Oct. 12, 2016

An expectant breeze is refreshing the hot morning sun; whispering through virgin pines that cradle a small emerald lake.

You are wrapped in your towel having come up from a swim, and are sitting on the large flat rock overlooking the water.

Two loons are swimming towards one another on the glass like surface, and when they meet, they turn gracefully, as synchronized swimmers do, away from you, side by side.

I walk up behind you and you hear my approach, sighing as I place my hands on your shoulders and kiss your upper middle back.

You turn your head to offer me a soft sweet kiss, and I can see that your nipples have risen, pressed tight against the material of the towel. I begin to feel a stirring, my cock turgid and rendered wonderfully sensitive by our previous night of passion.

Standing behind you, I reach around to loosen the knot of your towel, and you let it fall to the rock. I cup your aching breasts and roll your stiff nipples between my fingers; my now hardening shaft across your shoulder, you turn to kiss me softly.

I slowly slide one hand down across your tummy while the other continues to strum the responsive crown of your breast, and my lowered hand reaches for your wetness.

You move your legs apart, and pulling your dampness upward to lubricate your hardened clitoris, I begin to massage you there gently, feeling you tilt and move your hips against my hand, your juices beginning to flow from your slightly parted, tender lips onto your strong thighs. My length is thickening, aching to be released...

Raising my fingers to my mouth, I taste your sex before returning to cup your pussy in my palm. You grind against me, wanting to feel me enter you and I do. Slowly, gently I part you and you contract on me fiercely, your sex rising, your desire growing.

You pull the front of my shorts down releasing me and grasp my girth firmly.. my shorts drop and I step out of them as I continue to follow the tempo of your undulating hips. You bend to kiss the head of my cock with little wet kisses.

You are holding my weight in your hand now, and swirling your tongue sensually around my glans.. making me crazy with anticipation before taking me in your warm mouth and slowly pumping my length.

I groan in your ear that I need you, and torn, I leave your warmth to place the towel on the ground in the shade of the pines and help you up off the rock. You rise to my arms and I lead you to the towel, where I lay down, you on top of me, and kiss you hungrily, feeling your hot pussy on my thigh.

I urge you onto your back and move between your legs I lean forward, my hard full cock head brushing up between your parted open lips, and begin to tease your turgid pink nipples between my teeth, rolling them, your sexy tits pliant in my hands like silk. You are pushing your hips up to meet my wet meaty cock head which slides up and brushes across your clitoris.

I kiss you with hunger before rolling you over on top of me and asking you to turn around and show me your wet and parted wanting.

You turn, facing away from me, and raise your hips above my head, your knees on either side of my chest taking my thick cock in your hand again.

I cup the fullness of your ass in my hands, and crave your wet, parted sweetness as you lower yourself to my hungry lips.

You continue to taste me and glide your hand along my length as I move your petals apart, opening you up to taste your intoxicating juices, lapping between your lips, squeezing your ass, and slowly sucking on your straining darling bud while flicking my tongue around it.

You press yourself down on me, shifting your hips back and forth, desiring more pressure, base need driving you without inhibition.

I am so hard, I feel I will explode with the aching in my cock as you begin to pump me with two hands now, sucking on just the head of my cock, I can feel your magic, your wanting me to release...your wanting to release.

We are passionately conscious of one another as I place my fingers at your velvet channel and you arch your back to accept me, contracting instantly and bearing down on my lips.

You are sucking me harder now, moving your lips with your hands on my burgeoning shaft, writhing on my tongue ....the wet squelching sounds of our lovemaking mixed with our ragged breathing and nothing else.

You become rigid, as my cock swells and my balls tighten, "oh shit yes, come for me" you moan, as you bear down hard on my tongue and release your powerful ambrosia to my lips, contracting again and again, your powerful wine filling my belly, and causing my cock to pulsate releasing my load with trembling and urgency...

The cry of the loon echoes across the lake as we hang on to one another, catching our breath; we raise our heads to the beating of wings on water and watch the magnificent display before us as the great birds take flight circling once, and dipping their wings towards us, depart, leaving us breathless once again.