Written by Big Daddy 1969 PetFWB

Jul. 23, 2016

So we are finally going to meet up at night. After all of the lunch time fucks and coffee break blow jobs during the day we get to have a night time tryst.

You want to meet outside. You get hot at the idea of fucking outside in a public place. Your still a little scared of doing it during the day. Afraid of getting caught. It scares you yet excites you. Car sex and blow jobs yes we've done but not outdoors yet.

You suggest going down (lol) to black bear beach. I agree and we plan to meet there later that night. We plan to meet there a 2 am when it should be nice and quiet. Nice and dark.

Your very excited about this and can't stop thinking about it all day. You can feel yourself getting wet at work. Your nipples seem to have a mind of their own. They keep getting hard on you. You hope no one notices. Or notices your flushed face. You really want to sneak into the bathroom and touch yourself. Just to pleasure yourself and relieve the tension. Its hard. So very hard but you do. You really want to save it for tonight and besides daddy would be very angry with you for being a dirty little thing at work. He would punish you severely for that. You do love to be punished by daddy mmmmm it hurts so good when daddy punishes you. Ohhhh Shit. Stop you tell yourself. You resist the temptation. Daddy would be proud.

Finally work is done. You rush home so no one can she just how fucking horny you are right now. You go upstairs and strip out of your work cloths. You take off your panties. They are soaked. You smell your aroma from them. Daddy taught you to love the smell and taste of your own pussy. He puts his fingers in your mouth after they have been inside of you. He puts his cock in your mouth after he has fucked you. Making you clean it all off. Tasting his cum and your pussy. Mmmmmmm you've learned to love that. Daddy wants you to love it so you'll be ready to eat another girls pussy when the time comes.

Fuck. Stop stop stop. You jump into the shower and turn the water on. Its cold. It cools you off but your nipples are rock hard again. Like little pebbles. Sensitive little pebbles needing to be sucked. To be pinched yes pinched oh so hard. What the fuck is wrong with you. You're as horny as a teenage boy. You turn up the shower and wash your hair. You soap yourself up quickly and rinse off. Don't want to spend too much time doing that. It could lead to trouble. You hop out if the shower and get dressed. You go downstairs and make yourself some dinner. You spend a couple if hours relaxing and watching some tv. You decide to go have a quick little nap before the fun tonight. You go upstairs and set your alarm. You decide to check your phone before going to sleep. Daddy has emailed you telling you to wear something appropriate for tonight. You know what that means. Some thing you don't mind if you'll never be able to wear it again. Hmmmm hot thinking about that. Daddy ripping your clothes off and fucking you hard. You decide to read some of his old emails to you. Daddy writes such nice stories of things you will do together. You decide to look at a couple of pics too before you go to sleep. Couldn't hurt could it. There's ones of you sucking daddy's cock. Daddy's cock in your pussy. Daddy's hard cock standing straight up for you. And your favorite ones. Daddy jerking his cock for you and daddy cumming shooting his hot cum for you. His hot cum on his hand. His belly. Awww fuck. You grab your massager and turn it on to max and jam it against your clit. 30 seconds is all it takes. Fuck fuck fuck you came so hard. If daddy doesn't ask I won't tell him so I'm not lying to him you say to yourself ad you drift off to sleep.

You wake up at one feeling refreshed and ready to go. Check your phone. Still good to go for 2. You pick out an old pair of panties and a tee shirt and some old yoga pants. Its not very sexy but it'll be dark and you don't expect to wear them long anyway.

You relax for a bit and have a couple of smokes and soon its time to go. You hop in your car and drive down to the beach. It's cooler out than you though I'd be and getting very windy out. And dark really dark out down there. The moon and stars are all behind the clouds. You park and see that you're alone. Daddy's not here yet. He's still conning you hope. You sit in your car and smoke and wait for daddy to show up. Fuck. He better show up. You're getting anxious and a little horny again. You see a light down the beach. Is that him? You hope so. The light doesn't move it just stays where it is. Does he want me to come to him you think. You turn off your car and get out. Its dark out and getting chilly. Should have brought a coat or a blanket. You take about 10 steps from you car and stop. Is that you daddy? Nothing. You're about to turn around when a hand clamps across you mouth and another is pulling you backwards. You want to scream. But can't. A voice whispers in your ear glad you made it. Fuck you almost peed yourself. You're waiting for daddy to let you go but he doesn't. Have you been a good girl he asks you. Fuck! How did he know. You shake your head no. You touched yourself didn't you. You nod. Still no self control eh. You shake your head no. You still haven't given daddy those pictures of you kissing and playing with your hot little friend either have you. You promised me those a while ago. Aww Shit you know what you're in for now. It should you say yippie. Daddy is going to punish you now.

