Written by faye

Jun. 20, 2013

My husband Alan Loves watching his wife sunbathing and all of a sudden there is a man watching me so I start to rub my pussy as this man is watching me he starts to rub his cock and he is getting hard. Well my husband is watching from the porch of our house then my husband removes his shorts and starts rubbing his cock then the guy starts to get closer to me then I start to rub his hard cock as he touches my tits then I would move down slowly to suck on his hard cock then I looked up and see my husband Alan as came closer to us to watch then I told him to join in with us as I am sucking on the guys cock my husband Alan starts to fingering my hot wet pussy then my husband Alan start to licking my pussy as I still suck on the guys cock I start to cum big time my husband Alan then starts to lick me harder to get all of his wife's hot wet love juices

then the guy I am sucking starts rubbing my pussy then my husband Alan gets up so the guy could taste my cum then I would start to suck on my husband's Alan hard rock cock

as the guy sucking on me I would cum even more then he stops he then puts his hard cock inside of my hot wet pussy as I am still sucking on my husband Alan's cock then my husband told me he is going to cum and I told him I am ready for your hot cum Alan said ok then its cumming I started to suck my husband Alan's cock harder so I could get all of his hot wet cum in my mouth then the guy was fucking pulls out his cock and comes in front of me after I sucked my husband Alan's cock dry and he told me suck on my cock I said ok as soon I start to suck on him he says I am going to cum I said go for it I started to swallowing his cum but it was too much he pulled his cock out of my mouth and came the rest all over my face then my husband Alan looked at me and said looks like you need go take a shower and I said yes I should I said to my husband Alan care to join me in the shower he said sure we said our good byes too this guy and he told me and my husband Alan I really enjoyed that this was my first time doing it with a could like you two we told him we would love to do it again he said sure we asked him where he lived he told us next place to our place

I Hope my husband Alan would enjoy this story