Jun 7, 2019

Jane, as regular readers are aware, has provided me with many erotic situations over the years - I am always aware of the risk of repeating very similar situations in my reminisces, however I would like to share a brief, but strangely erotic coupling, from February 2009.

We were in Gran Canaria and I had told Jane that I wanted her to have sex with a stranger - she was, by now, used to this demand, and agreed to provide my entertainment, if I found a man to have her.

We often passed an apartment complex as we walked to and from a local restaurant, this complex had a uniformed security guard and I told Jane that I wanted her to offer him casual sex if I could engineer a situation. A couple of days later, as we approached him, after dark, and along an empty street, I told Jane that I was going to go for it - she simply looked down and nodded in acceptance of the inevitable end to her evening.

I greeted the guard as we approached and Jane and I stopped to chat - after a few moments I realised that his English was not too good, and my Spanish would not run to describing what I wanted, therefore I had to resort to sign language. After a few minutes of small talk, I indicated to him how pale we were compared to him (he was a typical, swarthy, Canarian, around 40 years old), by holding my forearm next to his - he smiled and nodded as he realised what I was saying, at which, I lifted Jane's tee shirt showing her (lightly tanned), breasts - he stared as he wrestled with the situation - I dropped her tee shirt and told her to turn around and lift her skirt in order to show her bare buttocks. She did as she was instructed and, as he slowly realised what was happening, I pointed to him and then to Jane's bare arse while giving the thrusting forearm signal which is the international sign for sexual activity.

To the security guy's credit, he immediately grasped the situation and grabbed Jane's hand before disappearing behind a rubbish hut around five yards inside the entrance to the complex - I was left standing on the street when, after no more than two minutes, I heard Jane gasp as she was penetrated (he bent her against the wall and had her from behind, she later informed me) - within five minutes it was all over and they returned to me in the street. I took Jane's hand and we carried on walking back to our apartment without another word.

I have always rated this 'brief encounter' amongst the more erotic of our many adventures - uncomplicated, quick, and, for me, very satisfying - the experience spurred me on to fuck her remorselessly over the next few days.

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