Jun 21, 2014

I woke up horny as hell like I do everyday, but this week I was unable to get what I needed. I rolled over and lay my head on his chest. He was sleeping. He has the smoothest skin I've ever felt. I love his body.

I started running my hand over his stomach and around his sides which turned me on more so I slid my hand lower to find him rock hard. Oh what I would have given to jump up and slide my throbbing pussy on his hard cock and ride him until he woke up and grabbed my ass pushing himself deeper inside me. Instead I sat up a bit and ran my finger up and down this smooth hard cock and around his balls.

Normally his nipple are super sensitive and ticklish but I decided to try a new approach. I ran my other finger around the outside as I would my own and it started getting hard. I continued gently running my fingers up his cock and pinch his nipple a bit. When he didn't swat my hand I got excited and went to take his boxers down a bit and he lifted his hips to help. I continued running my fingers and hands all over him up the insides of his legs with rand rough grabs to his hips and sides which made his cock jump.

I wanted to fuck so bad, but this wasn't about me anymore. I moved down and kissed down his side on my way. When I got to his thigh I licked above it then blew cool air where my hot tongue had touched and his cock jumped again. I was hungry for it now but I wanted to avoid it as long as possible. I took one of his balls in my mouth and his back immediately went up in an arch.

I was screaming with joy inside. I love seeing him like this!

His back remained arched while I sucked. I stopped and ran my hands up his smooth body kissing on the way, the first kiss on the tip of his extremely hard cock. I kissed, then licked, then gently bit his nipples. I went back down digging my nails in a bit.

I was done teasing him. I pulled his one leg free of the boxers and got in between his legs and took both his balms in my mouth making hus back arch like crazy. I sucked on each ball swirling my tongue. He was squirming at this point throwing himself to the side. I grabbed his sides and started fucking his cock going as deep as I could gagging on it. He was hugging a pillow over his face.

When he was getting close he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. He started moaning a little and his body was going insane until he finally filled my throat with cum. Every time I swallowed he twitched.

He let go of my head and I got up for a smoke and he rolled over and went back to sleep. I love this man and what I can do to him.