Daddy takes his hand away from your mouth. But before you can beg daddy not to punish you too much he tied a scarf over your mouth gagging you. He turns you around and you can hardly see him its so dark. He ties your hands together in front of you tight. You knew in the back of your mind it was going to go this way. Really you were looking forward to it. You really want to be punished deep down. You need it. And daddy is going to provide it. He backs you up against a tree. He raises your arms up and hooks them on a branch. How convenient you think. Almost like he planned this. Oh yeah knowing him he did. Now your helpless and tied to a tree on a very dark very deserted beach. Fuck yeah. Your getting wet anticipating what will happen next.

Daddy grabs your breasts and plays with them. Gently bleeding and squeezing them. Pinching your hard nipples. Oh yessss. He squeezes harder and you moan a little into your gag. Kneeding a little harder. Firmer. With some urgency. He leans against you and you can feel his cock against your leg. Already hard. Ready to fuck you. Fuck you anywhere he wants. You pant into your gag and try to grind against him. Your pussy is wet already. He grabs your tits hard and growls. Riiippp there goes your shirt. He ripped the front of it off with one hard tug. Your tits are exposed and cold now with the chilly night air. Nipples hard as a rock again. Suck them please daddy you try to say into your gag. Mmmmmmm mmmm meee mm it comes out as. He bends down and puts a nipple in his mouth. It feels so hot now that they are so cold. Gush your pussy is soaking wet now. He kisses and then sucks and then bites on one then the other nipple. Good thing your tied up as your knees buckle a little. He sucks hard and grabs your pussy hard and squeezes it. Ohhh you moan into your gag. His hand rubs against it through your pants and your panties. He can feel your wetness through them. He rubs firmer up and down grinding his hand against your pussy. You grind back. He grabs the material of your yoga pants and pulls. He growls in your ear again and makes a fist with a hand full of your pants. He pulls up and out slowly. Your yoga pants first dig into your pussy and against you clit. Then they start to give. Ohhhh

Daddy slowly rips the crotch out of your pants. Before you know what is next he grabs your panties and violently tears them off. He gets down and rips the rest of you yoga pants off. Then he stands up and reaches around to grab the rest of your shirt. He rips that off too. Now you are naked except for you running shoes. Tied to a tree helpless. Cold. Scared a little. Horny. And loving it.

You know punishment before pleasure he says as he takes off his belt. You were a bad girl weren't you. You nod your head. Do you deserve this. A nod. Do you want this. Another nod. Will this teach you a lesson. You shake your head. Oops. You nod. Daddy laughs and says ok.

You know what is coming but you can't really see very well. You wanted a nice secluded dark place. You got it.

What a fine situation you've gotten yourself into. Tied to a tree on a dark deserted beach. Helpless. A little scared. A lot horny. Loving it. Yes daddy you say into your gag. But wait, how will daddy know when I yell purple. When I've hit my limit and can't take anymore. You just hope he does.

The wind is cool across your body. Your nipples are rock hard. The tree scratches your back a little. Its' starting to rain a little now. Just a warm light drizzle. Its cooling you off even more. You wish you could see better.

Whack, the first blow hits you by surprise. Right across the left breast. You gasp. Whack across the left breast. Ohhhhh. Right breast, left breast, whack whack whack. They are starting to burn now. Whack across your right thigh. Gasp, moan, flinch a little. Your left thigh. Your left breast. Your pussy. You jump at this one. Instant heat on your pussy. Now daddy is alternating spots. You're not sure where the next blow will land. Your pussy, your right breast, your pussy again. Your thighs. Your skin is on fire now. You are moaning loadly into your gag. Your pussy is dripping wet. The light rain is cooling you off at the same time though. Your hair is getting wet but you don't care. The rain is starting to run down off of your breasts and run down your thighs. Daddy stops whipping you. He pulls your gag off. Not enough yet? he says. No you whisper. Daddy grabs both of your nipples and pinches them hard. He then pulls them up and out. Your arch your back and moan loader and higher pitched. He releases them and you sag a little with relief and disappointment. It hurts to much but feels so good. Daddy reaches down between your legs. He presses his hand against your pussy. Spreads your lips with his fingers. Touches your clit. You yelp. Yes daddy, please daddy. Hmmmmm. He rubs your clit a little and you moan thank you daddy. He then pushes his fingers down and puts two inside of you. They slide in so easily. You're so wet. Daddy moves his fingers inside you. Caressing the insides of your pussy. You grind your pussy onto his hand. You mew. Please daddy.

