing Jane over to his brother. He fucked her, than used her mouth until she swallowed – I was surprised that he did not bugger her, but Jane said he did not attempt to use her in this way, although he must have known she was available..

The doctor, on the other hand, continued to use her for anal sex until he was transferred, some months after their first encounter.

Many evenings we would go out together and I would fuck her in the toilets of a pub, or use her mouth, until she swallowed, in a car park – all fairly adventurous, but nothing too unusual by our standards.

One evening, feeling the urge for a little excitement, I told her to dress for a fucking, and took her to a local lorry park. I walked up to a parked lorry, roused the sleeping driver, and asked if he wanted to fuck my wife. After initial suspicion (and being half asleep), he agreed, providing that I would send her over, alone – I went back to the car and told her what she had to do.

She walked over and climbed in the cab while I waited in my car, just ten yards away. After ten minutes I got out and walked up to the lorry. It was obvious, from the sound coming from the sleeper cab, that Jane was being fucked, so I went back to the car, and waited. She climbed out after another twenty minutes, walked back to the car, and said, 'let's go'. I drove just a mile or so, to get clear of the spot, parked up, and told her to get on her knees across the front seat. I could immediately see that she was wet, and I pushed my cock in up to the hilt – a couple of minutes later, after she had described being fucked and taking a mouthful – I shot my load up her. I had discovered a convenient method (although not always foolproof), of having Jane fucked by strangers, with the minimum of pre-planning

On another occasion, following a few drinks, I parked up, and told Jane to ride the car gear stick – she impaled herself on the bulbous pole and began to ride - becoming more and more turned on. I told her I wanted her fucked now - it was approaching midnight and a casual pick up and quickie was not likely, but Jane came up with a suggestion. We were parked next to a building site which had a night watchman occupying a wooden office. Jane asked me if I wanted her to approach the site and let the night man fuck her. I told her to go, and said I would wait. Once again, curiosity got the better of me and, after a short time; I went to check her out. Jane was bent over a desk, skirt up over her waist, legs apart as the sixty year old night man licked her – I returned to the car and waited. On her return she explained that he had struggled to get hard, but eventually - after using her mouth to stimulate him – he fucked her. My cock was fit to burst, so I made Jane swallow a load right there, passing traffic notwithstanding.

Our life went on this way, with no limits but my inclination, and imagination, on any adventures I might fancy. This is not to say that I did not pay heed to Jane's preferences. Unusually, she preferred older men over the younger ones - it may be that her earlier beating had frightened her. She also began to prefer me to arrange her meetings, and, I must say, I became more and more demanding, as opportunities arose.

After some six years of marriage, following some upheaval at work, I was obliged to search for temporary accommodation. Jane and I looked over a small house in Birmingham, being let by an Asian gentleman (Pakistani, I believe). We were interested, but so were a number of others – I told Jane to wait in the car, while I spoke with the landlord. As soon as she had left, I repeated my interest in the property, and told Mr. Amin that he could fuck Jane if it would seal the deal. He was very wary at first, and he took some persuading that the offer was genuine, eventually, after I had assured him that she would do exactly as she was told - by him or me - and that he could either fuck her immediately, or that I would send her, dressed for maximum pleasure, that evening - he agreed. He was interested, but in true Pakistani bargaining fashion, insisted that, in order to do the deal, he wanted to fuck her now, and have her again, later.

I must stress that we could, doubtless, have secured an alternative let, but I did not wish to let this opportunity, for a further adventure, slip.

I returned to the car and told Jane to go back into the house and do whatever the landlord wanted – she was surprised, but not shocked, and walked back up the path and rang the bell. Twenty minutes later she returned to the car, and told me he had used her mouth until she swallowed, and was expected that evening. I was a little surprised that he had not fucked her, but he was quite old (in his fifties), and perhaps wished to conserve his energy.

I delivered Jane to the same address at seven that evening – she knew why she was there, and was dressed to my usual preferences. I instructed her that, after Mr Amin had finished with her, to take a taxi back to the hotel.

