Written by linda_pace

Aug 20, 2012

They had talked for a while about having a threesome and Linda had even hinted the idea to her girlfriend but had got unfavorable reaction. She asked Rick how he'd react if she picked a male partner and he replied that it would only be fair since he'd been receptive to having another female join them. He suggested she might look online for somebody that she found interesting. She was not particularly enthusiastic but, heck, time is precious and life has so many interesting variations to offer for those with imagination, so she decided at least to flirt with the idea and post a profile to see what happened! At least it would be fun to discover the responses - with no obligation of course.

It took a while for her to find Paul - there were so many willing candidates but he was one of the very few who came across as decent and sincere - a couple of years younger than them and, from his picture, a wholesome looking married man who, like them, was in a sexless partnership. He'd even been a third party once before and had joined a couple on a regular basis and said that it was extremely fulfilling for all parties and, indeed, the couple's relationship had flourished as a result. Unfortunately the meetings had ended due to the husband's illness.

They agreed to meet, all three together, in a hotel room and to 'sit and talk' a while before deciding if there would be a further step. Both of them felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness when the day finally arrived and they met early in the room to kiss and hug. When Paul arrived they could see that he, too, was a little uneasy. He was slightly taller and heavier than Rick but in pretty good shape; he complimented Linda on her trim figure and youthful face (she had tinted her hair a soft brown which became her very well and she glowed). After some quite comfortable discussion in which Paul told them in detail of his prior experience with the other couple, the three smiled at one another and said "Shall we?" Paul's vivid descriptions had excited them!

Paul said the best way would be for Linda to get into bed - dressed or undressed as ever she pleased - and they would each climb in on either side of her. They drew the curtains and Linda stepped into the bathroom to reappear wearing a very sexy black camisole and thigh-highs. Both men gazed admiringly at her trim figure as she shyly slipped between the sheets, then they stripped to their undershorts and joined her.

Linda felt their warmth on either and noticed that Rick was trembling slightly. She found his hand and gave it a squeeze; it was cold. Paul gently kissed her cheek and she turned her face to him and received a delicate kiss, full on her lips. An electric thrill ran through her. She turned to Rick and kissed him equally and, as she did so, she felt Paul's hand coming to rest on her left breast, his fingers gently gauging her hard nipple. Her hand moved onto his broad chest and the muscle tone excited her so that she turned to kiss him again, more deeply this time. As they kissed, her hand moved down his body and gingerly came to rest on his large erection: she felt him gasp as she gripped it and, at the same time, her other hand sought Rick's hard cock. A feeling akin to smugness came to her as she lay there, holding a man's cock in either hand! She kissed Rick now, their tongues sliding together sensuously, and Paul's hand was already inside her panties, exploring her soaking cunt, his fingers cleverly tickling her clitoris so that she gave a great gasp and opened her legs to give him better access.

Rick turned her to face him, was he feeling insecure or even jealous she wondered? And her back was turned to Paul who lost no time in removing her panties and, gently, she felt the hot tip of his penis between her labia. She almost screamed and involuntarily thrust her bottom towards him; Rick receiving the most passionate and loving kiss she could possibly bestow, her arms locked around his neck - even as she took Paul's very large penis deeply inside her. The feeling was heavenly and while Rick kissed her and milked her breasts, which seemed extra engorged, she languished in the unspeakable pleasure of Paul's magnificent thrusts - Rick whispered "Is it good?" and she gasped "Oh yes, yes darling ... I'm in heaven ... are you OK?" He nodded and said "Your pleasure is my pleasure .. enjoy yourself!" and she allowed her groans to mingle with Paul's as she moved her shapely ass on his cock and reached back behind her to take his balls in her hand - they were so large that she couldn't contain them and their texture was firm and incredibly sensual. Suddenly she gave a great gasp as she experienced a huge and long-lasting orgasm, causing her entire body to twist spasmodically - "OH MY GOD!!!" she cried. Weeks of pent-up sexual pressure were suddenly liberated.

Paul gasped and ceased moving "I'll hold off coming," he said breathlessly, "Rick, it's your turn!" After several minutes of rest Linda turned to Rick - his obvious eagerness excited her - and he mounted and entered her easily as she drew her knees up to take him as deep as she could. Gripping her bottom in his two hands, Rick fucked her with his usual energy and she moaned and cried - Paul kissed her when she turned her face to him and she returned the kiss and then felt his mouth on her dancing breasts as he eagerly sucked her tense nipples. She again reached down and took Rick's balls easily in her hand - squeezing and pulling them, which she knew he loved. She felt Paul's hands all over her body and his fingers started to stimulate her clitoris which heightened her joy and cause her to reach for his cock, still amazingly hard and large and to grasp at his balls, mesmerized by the contrast between the two men in both size and texture - each of their scrotums was sticky with her own juice. Both were delicious lovers, each in their own particular way, she found and, once again, she came violently and unexpectedly, flooding the bed with a mixture of her own juice and that of her two lovers. She lay immobile in a blissful daze, stupefied.

Rick relinquished her and went down and started to suck her clitoris with his mouth - she turned to find Paul's cock close to her face, and taking it in her hand, she gobbled it deeply, unashamedly making loud sucking sounds, matching the ones Rick was making down below.

Then she gazed in fascination as she saw Paul's hand stroking Rick's stomach ....