He pulls them out and laughs. Oh not not yet. Not yet by a long shot your dirty little bitch. He puts his fingers in your mouth and your gratefully suck them. Tasting yourself as your know daddy likes, as your like now.

Next before you can ready yourself daddy is whipping you again. Harder and faster this time. Whipping both breasts at once. From the left and from the right. Whipping the insides of your thighs. Spread he says and you obey without hesitation. Daddy whips your pussy. Hitting your pouty lips with his hard belt. OwwwwwOhhhhhhAHHHHH is all you can say. It hurts so much. Stinging. Burning. You're on fire. The rain is cooling you off nicely but still you're on fire. You won't give in though. Not yet. You'll show him what a big girl you are. Just how much you can take. You bare down and ready yourself for more. You're shaking already and not from the cold. You want this. You want to show daddy. You can take any punishment he gives out and love every bit of it.

You weren't ready for what daddy did next though. Daddy stops whipping you for a second. He grabs a nipple with one hand and pinches and pulls on the nipple. He takes the belt with the other hand. He whips the underside of your breast. You jump and yelp. No safe word yet though. Daddy then whips that tit on the top. He hits it so hard it knocks the nipple out of his fingers. You almost pee yourself that was so intense. He grabs the other and at least you know what to expect now. Owwwww fuck. You're panting now. Now daddy is whipping across both of your thighs. Back and forth. He switches up to your tits again and concentrates on your nipples. They are still rock hard and too sensitive now. You scream out load. Good thing this beach is deserted. Purple, p-p-p-purple you scream. Daddy won. He made you say it. You're safe word. Daddy stops immediately. HMMMMM impressive he says. That's the most you've ever taken by a long shot. You're shivering and shaking and panting too much to reply right now. You're glad your arms are tied above your head now. Your legs are like rubber and you can barely stand. Without being tied you would probably fall on your face.

Daddy lights up a smoke and admires his work. It's too dark to see too much but he can hear you and see you shake with the rush. Since you've been so good he shares his smoke with you and lets you recover a bit. The rain feels good on your skin where he whipped you. It cools and tingles to mix with the burning and soreness that has already started. You don't even think about what your tits must look like now or your thighs. You can feel your pussy lips are swollen a bit already. You don't care. It's worth it. You finish your smoke and daddy puts it out. He then reaches up to release your hands from the tree. Your legs give out and you sink to your knees infront of him. He is still holding up your hands above your head with one hand. With the other he takes out his cock. You don't have to be told. You don't even have to see it well. You know what to do. You open your mouth and let him guide it into your willing mouth. MMMMMMMM you were waiting for this. Daddy is already rock hard. You gladly let him force it into your mouth. Deeper and deeper. Until your nose is pressed against his crotch. He backs off a little to let your breath. You throw your head forward to take him back into your mouth. You really have too since your arms are still above your head. All you can really do is open your mouth wide and let him do what he wants. He could brutally throat fuck you if he wanted and you wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. Except enjoy it. You are enjoying him having complete control over you. Knowing that you are completly his in this moment. He finally lets your arms down. You don't stop yet of course. You haven't been told to yet. You just let them rest between your legs. He grabs your head and starts to fuck your mouth. Slowly at first then faster and deeper. Not full out yet but he is face fucking you. You're not gagging yet so it's all good. If he wants to get rougher and throat fuck you so be it. He starts to fuck your mouth faster and faster. MMMMMMMMM he won't last long doing this you think. I'll get to swallow his cum. MMMMMMM yes.

Sadly not to be. At least not yet. Before you can make daddy cum in your mouth he pulls out. AWWWWWWW.