She arrived back, around midnight, and climbed into bed. I climbed on, lifted her knees, sunk my dick into her, and asked for the details. It turned out that her night had been, relatively, uneventful – Mr Amin had taken her out for a drink and some food – he had put his hand up her dress as they sat together, commenting on the stockings and no underwear combination – otherwise all very civilised. He then took her back to the house and told her to bend over the kitchen table. He pulled up her dress and penetrated her - he withdrew, and then put his dick at the entrance to her arse hole - he asked if she had ever had anal sex, to which Jane answered, yes. His response was a small grunt, together with a forward thrust of his hips, as he added his name, to the many others, who had enjoyed this particular activity. He emptied his load into Jane's arse and then, to her relief, took out a handkerchief and wiped his dick (she thought he might make her do ass to mouth). He told her we could move in the following Monday and drove her back to our hotel.

Over the following weeks, tensions were high, and Jane and I fell out on several occasions. On a night out together, about two months after our move, we had words – Jane was upset - and, in a quiet voice asked me what I would like her to do. She was without underwear, and in stockings, and I told her I wanted her fucked. We went into a pub with live music playing, where Jane soon informed me that a man was interested. I told her to do whatever he wanted. She left the room for the ladies and, soon after, the man opposite followed. She returned some fifteen minutes later and told me that they had met up on the rear car park – he had kissed her and slid his hand up her skirt - and he wanted more. She said he had a room in the hotel/pub, but was sharing with a friend, and asked what I wanted her to do (he was a young guy, around thirty, and, I think, Jane feared a repeat of the beating she had been forced to take, some years before). I told her to go with him, and call me when he had finished with her - upon which, I left for home.

The phone rang at three in the morning with Jane asking me to collect her – I asked if she had been fucked - she answered, yes.

She was waiting on the roadside as I pulled up outside the pub. As she got in the car I put my hand up her skirt, and felt the sloppy remains of her encounter – in response, she said, 'not here, take me back and I will do whatever you want'.

We returned home and Jane made for the bathroom. I stopped her and told her to get on her knees (I always liked to see the state in which she had been left), I pulled her skirt up, and told her to spread. I shoved my dick up her and immediately felt the sloppy remains of her earlier encounter. She told me that she had been fucked twice by both the guy in the bar and his friend. Her original pick-up had taken her to his room, where he fucked her as his friend lay in the other bed. She was then told to go to his friend's bed, where he, also, quickly had her. As the second guy rolled off her, she was ordered to get back across the room for more. The first guy then made use of her mouth to get hard, before she climbed back into his bed. He told her to open her legs and lift her knees as high as she could. In this position and with him on top; he gave her a long passionate kiss – which served to stifle her moan - as he accessed her for anal sex. He rode her steadily for a few minutes, before she felt him stiffen, and let out a long sigh - indicating that he had finished buggering her.

As he slowly softened and slipped out, he called triumphantly over to his friend 'she takes it up the arse', while at the same time, gently pushing her in the direction of his room mate – Jane had no illusions as to what this gesture indicated, or what the next few minutes held. She simply walked over to the other bed, where the second guy placed two pillows across the bed and told Jane to lie, face down, with the pillows raising her buttocks. In this position; he too, took advantage of her willingness to 'take it up the arse'.

He added his contribution, by ejaculating as deeply in her bowels as he could, before withdrawing from her now, very sore, arse. At this point, they had had enough, and told Jane to get out as they had to work the following day.

Back home I finished fucking her, and then allowed her to use the bathroom. As usual, following hard sex, Jane asked me to wait for a few days before resuming anal sex – we had come to understand that most men (certainly over fifty per cent), once they realised that Jane was theirs to enjoy, made her perform anal sex –fortunately, she learned to accept these inevitable demands.

I always enjoyed the idea of Jane submitting to anything her latest pick up required. She enjoyed rough sex (even though she, naturally, got scared when at the complete mercy of strange men) – and preferred no lube when being sodomized, as she felt the pain added to the feeling of being dominated. She enjoyed me flogging her before sex, although I never really got off on this. Occasionally, at her insistence, I would tie her to the bed and use a belt on her – she would protest, and call me everything under the sun, as I worked my dick up her arse following a beating - but before long, she would be begging for me to use her more vigorously.

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