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faye 8 years ago

My husband At The Nude Beach

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5 min
My husband Alan loves taking pictures of me in the nude so one day we went to a nude beach and we walked down the beach a little ways and then stop put down our blanket we got undress my husband Alan told just lay down with your legs spread open so I did then my husband started to take my picture the I looked over and saw another guy walking and he was getting closer to where we were he just stood there watching my husband Alan taking my picture then Alan looked up and saw the guy and asked him do you want to join in and said sure the guy started to rub my tits as my husband Alan went on taking my picture then the guy moved his hand down by now his hand was rubbing my legs in between my thighs then he move his hand a little closer to me pussy to feel how hot I was getting then my husband Alan told the guy turn me over so he did now I am laying on my stomach then the guy started to rub my back well my husband Alan got in front of me so I started to rub his hard cock with my hand then the got me to get on my knees so I did then he got behind me and started to rub his cock on my ass just teasing me I told him put your cock inside my hot wet pussy he said not just yet I said why I just want you to want me more as this is going on my husband Alan is still taking pictures then I started to cum it started to drip out on the blanket then guy turned me back over on my back and he saw that I was coming so he started to lick my cum then he started to lick my pussy as he was doing this I cum even more then my husband Alan moved so he could get a great shot of my pussy as the guy was sucking my pussy then I looked over there was another guy rubbing his cock as he is watching us so I told my husband Alan there is another guy over there rubbing his cock my husband to me to ask him to come over to join us so I asked the other guy to come over to join us he said I just like watching so I said cool so Alan my husband told the guy was sucking on my pussy let me get in there to enjoy my wife's love juices so the guy got up and my husband Alan give him the camera so he could take pictures of both of us in the mean time the other guy was watching us left but then my husband Alan look up and saw there was two other guys were watching us the other two guy was a lot older then me close to my husbands age so I looked over they started to walk over to get a better look at me my husband Alan stopped sucking on me then I sat up to talk to these guys then the guy was taking the pictures he I had a great time thank you I have go now we said our good byes and said hope to see you again he said sure you will we said great the other two older men has sat down one on each side of me the one guy said to my husband Alan Wow you really have a great looking young wife and Alan said I sure do I told the guys my name is Faye they told us their names one was Paul and the other one was Bob we said nice to meet you both my husband said I need go get us something to drink so we are said ok do be long he said he wouldn't be then Paul said she is in good hands with us so I kissed you I did not know you left the camera on then Paul started to rub my back well Bob was rubbing my legs then I felt Bob's hand moving closer between my legs to feel my hot wet pussy then Paul started to kiss my neck then he moved down to suck on my tits well Bob is fingering my pussy and I started to cum again then I looked over and saw you coming with the drinks then you told just enjoy them you stood in front of me with your hard cock so I started to suck on your cock and then you came in my mouth then Paul started to rub my hot wet pussy well Bob moved up to suck on my tits then Paul spread my legs open wider then he got in between them and started to suck my pussy I was coming big time now then Bob started move down to my pussy too Wow the two guys are taking turns eating my pussy then you told me that the camera is still on and I said Wow then Paul came back up to my face so I started to suck on his cock just before he came in my mouth he pulled out and came all over my tits well Bob has started to fuck me then he pulled out and cam all over my tummy too then you said I need go wash up and I said I do we thanked Paul and Bob for a great afternoon fun I hope you are will enjoy this story

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