He pulls you up roughly and drags you over to your truck. He throws you across the hood of the car. The hood is cold and wet. It feels good on your nipples. Your hands are still tied and you grab the top of the hood with both hands to stop from sliding off. Daddy grabs his belt again. Didn't think you were getting off that easily did you he says. Well yes you thought. Hoped. But no. Daddy hasn't whipped your ass yet and daddy knows his bad little slut deserves to get her ass whipped red and raw. You were actually missing it but didn't want to say anything. Spread your legs he tells you. You obey right away. You want to show him you are ready and willing to complete your punishment. A sassy moment hits you and you wiggle your ass. Daddy sees this and laughs. Ok then is all he says. Whack hard across both cheeks. OWWWWWWWWWAH. Wiggle is some more he tells you. Whack Whack Whack. One on each cheek and one on your already swollen pussy. You squirm and grab ahold of the hood tighter but don't scream out yet. Want to wiggle your ass some more for daddy you dirty little slut he says. You're panting again and trying to control the pain. The rain is comming down a little harder and it cools you off more. Calming your burning ass a little. Your nipples are still rock hard too and they feel like they could dent your hood. They're on fire too but the cold hood of your car and rain makes them bearable. A last flash of sass crosses your mind but think better of it. Only if daddy wants me to you whisper. Good he says. You can hold still now. He starts again. The top of your ass. The back of your thighs. The bottom of your ass. Your poor throbbing pussy. Whack. Whack. Whack. With each stroke he is telling your something. This, whack. Is, whack. For, whack, teasing, whack (you hope to fuck he doesn't have a long speach planned - glad he doesn't stutter lol) You stop that thought right away. If you dared to laugh it would be very bad for you. Daddy, whack and whack not whack delivering whack those whack pictures. He stops so you can catch your breath. Almost too much. Not there but almost. The pain is intense. You're not sure if it's just you or the nice cold rain but you can take more than ever before. Your cunt is on fire yet dripping wet. OHHHH you could almost cum from the pain it feels so good. Now I'm going to tell you one more thing daddy says. You never suck another cock without telling me. Understood. With that daddy lets loose on your ass. Smack smack smack. The belt stings more now that it's wet too. Across both cheeks of your ass. The insides of your thigh and of course your pussy. The last strap hitting you exactly centre in your pussy and hits your clit. Its like a lightning bolt that shoots from your clit to the top of your head. Thats it. You've hit it. Your limit. PURPLE you scream out. Purple purple purple daddy. Purple master. Pleeeeease. Purple. Daddy stops.

Good girl he says. I think you've learned your lesson now. Yes daddy is all you can whimper. It feels like he whipped the skin right off your ass. You can feel every raindrop and every gust of wind on it. Your pussy is throbbing and your clit feels like its' buzzing it is tingling so hard. Your shaking like and eplileptic and shivering and whimpering and drooling on the hood of your car. Good that the rain is washing it off so quick. You can feel your heartbeat everywhere he hit you. Too intese. Too much. Well almost. You just lay on the hood of your truck and let the rain wash over you. Cooling the burn. Its time for daddy to be nice to his little girl now. He bends down and gently kisses your ass. His kiss is like fire. He kisses again. More fire. He kisses the inside of your thigh. Lava. At least the fire is stopping you from self combusting. Daddy gently caresses your ass as he kisses and licks all over your ass. Your thighs. Your pussy. MMMMMMM thats much better. So gentle and soft. You really need that now. He spreads your cheeks and tongues your asshole. MMMMOOOHHHHAAAAAH. Yessssss. His tongue circling your asshole. Much much better. You start to push back against his tongue and he reaches down and gently parts your lips. Just opening your swollen throbbing lips. He barely slips a finger inside of you. You groan deep and gutteral. Before you can even push back any further he stands up. He grabs you and spins your around and throws you across the hood on your back. You can't grab onto anything and begin to slide off. Daddy catches you by the legs and pushes them back and open. He puts his head between your legs. You can't do anything else with your hands so you rest them on his head. He starts to gently slowly lick your pussy. Licking your tender lips. Sucking on them. Licking your whole pussy. OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM. You lay back and enjoy. He licks your clit. AHHHHHHHH. Still very very sensitive. Daddy licks around your clit in slow soft circles. You growl deep in your throat. The rain is hitting your face and your body. Cool and gentle. The hard cold hood of your car soothes your raw ass. The tongue on your pussy is amazing. He sticks his tongue in you. Licks from your ass to your clit. Licks your lips. MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM. Daddy takes your clit in his mouth and sucks on it. Gently at first and then firmer. You arch your back and push yourself down on his face. He mashes his lips on your clit and sucks it at the same time. Fuck. You're going to cum and cum hard. You are about the cum so hard when he stops.

