Jul. 25, 2016

I work with mature 50pls hot looking lady.We went out for coffee then later on the night she start's texting me that we both enjoyed each other company so I ask her if she would like to go out again an she said yes.So the next day we went out for dinner but as we were talking she kind of opens up to me about her shelter sex life so with a surprise I take her into a sex shop an she is kind of blushing because she whisper in my ear "you're turning me on more an more because your taking control"

Right then an there I ask the female that works at the sex shop "Do you have a wireless egg with high power" she say"Yes" an at the same time both lady's are getting turn on because I'm taking control.

So I ask both lady's which one would you prefer with both lady's having the egg in there hand while I had the remote an I was going from slow to high just like I would be eating their pussy....

I can just see it in their body motions how they are reaction to the speed.So the both pick the same egg an I said I'll take that one.

Buy this time the one I'm out having dinner with i said to her "I want you to wear this wireless egg and it is your choice where to have the egg while we are having dinner in a public place.

So we order are drink's then she gets up go's to the bathroom to put her wireless egg in her.

So she sits down across from an wait an talking to her an talking an I know she is just waiting an wanting her egg to go off like a rocket but I wait til the female waitress comes an take our order an I set it off while she was giving her order an you can just she it in her face she was being pleasured an wanted to scream an grab her hand while she had a fast ogasm it turn me on huge just seeing her like that.

So later on our food come an I do it again to her an this time her eye lids close tight an she is biting her bottom lip in front of the waitress an turning her on more because the waitress still has no idea let alone anyone else except just me an her.

As I paid our bill an walking out I leave it on full blast while we are walking back out to the car an just then out the door she grabs my right arm an whisper in my ear plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz turn it off til we are in the car so I turn it off till we are in the car.

In the parking lot with everyone can see us she tells me Omg I never done that in my life and I love every second of it an plzzzzzzz don't stop.

So as the sun is going done I'm driving her back home she tells me to take back roads home

So I turn off the main highway an taking back roads home to her place .

While I'm driving she leans over unzip my pants an start's stroking my cock til I was rock hard.

She wraps her lips around my cock an slowly taking all of my cock an I'm feeding her lots lots lots of my pre cum....

As she is trying to deep throating my cock she is screaming an moaning so loud with pleasuring showing me that she wants me to blow huge load of my hot cum down her throat...

So while I'm shooting my hot load of cum down her throat I'm holding her head down an shooting my hot loads of cum to the back of her throat an hearing her gulping each big load of cum 4times filling her so full.....