Nov 4, 2016

In the dimly lit room you now carefully remove your panties and bra. You tease your nipples and slide your fingers down to your pussy teasing yourself into anticipation . I sit naked in front of you, wanting you all of you in every way. You move towards me to explore my anxious body, every inch. Slowly and sensually you lick and stroke my erection building the tension but not letting the explosion

occur too quickly. Your hands move from the bottom of my

hard on up to and over the top pausing at just the right place and then back to the bottom over and over again. My penis started to become wet which as you know is the signal that I am

about to cum so ... you hesitate, slow the sucking and stroking to let

the tension build. You sense that I cannot stand it anymore as I moan

and arch my back, my bum and every inch of my body tingling but you

linger just a moment more . You decide the time is

right and you lick the top of my cock, cup my balls with one hand and firmly slowly stroke me up

and down with your other hand. I feel the pressure rising then an explosion of cum to erupts

squirting hard and far. You continue your gentle massage while slow gushers

of slippery cum flow out for what seems to be several minutes. As my

hard on relaxes you lick, kiss and tease me everywhere as you slide

you naked body, your full breasts up my belly and place yourself

sitting with your legs spread wide and your eager wet pussy directly

in front of my mouth. I look up to see your sensuous body, your full

pert breasts and your passionate face and eyes looking down upon me. I

move my hands around your bum and pull you close so that my tongue

reaches your full moist pussy and I slowly lick both sides of your

wet pussy lips which quickly swell, opening and seems to envelop my entire

mouth. I can feel your clitoris stiff and erect rubbing my upper lip

desperately desiring full attention. My lips tighten around it, licking and sucking. I slide my

tongue up and down encouraging it stand out further. My hands have moved under

your bum and I slowly turn you over onto your back, spread your legs

even wider and slide my fingers deep inside your pussy to find that

special sensitive place and gently stroke in and out while

rhythmically licking your clitoris. And now it is your turn, your back

arches, your head leans far back and you press your pelvis hard into

my face and I hear your deep moans of anticipation and pleasure. My

other hand slides up to your full rubbery nipple hard breasts and massages them as

I continue to urge your pussy to release. I can tell you are about to

cum so I too hesitate, slow the stroking and licking for a moment as

your pelvis thrusts and presses even harder into my mouth. Moments

later when I feel you have reached your peak of desire, I continue

firmly teasing your clitoris licking and rhythmic deep stroking touching the very

back deep inside you and gently up to the top deep inside of you over

and over again. I feel your breath coming in short gasps. Suddenly I

feel a push of hot liquid gush against my face soaking everything with

more and more slippery hot cum. Slowly you begin to relax shivering

ever so slightly as I move up to your lips kissing, barley touching as

our tongues touch teaseingly. We caress each other’s bodies, hug and

gently kiss as we both collapse into warm naked embrace spent

and deeply content. Our naked bodies feel so perfect as we fold into each other’s arms, warm and

close with deep satisfied breathing. Our curious fingers and exploring lips awaken our passions again.