What the fuck. Daddy stands up. Turns you around and bends you over. Face pressed into the hood of your car. Before you can even complain he slams his cock into you. Hard. Very hard. He slams his whole cock into you at once and just holds it there. All of it filling your throbbing wet pussy up. AAAA OOO What? He still just holds it there inside of you. It twitches inside of you. Then he slowly pulls out an inch. Pushes back in. Slowly pulls out an inch. Pushes back in. MMMMMMMM. He reaches around and puts his hand on your pussy. Its tender but wanting his touch. He spreads your lips and puts 3 fingers on your clit. One on each side and one right on it. He starts to rub in circles. Slow firm circles. Still barely fucking you. Pulling out an inch and slowly back in. You're getting into the rythmn. A slow gentle fuck after all of that hard punishment. Slow and soft in. Firm circles around your clit. You can feel it building up again. Oh please don't stop this time. Please please please please. Daddy doesn't this time. He keeps softly and slowing fucking you as you start to cum. Rubbing your clit a little faster. It builds up. More. More More. You won't be stopped this time. You shout out load. Fuck, Fuck yeah, Fuck me daddy as your cum. You slam your hands down on the hood of your car and shake your head. You're fucking back against daddy's cock now. Fast. trying to take more of him in. You can feel your juices run down your legs even in the rain. OOOOOHAAAAAAAHARRRRG. You let out a primal growl as you peak. Shaking your hole body again. Never. Never like this before. You came that hard.

You collapse onto the hood of your car. Spent. Daddy is holding you up so you don't just melt and run off the hood. He is still inside you. Still hard. You'll ask him what he wants next as soon as your catch your breath. Next week sometime maybe. Daddy is not going to wait for you. He slowly pulls his whole cock out of you. It feels so empty all of a sudden. He puts his hand on your back pushing you down onto the hood of the car. His other is guiding his cock. You know what daddy wants. You're ready for it. Wanting it. Craving it. Daddy doesn't dissapoint. He slides his cock into your ass. Nice and easy. Almost like you were training for this. Taking all of his cock up your ass in one stroke. It's so tight. It feels so full. Stretching you. So good. Now daddy grabs your hips. Yes please you whisper. A hard ass fucking please daddy. You asked for it, you got it. Daddy starts fucking your ass. A little hard at first and then harder. Deeper. Harder. Faster. Very soon daddy is fucking your ass as hard as he can. After your punishments and that amazing orgasm this is the desert. You love it. His hard cock fucking your tight ass. Stretching you out. Filling you. Owning you. You're not even sure of the sounds you are making now. You don't care. Only that cock inside of you. Finally daddy groans and then growls and then yells out load himself. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck Fuck your tight little slut ass. He slams once more into you. You can feel his cock twitching inside of you as he cums. He just holds your hips and lets his cock pump into you. AAAAAAAWWWW damn. That felt good. Daddy pulls out of your ass. He grabs your hair. You are already going down onto your knees. You gratefully take his cock in your mouth. You don't care if was just in your pussy and then your ass. You only want to make daddy happy. Daddy likes his little girl to clean his cock after he fucks her. No matter where. You suck and lick him clean. Greedily sucking the last drop out of the tip. You look up at daddy. His cock in your mouth still. He smiles down at you.

Good girl. You took your punishment very well. Very very well. Daddy is happy with you. This fills you with happiness. He pulls you up and unties your hands (finally). He gives you a big hug and a kiss and tells you to go home and get some sleep. You get back into your car turn the engine on. You try to light a smoke but your hands are still shaking. Wow. Fucking wow that was great you say to yourself. You stop and laugh. I guess you should have brought some more clothes or a jacket or something. Now you have to drive all the way home buck naked. Whipped red. Fucked raw and full of cum. Hope you don't get stopped by a cop on the way. And how will you run from your car to the front door. It's almost 4 in the morning. Now. Hopefully no one is up at this hour. You hope.