Written by Just_4_Sharing

Jan 10, 2015

Well tonight was the night for our first meet with a single guy. Wanda and I were a bit nervous, but anxious to finally meet Roy face-to-face and have a chat and see where this may go.

We met Roy on an adult website a couple of months ago. It was a by-chance meet while viewing each other on-line. We usually would have no interest in meeting a single guy, mainly other couples. But he seemed like a nice guy, not pushy or anything, so we decided to chat.

Over time we had spent a nice bit of time chatting. At first, it was just Roy and myself. However, as Wanda became interested, especially since she learned he was a fireman (and she really has the hots for fireman), they decided to start chatting and getting to know and become comfortable with one another. As a matter of fact, as of late, things had become pretty flirty between them and Wanda and myself would become pretty horny and fool around quite a bit after her conversations with Roy, and thinking about the possibilities of including him in on our play. We had experience with MFM before with the male of another couple we had been acquainted with and really enjoyed the experience. I learned early on in our delving into the lifestyle that it was a real turn on for me to see my wife flirting and being fucked by another guy and being able to participate. Plus, Wanda knew how much of a turn on it was for me and she would really exploit this while being able to enjoy herself immensely with having two cocks to play with and giving her attention

This was to be our first face-to-face meet as Roy lived in a different province from us and he was coming to our town for a business trip. We had agreed that we would meet for a social drink and a chat at a local hotel with a bar. We figured it would be the best choice as it would allow us some privacy to chat and to be open and relaxed around each other. As Wanda and I live a little bit out of town, we also decided to grab a room for the night in the same hotel. That way, we did not need to be concerned about getting home after having a couple of drinks.

We checked into the hotel earlier in the day and we just relaxed and took our time getting ready for the meet. As we knew Roy had some business to attend to, we had plenty of time. Wanda and I took a shower together and it was all I could do to control myself as we stood there with the hot water cascading over our bodies and rubbing soap over one another. Wanda made sure that her pussy she was cleanly shaven and I shaved for the moment too. Just before finishing she gave my twitching tool a nice little suck and allowed me to taste her sweet smooth twat. However, she cut me short and said that was enough……for now. As I layed there naked on the bed, I could not take my eyes off my very sexy wife, while she was there naked and doing her hair and nails. Fuck she was hot. My cock started to grow and pulse at the thought of the possibilities that may lay ahead for Wanda, Roy, and myself. I started to slowly stroke my now aching rigid tool. Wanda knew what I was doing and just glanced over with a smile and said, “don’t cum yet Dave, I may need some later.” So, despite being extremely horny, I decide to hold off and we both got dressed.

When we went down to the bar and walked in, it became immediately apparent that we were going to have some privacy, as it was empty, except for the bartender, the server, and a gentleman sitting at the bar. We decided to take a table off to on side and wait for Roy to arrive. As it was already past our agreed meet time, we both hoped that he did not get cold feet. However, just then Roy walked in through the door and we waved for him to come over to sit with us. I shook Roy’s hand and he politely gave Wanda a peck on the cheek. I could tell by Wanda’s reaction that she liked it. We sat down, ordered a couple of drinks, and chatted for a bit.

After a couple of drinks, it was pretty evident that we all had a bit of a buzz on and things were pleasantly comfortable. Especially with Wanda as she was very chatty and situated between us both. Over time, I noticed that Roy was reaching out for Wanda’s hand more and more and looking at me for approval. I nodded my approval and was interested in seeing where this was going. All the while though, I was flirting with Wanda myself by rubbing my hand up and down her legs and inner thighs. I could tell that between the Singapore Slings Wanda was drinking and my rubbing and Roy’s touching, she was getting a bit aroused with the two of us. Suddenly, Wanda said that she would like to go back to the room for a bit and that Roy should feel free to join us, if he wish. We all agreed and headed back to our room.

As soon as we were back in the room and the door closed behind us, Wanda and I began to kiss passionately, right there in front of Roy. She was hot, hot, hot. Then she turned to Roy and said for him to come over so she could kiss him too. She put her arms around him, pulled him close and kissed him passionately. I watched this for a moment and then moved in behind Wanda and began to kiss her neck and rub her back. The heat of passion between the three of us was clearly evident. However, Wanda was not going to let it go quite yet and was going to make us wait. She had other ideas.

Wanda went over, turned on the TV and found a music channel. With that she told Roy and myself to come sit on the bed and to enjoy the show. I immediately knew what was about to happen and my cock was already straining in my pants in anticipation. Roy and I were in for a treat.

With that, Wanda began to seductively sway to the music while continuing making very sexy eye contact with us both. I could see Roy was in awe, especially when Wanda began to remove her cloths and brush her buttocks on our laps and kiss us both while she danced. She knew both of us were extremely hard and busting at the seems as she would brush her hands over the buldge in our pants. As she was now completely nude in front of us at this point, she told us both to get undressed and sit back on the edge of the bed. In no time Roy and I complied and our cocks were standing at attention in front of my naked wife. Wanda just knelt on the floor in front of us and said she wanted to taste our hard cocks. She gave me a quick lick and then devoured Roy’s massive tool while jerking on me. She continued to rotate her talented mouth between both of our cocks licking our shafts, sucking our balls, and wrapping her lips around our throbbing heads. Then she wanted more.

She motioned for me to get behind her and slowly lick her pussy while she continued to suck and lick Roy’s glistening cock. I could see she was really enjoying licking the pre-cum that was coming out the time. As soon as my tongue parted her pussy lips and found her swollen clit, Wanda went wild. She was gyrating on my face while I licked her from behind and she was moaning like a wild woman with Roy’s cock in her mouth. I knew she was going to have a very powerful orgasm…..and soon. And she did cum very quickly and very intensely. Wanda thrashed around, bucked her hips and let out an intense scream of passion when it finally hit her. She moaned for quite some time as she wanted the wave of passion to last. I thought Roy was going to blow his load right there and then. But Wanda wanted to try his massive tool on for size so she laid down on the bed and told Roy to fuck her while I watched for a bit. Roy inserted his cock in my wife and she let out a squeal of delight at how he filled her wet cunt. He pumped his massive meat in my wife while she kissed him passionately. All of this was very arousing for me and I began to stroke my already hard cock. Wanda just looked at me and smiled and said, Please not yet Dave.” Then she told Roy to lie on the bed so she could ride him and suck my cock at the same time. Fuck, it was totally wild and we were all sweaty, sticky and moaning as this lasted for a while. However, Wanda knew we could not last much longer.

With that, Wanda lay on her back again and told me to fuck her this time while she was licking and sucking on Roy’s yearning cock and balls. She fucked me and sucked Roys until she knew we could stand no more. She ordered both if us to just shoot our loads of pearly white cum all over her body. I withdrew and began to jerk on my cock, Roy did likewise, and in a very short time we were both grunting and splashing our cum all over Wanda. Roy’s cum landed on her face, tits, and her belly. I shot all over her pussy, belly, and tits. With that we all just collapsed on the bed, Roy on one side of Wanda, I on the other. We just lay there for what seemed like an eternity, basking in the glow of the moment and watching our glistening cum just sliding off my very sexy wife.

However, this could not last forever and when we came to realize it, the sun had already started to rise for another day. Holy fuck, it was 6 in the morning and we had been fucking all night. We had to get back home to avoid suspicion with our daughter and Roy had to get back and ready for another day.

We all agreed that it was an awesome first meet and said our goodbyes for now…..but we all agreed that we needed to have another repeat performance before Roy headed back home. We just did not know really how and where it would play out……….