Nov 1, 2016

A very Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing mom's out there! You rock our world and float our boats.

As per my wee tradition, every year I write a wee poem or short story for April on Mothers Day. This year I thought I would share it with all of you - our LS family. I am sure that most of you mothers out there will be able to relate to it....

Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck in bed, no no, that's not true. Just kidding, that wasn't my poem. Here it is:

The Day is done...

The day is done, Andrew's toys have all been tidied up, again the room looks clean and pleasant.

All our children have been fed their snack, brushed their teeth and are now tucked in bed fast asleep.

Except for buddy our pet cockatiel chirping away, our home falls calm and silent.

So here we are, you and I, enjoying this time together, yes it is OUR special time, we hear him cheep.

The day is done, now we need our private time, time to snuggle, perhaps relax over a drink.

As with every day, it went by at such an almighty pace, sometimes it seems like it’s a race.

Too many things to do and finish; laundry, cooking, and the dreaded dishes, we hear the glasses clink.

So with a well-earned sigh, we crash on the couch, it’s our time to relax and set a slower pace.

The day is done, I want to spend it with the person who means more to me than any other - You!

With a glass of wine in your hand, and water in mine, we talk and help each other unwind.

Saying and sharing things that cannot be said to each other in front of our nosy children.

As we re-count our day and giggle and laugh at how it went, especially the antics of Andrew, let us re-wind.

The day is done, serenity of night falls upon us now; peace and quiet for the rest of the night.

For we know, tomorrow is just another day, perhaps not quite so busy, is what we pray.

A day full of fun and excitement, playing with our kids here at home or perhaps at the park with a kite.

But for now, nightfall is our time, just you and I – April and Brian, Mommy & Daddy, is what I say.

The day is done, but the time will come, when we will have more than just a few quickie moments to,

spend together between the cries for food and things, cleaning up the mess on Andrew’s food tray.

The enjoyment and satisfaction of seeing our children all grown up will come all to soon , it is true.

Our home then an empty nest, the air will be eerily silent, we won't know what to do with our day.

So, let us for now, enjoy our time - as husband and wife, Mommy & Daddy.

Happy Mothers Day April,

I love you sweetie, with all my heart, mind and soul!

Your Prince Charming - Brian

And again, a very Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mother's here