Written by Mr Sigmet007

Mar 5, 2017

I was both surprised and excited to see she was instantly ready. Her silk blue panties were wet, her vulva swollen and her slightly parted lips were obviously moist, a glistening hue of pink. The change room was small, tiny actually but it accentuated her shallow heavy breathing. It seemed to make it sound louder than it actually was, the thought other customers in the store would hear us brought my cock to attention almost immediately. She had stepped out of her wet blue panties in what seemed like one smooth motion, to her ankles they had dropped, leaving one leg in she took a seat on the tiny bench and spread her legs in a most inviting manner. Her skirt was short and again with what seemed like a well-rehearsed action, it was above her hips and she was making no secret of the fact that she was turned on.

I walked in to the store with the intention of purchasing a thong and perhaps some novelty condoms, I wasn’t sure. Maybe I was just curious; I was undoubtedly a little shy and slightly embarrassed, as I had never been in a sex shop before. But the icebreaker greeted me with a very inviting smile ten paces inside the door. Petite, brunette, very pretty and looking every bit like the librarian in a short skirt every young man fantasized about. Breasts small but perky, a plain white blouse unbuttoned in a manner that allowed one to see there was no bra. I imagined she had small but dark erect nipples when she was excited.

I acknowledged the smile and her greeting but admit it was difficult to not focus on her unbuttoned shirt and the length of her skirt, I knew there was a pussy just mere centimeters from the hem, the thought of her bending over pushed to the forefront of my mind.

It was fairly busy store; two other equally attractive women were assisting other customers, both women. They appeared to be discussing vibrators and related toys; it was an animated discussion with all involved seemingly comfortable with the topic, lots of laughing and suggestive hand gestures. I think I even picked up a couple glances directed my way, up and down glances… the glance you know is checking you out, a lingering gaze, one that stops ever so briefly at your crouch. I’ll admit the thought of women handling toys and briefly gazing at my package made things stir and gave me a bigger degree of confidence about having my package viewed.

Are you looking for any particular she asked? My thoughts of women and toys quickly changed back the task at hand, unexpectedly navigating my way through a sex shop with a women offering me advise, a women that any healthy male would do almost anything to have.

I beat around the bush a bit but eventually managed to articulate what it was I was in the market for, a thong, the type male strippers wear. A quick release on each side, she asked if I was dancer to which I sheepishly replied “No, I want to use it to sunbath in” she smiled and then I got the obvious once over look with a much longer gaze at my package. She reached out and took me by the hand and said she had a few ideas, she asked me if I was opposed to trying a couple on. She assured me the change rooms offered a degree of privacy but then joked her co-workers and the ladies in the store probably wouldn’t mind offering an opinion anyway.

I was whisked away by the hand to the far corner of the store and within a few seconds she had a few articles in her hand and she was leading me the change room.

She looked up at me from her seated position on the bench, legs spread, wet, inviting… I don’t really care what you look like in this thong, I want to see what you look like with your head between my thighs and your tongue on my pussy she said and then reached out grabbing my jeans by my belt buckle and pulling me towards her. As smoothly as she removed her panties and flair with which she used to raise her skirt she had my jeans undone and my cock in her mouth. No time to protest, I wouldn’t have it could. I was hard; she slowly took me in and out, using her tongue to trace circles around the head of my cock, her tiny hands expertly caressing my shaft and testicles. I was close, I was almost there; she was able to bring me to the edge very quickly. It would have been easy, I could have just let myself release and allowed my warm sticky load to slide down her throat but she was so inviting. I pulled back and reached out to undue the buttons required to expose her breasts, as expected dark and erect, near perfect. I dropped to my knees and took them in my mouth. That was greeted by quite little moans of approval, I traced my way down her belly and as I got closer and closer to her wet and ready pussy she slide herself closer, arching her hips to greet my tongue. It didn’t take long, her head was tilted back, eyes closed, and breasts heaving with her every breath; she was coming…

As quickly as she removed them her panties were back on, skirt down and shirt buttoned… we were both a little flushed as we exited the room. The store was void of customers now, only the staff. Knowing smiles are what greeted me at the cash register, hope you enjoyed your purchase they said in unison, come back soon.